The Complete Guide to Cavachons

The Complete Guide to Cavachons

by David Anderson

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Learn everything you need to know about bringing home your new Cavachon. Chapters include:

Introduction to Cavachons
Breed History and Characteristics
Choosing the Right Cavachon
Bringing Home your Cavachon
The First Week with your Cavachon
Socializing with People and Animals
Cavachons and Your Other Pets
Training your Cavachon
Basic Commands
Grooming your Cavachon
Basic Health Care
Advanced Cavachon Health and Aging Dog Care

Cavachons are a popular new cross breed that can make a nearly perfect companion. Both of their parent breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise, are well-loved because of how personable and cute they are. Given how friendly and snuggly their parents are, it is no surprise that the Cavachon is an ardent cuddle pup that loves little more than to be with the family. With their small stature, they make an incredibly versatile dog that fits into any environment with ease. If you have a small home and want a dog that can easily be accommodated within a limited space, the Cavachon is perfect.

When you are sitting down and enjoying your favorite TV show, your Cavachon will happily cuddle up on your lap. Petting your pup will become a secondary reaction to sitting, and it can be very relaxing. This is one reason why Cavachons also make great therapy dogs. They tend to love everyone, and their happy energy is more sedate than other small dogs. This does not mean they don't love adventure –they just appreciate relaxing with you because being with you is what makes them happiest.

If you are the more adventurous type, the Cavachon is still a great dog to have because they are so curious. With their intelligence, they will be more than happy to go out hiking with you.

As you begin your journey toward Cavachon ownership, let this book guide you along in the process. It will help you prepare from the very beginning stages of choosing your Cavachon, to bringing it home, training, socializing, feeding, and even growing old with your Cavachon.

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About the Author

David Anderson lives in Minnesota with his wife Rebecca and their Teddy Bear puppy Buddy. An avid dog lover his whole life, David has translated that passion into his writing.

Growing up on a farm, David was exposed to all sorts of animals; raising Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Horses, and Chickens, as well as caring for his families dogs and cats.

"Some of my favorite memories as a child involve running through the pasture with my dogs, and lazy summer days spent lying in the grass with all the animals" Anderson said. "As a young boy I really wanted to be a veterinarian, and while I eventually chose a different path, my passion for animals never wore off."

That passion for animals continued as he graduated college and started to make his way into the world. Mr. Anderson launched LP Media, a company that is dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the joys of pet ownership. The company started small, but quickly grew and now helps over a million pet owners every month.

Anderson continues to write and search for ways to help other people who are contemplating the decision to become a pet owner.

"My work is never done" he said. "I love helping other people and providing great resources that they can use to help better their lives, and the lives of their pets. I plan on continuing to create great products that help pet owners for as long as I can!"

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