The Complete Studio Albums Collection

The Complete Studio Albums Collection

by Leonard Cohen


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A limited guitar player at best, and with a voice that hardly spans a couple of octaves, Leonard Cohen has nonetheless fashioned a legacy of gorgeously realized songs that reach deep into the heart of lust, ill- and well-fated romance, hope, and redemption, and if he doesn't sing like an angel, he could certainly mesmerize one with the melody, lilt, and power of his songs. This set collects all of his albums, 11 of them, released between 1968 and 2004, including Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968), Songs from a Room (1969), Songs of Love and Hate (1971), New Skin for the Old Ceremony (1974), Death of a Ladies' Man (1977), Recent Songs (1979), Various Positions (1984), I'm Your Man (1988), The Future (1992), Ten New Songs (2001), and Dear Heather (2004). It's a tremendous legacy, full of poetry and hard-earned truth, and this is a nice way to get to the heart of all of it with one purchase.

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Release Date: 10/07/2011
Label: Sony Import
UPC: 0886979617728
catalogNumber: 7961772
Rank: 2134


Disc 1

  1. Suzanne
  2. Master Song
  3. Winter Lady
  4. The Stranger Song
  5. Sisters of Mercy
  6. So Long, Marianne
  7. Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
  8. Stories of the Street
  9. Teachers
  10. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong

Disc 2

  1. Bird on the Wire
  2. Story of Isaac
  3. A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes
  4. The Partisan
  5. Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
  6. The Old Revolution
  7. The Butcher
  8. You Know Who I Am
  9. Lady Midnight
  10. Tonight Will Be Fine

Disc 3

  1. Avalanche
  2. Last Year's Man
  3. Dress Rehearsal Rag
  4. Diamonds in the Mine
  5. Love Calls You by Your Name
  6. Famous Blue Raincoat
  7. Sing Another Song, Boys
  8. Joan of Arc

Disc 4

  1. Is This What You Wanted
  2. Chelsea Hotel #2
  3. Lover Lover Lover
  4. Field Commander Cohen
  5. Why Don't You Try
  6. There Is a War
  7. A Singer Must Die
  8. I Tried to Leave You
  9. Who by Fire
  10. Take This Longing
  11. Leaving Greensleeves

Disc 5

  1. True Love Leaves No Traces
  2. Iodine
  3. Paper Thin Hotel
  4. Memories
  5. I Left a Woman Waiting
  6. Don't Go Home with Your Hard-On
  7. Fingerprints
  8. Death of a Ladies' Man

Disc 6

  1. The Guests
  2. Humbled in Love
  3. The Window
  4. Came So Far for Beauty
  5. The Lost Canadian
  6. The Traitor
  7. Our Lady of Solitude
  8. The Gypsy's Wife
  9. The Smoky Life
  10. Ballad of the Absent Mare

Disc 7

  1. Dance Me to the End of Love
  2. Coming Back to You
  3. The Law
  4. The Night Comes On
  5. Hallelujah
  6. The Captain
  7. Hunter's Lullaby
  8. Heart with No Companion
  9. If It Be Your Will

Disc 8

  1. First We Take Manhattan
  2. Ain't No Cure for Love
  3. Everybody Knows
  4. I'm Your Man
  5. Take This Waltz
  6. Jazz Police
  7. I Can't Forget
  8. Tower of Song

Disc 9

  1. The Future
  2. Waiting for the Miracle
  3. Be for Real
  4. Closing Time
  5. Anthem
  6. Democracy
  7. Light as the Breeze
  8. Always
  9. Tacoma Trailer

Disc 10

  1. In My Secret Life
  2. A Thousand Kisses Deep
  3. That Don't Make It Junk
  4. Here It Is
  5. Love Itself
  6. By the Rivers Dark
  7. Alexandra Leaving
  8. You Have Loved Enough
  9. Boogie Street
  10. The Land of Plenty

Disc 11

  1. Go No More a-Roving
  2. Because Of
  3. The Letters
  4. Undertow
  5. Morning Glory
  6. On That Day
  7. Villanelle for Our Time
  8. There for You
  9. Dear Heather
  10. Nightingale
  11. To a Teacher
  12. The Faith
  13. Tennessee Waltz

