The Complete Guide to Boston Terriers

The Complete Guide to Boston Terriers

by Vanessa Richie

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Known as the American gentleman, the Boston Terrier always appears to be ready for sophisticated fun. But owning one can come with its own set of unique challenges for an owner who is unprepared for the quirks and personality of this loveable, but often mischievous breed.

Written by experienced author and dog owner Vanessa Richie, The Complete Guide to Boston Terriers is an excellent overview of the breed, covering everything a new owner will need to know to successfully raise their BT. Plus, it contains information, tips, and advice from some of the top Boston Terrier breeders in the world.

Be prepared to take on the challenges of owning a Boston Terrier by learning about:

Picking the right Boston Terrier for your family and home
Preparing to bring your BT home
Boston Terrier health and wellness
Integrating your new BT with your current pets
Boston Terrier socialization
Genetic health concerns common to Boston Terriers
Caring for an aging Boston Terrier

Generally considered a fantastic dog for first time dog families, the Boston Terrier has an incredibly friendly personality that makes him a great addition to any home. Socialization is fairly easy because the breed is naturally friendly. Training may be a bit more difficult, particularly housetraining, so do be prepared to put in a lot of extra patience and some extra time to get your puppy to the point where accidents become a thing of the past.

They adore their people, though some are prone to choosing one favorite person, and it will be obvious as they will become like a shadow to their favorite person. This is also a breed that has a wide range of personalities, with some being bouncy and fun, while others are more dignified and mellow. What most of them have in common though is how much they enjoy spending time with the people in their lives. They are also easy to integrate into a home with other dogs, and even cats – as long as the cat doesn't totally object to your new dog.

The biggest drawback to the breed is their numerous genetic health issues. Part of the issues stem from the fact that the Boston Terrier has a short nose, which increases the number of issues with their large eyes and hampers their ability to breath as easily as dogs with longer snouts. They are also prone to bother allergies and stomach sensitivities, so you will need to be careful about what you feed your dog and how much the environment affects your pup. Most of the ailments are not life-threatening – they have a life expectancy between 13 and 15 years. They are also incredibly easy to groom with their short-haired coats.

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About the Author

Vanessa Richie is a technical writer with more than a decade of experience in many different fields. However, few topics are as engaging or heartwarming as dogs. With at least one dog in the home at any given point in time, she loves to find new ways to train based on the dog’s abilities.
Dogs are largely a family tradition, with every member of the family having at least one dog. The breed types run the gamut, from mutts and Goldendoodles, to Dachshunds and Pugs. This gives her a lot of room to study the breeds and get an idea of what makes them tick. With all of those dogs come a wealth of fond memories and interesting stories that are just as entertaining to tell as to experience.
“The Complete Guide to Boston Terriers” is an accumulation of her knowledge on the breed, combined with extensive research and with input and expertise from some of the top breeders in the world. It is designed to help any new owner who is interested in the breed to successfully raise their new BT from puppy to old-age.

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