The Complete Reprise Singles

The Complete Reprise Singles

by The Electric PrunesThe Electric Prunes


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Although they certainly had an experimental and exploratory side, at least for a garage band, the Electric Prunes were always considered first and foremost a singles band by Reprise Records, and the group's singles were carefully mixed to sound perfect coming through a mono car radio, while the LP versions of the same songs would be mixed for a home-based stereo system, which means the radio mixes were much punchier. This 24-track set collects all of the Prunes' singles for Reprise during the heady psychedelic period of 1966 through 1969, including the classic hit "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)," the Bo Diddley-rhythmed "Get Me to the World on Time," and other oddities that didn't get much or any radio time like "Wind-Up Toys," which rides an intriguing, staggered beat and shows that this band could have done just fine if left alone to develop. They weren't left alone to do that. By the time of their third LP, Mass in F Minor, a concept album of psychedelic versions of Latin prayers produced by David Axelrod (it was essentially his solo project), the Electric Prunes had become a brand and not a band, and none of the original members were left in the group. This collection hints at a band that had the grit of the Rolling Stones, the innovative flair of the Beatles, and a willingness to try new things, even if they didn't work out so well. These tracks have a grit and growl that the LPs lack. They still sound great blasting from the past out of a car sound system, mono or not. Oh, then there's the extra treat of a wah-wah pedal radio spot the band did for the Vox company. It was a different time.

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