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leonard Cohen   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Violin,Jew's Harp,Keyboards,Saxophone,Vocals
Allen Ginsberg   Background Vocals
Bob Dylan   Background Vocals
Janis Ian   Vocals
Jennifer Warnes   Vocals,Background Vocals,Harmony
Conte Candoli   Trumpet
Terry Gibbs   Percussion,Vibes
Bill Mays   Keyboards
Don Menza   Flute,Saxophone
Don Randi   Keyboards
Bob Sheppard   Tenor Saxophone
Mitch Watkins   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Pete Jolly   Keyboards
John Bilezikjian   Oud
Jesse Ed Davis   Guitar
Bruce Dukov   Strings
Barry Goldberg   Keyboards
Clydie King   Background Vocals
Jim Keltner   Drums
Sid Page   Strings
Phil Spector   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Ronee Blakley   Background Vocals
Ron Cornelius   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Bubba Fowler   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Bass
Lewis Furey   Viola
Mass Choir   Choir, Chorus
Tony Warren   Background Vocals
Edna Wright   Background Vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow   Steel Guitar
Hal Blaine   Drums
Cynthia Bass   Choir, Chorus
Roscoe Beck   Bass
Emily Bindiger   Vocals
Tom Brechtlein   Drums
Bobby Bruce   Fiddle
Brenda Bryant   Background Vocals
Paul Buckmaster   Conductor
David Campbell   Strings,Conductor,Background Vocals
Lenny Castro   Percussion,Tambourine
Charlie Daniels   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Fiddle
Julie Christensen   Background Vocals
Ronald Clark   Strings
Larry Cohen   Keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta   Drums
Larry Corbett   Strings
Jim Cox   Piano
Steve Croes   Synclavier
Richard Crooks   Drums
John Crowder   Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
LaVan Davis   Choir, Chorus
Joel Derouin   Strings
Erin Dickins   Vocals,Background Vocals
Billy Diez   Background Vocals
Oma Drake   Background Vocals
Brenda Lee Eager   Choir, Chorus
Gene Estes   Percussion
Jackie Gouche   Background Vocals
Brandon Fields   Tenor Saxophone
Venetta Fields   Background Vocals
Johnny Friday   Drums
James Gadson   Drums
Berj Garabedian   Strings
Ron Getman   Harmonica,Steel Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bill Ginn   Piano
Bob Glaub   Bass
Ed Greene   Drums
Lani Groves   Background Vocals
Armen Halburian   Percussion
Tom Hensley   Keyboards
Dennis Herring   Electric Guitar
Garth Hudson   Accordion
David Isaac   Guitar
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Jean Johnson   Background Vocals
Bob Johnston   Piano
Jude Johnstone   Vocals
Raven Kane   Choir, Chorus
Gail Kantor   Vocals
Randy Kerber   Keyboards
Dan Kessel   Organ,Synthesizer,Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
David Kessel   Guitar,Background Vocals
Peter Kisilenko   Bass
Michael Lang   Keyboards
Jeff Layton   Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin,Trumpet
Barry Lazarowitz   Percussion,Drums
Yvonne Lewis   Background Vocals
Steve Lindsey   Organ,Keyboards,Mellotron
John Lissauer   Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals,Woodwind
Charles Loper   Trombone
Roy Markowitz   Drums
Sid McGinnis   Guitar
Steve Meador   Drums
Bob Metzger   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Pedal Steel Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jay Migliori   Saxophone
Merle Miller   Background Vocals
Art Munson   Guitar
Ray Neapolitan   Electric Bass,Upright Bass
Paul Ostermayer   Flute
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Weissenborn
Don Payne   Bass
Greg Phillinganes   Piano
Valerie Pinkston-Mayo   Background Vocals
Ray Pohlman   Bass,Guitar
Lon Price   Tenor Saxophone
Emil Radocchia   Percussion
Jack Redmond   Trombone
Michel Robidoux   Keyboards
Devra Robitaille   Synthesizer
Michael Sahl   Strings
Greg Smith   Baritone Saxophone
Bob Stanley   Guitar
Donald Taylor   Choir Director
Bill Thedford   Background Vocals
Anjani   Piano,Vocals,Background Vocals
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Oren Waters   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lorna Willard   Background Vocals
Monalisa Young   Choir, Chorus
Perla Batalla   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Jeff Barnes   Synthesizer Bass
Gerald Chamberlain   Trombone
Bob Furgo   Violin,Saxophone
Corlynn Hanney   Vocals
London Corona Academy   Children's Voices
Susan Mussmano   Vocals
Thomas Tally   Strings
Elisabeth Valletti   Vocals
Julia Waters   Choir, Chorus
Suzie Katayama   Strings
Leland Sklar   Bass
Dayna Stockard   Choir, Chorus
Gigi Bailey   Choir, Chorus
Sonya Griffin   Choir, Chorus
Julia Tillman   Background Vocals
Mayel Assouly   Vocals
Patricia Finnie   Choir, Chorus
Raffi Hakopian   Violin
Evelyine Hebey   Vocals
Nysa Larry   Choir, Chorus
Roseland Parker-Holmes   Choir, Chorus
Jeff Fisher   Keyboards
Jimmy Frazier   Choir, Chorus
Steve Douglas   Flute,Saxophone,Soloist
Peggy Blue   Background Vocals
Sherlie Matthews   Background Vocals
Daniel Smith   Strings
Bob Zimmitti   Percussion
Maxine Waters   Choir, Chorus
Donald Ferrone   Strings
Richard Baudet   Saxophone
Freddie Washington   Bass
David Morgan   Background Vocals
Raymond Tischer   Strings
Gerry Garrett   Background Vocals
Sarah Kramer   Trumpet
Ralph Gibson   Guitar
Sharon Robinson   Vocals,Background Vocals
John Miller   Bass
Kenneth Kosek   Fiddle
Steve Berkley   Choir, Chorus
Crissie Faith   Background Vocals
Aladrian Elmore   Choir, Chorus
Evette Andrews   Choir, Chorus
Theresa Walker   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Lively   Choir, Chorus
Stan Sargent   Bass
Kevin Shoates   Choir, Chorus
Julian Christensen   Choir, Chorus
Jeralynthia Banks   Choir, Chorus
Laythan Amot   Choir, Chorus
Lashana Dendy   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Leonard Cohen   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Cover Photo,Drawing
Irving Berlin   Composer
Bruce Dickinson   Producer
Frederick Knight   Composer
Jennifer Warnes   Vocal Arrangements
Jeremy Lubbock   String Arrangements
Don Menza   Horn Arrangements
Tom Winslow   Engineer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
Nino Tempo   rhythm arrangement
John Simon   Producer,Musical Director
Phil Spector   Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Roscoe Beck   Arranger,Producer
Ray Blair   Engineer
Martin Brumbach   Engineer
Paul Buckmaster   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
David Campbell   String Arrangements
Richard Cottrell   Engineer
Steve Croes   Synclavier Programming
Rebecca de Mornay   Arranger,Producer
Enrico DePaoli   Engineer
François Deschamps   Engineer
Bill Ginn   Programming,Producer,Synclavier Programming
Yoav Goren   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Mark Guilbeault   Engineer
Ron Hart   Engineer
Ed Hudson   Engineer
Bob Johnston   Producer
Richard Kaplan   Engineer
Ed Kollis   Engineer
Frank Laico   Engineer
Larry Levine   Engineer
Henry Lewy   Producer,Engineer
Steve Lindsey   Arranger,Producer,Additional Production
John Lissauer   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Orchestration
Jean-Jacque Peruchon   Engineer
Gean-Michel Reusser   Producer
Jason Roberts   Engineer
Michel Robidoux   Arranger,Producer,Drum Fills
Rick Rowe   Engineer
Jean-Philippe Rykiel   Arranger
Frank Scott   Composer
Duane Seykora   Engineer
Talley Sherwood   Engineer
Ian Terry   Engineer
Anjani   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Lee Thornburg   Horn Arrangements
Leanne Ungar   Producer,Engineer
Neil Wilburn   Engineer
Billy Youdelman   Engineer
Hy Zaret   Composer
Bill Donovan   Engineer
John Berg   Cover Design,Cover Photo
Nancy Donald   Art Direction
Teresa Alfieri   Cover Design
John Cabalka   Art Direction
Ira Friedlander   Cover Design
Ben Wallach   Engineer
Glen Christensen   Art Direction
Edward O'Dowd   Art Direction
Kevin Beauchamp   Engineer
Chad Blinman   Engineer
Jeff Fisher   Arranger,Composer,Programming
Anna Marly   Composer
John Smith   Engineer
Sharon Weisz   Cover Photo
Byron   Composer
Steve Berkowitz   Producer
Michael Petit   Cover Design
Doug Deforest   Engineer
Roger Guerin   Engineer
Machine   Cover Photo
Eric Anest   Engineer
Jon Smith   Engineer
M. A. Gerin-Lajoie   Composer
Robin Cable   Engineer
Sharon Robinson   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Emmanuel D'astier De La Vigerie   Composer
Jacotte Chollet   Cover Photo
Fred Echelard   Engineer
Fred Deschamps   Engineer
Charlie Paakaari   Engineer
Pico Iyer   Liner Notes
Orchestra Paris   Jacket Design
Federico Garcia   Composer
Dianne Lawrence   Illustrations,Cover Portrait,Drawing
David Shober   Engineer
Jeanne Ungar   Producer
Ed Sanders   Producer,Engineer

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