The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

The Complete Columbia Albums Collection

by The Byrds


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The Byrds were one of the most progressive and exciting band in '60s rock, with no peers outside the Stones-Beatles-Beach Boys triumvirate. This box set, which collects their original Columbia albums, represents over 90-percent of their career, basically everything they released, all 12 albums (aside from their 1973 reunion album recorded for Asylum). This material was frequently astonishing at the time, and still is, ranging from their debut single "Mr. Tambourine Man" through the bracing folk-rock of their first two LPs, growing psychedelia and experimentation during 1966 and 1967, then a sudden detour into country-rock and mellow pop for the rest of the '60s. Whether early linchpins Gene Clark and David Crosby were a part of the lineup or not, the Byrds with Roger McGuinn at the helm always featured tuneful songwriting and accomplished musicianship, qualities which shine through brightly on this collection. Each album comes in a replica LP sleeve, and the package includes all the bonus tracks (plus the liner notes from Johnny Rogan) that were originally included with the mid-'90s expanded reissues; also included is the two-disc Sweetheart of the Rodeo expanded edition, with rehearsals and alternate takes.

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Label: Imports
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Disc 1

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man
  2. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better
  3. Spanish Harlem Incident
  4. You Won't Have To Cry
  5. Here Without You
  6. The Bells of Rhymney
  7. All I Really Want To Do
  8. I Knew I'd Want You
  9. It's No Use
  10. Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe
  11. Chimes of Freedom
  12. We'll Meet Again
  13. She Has a Way
  14. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better
  15. It's No Use
  16. You Won't Have To Cry
  17. All I Really Want to Do (Single Version)
  18. You and Me

Disc 2

  1. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)
  2. It Won't Be Wrong
  3. Set You Free This Time
  4. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  5. He Was a Friend of Mine
  6. The World Turns All Around Her
  7. Satisfied Mind
  8. If You're Gone
  9. The Times They Are a-Changin'
  10. Wait and See
  11. Oh! Susannah
  12. The Day Walk (Never Before)
  13. She Don't Care About Time
  14. The Times They Are a-Changin'
  15. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  16. She Don't Care About Time
  17. The World Turns All Around Her
  18. Stranger In a Strange Land

Disc 3

  1. 5D (Fifth Dimension)
  2. Wild Mountain Thyme
  3. Mr. Spaceman
  4. I See You
  5. What's Happening?!?!
  6. I Come and Stand At Every Door
  7. Eight Miles High
  8. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)
  9. Captain Soul
  10. John Riley
  11. 2-4-2 Fox Trot (the Lear Jet Song)
  12. Why
  13. I Know My Rider
  14. Psychodrama City
  15. Eight Miles High [Ve
  16. Why
  17. John Riley

Disc 4

  1. So You Want To Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
  2. Have You Seen Her Face
  3. C.T.A. - 102
  4. Renaissance Fair
  5. Time Between
  6. Everybody's Been Burned
  7. Thoughts and Words
  8. Mind Gardens
  9. My Back Pages
  10. The Girl With No Name
  11. Why
  12. It Happens Each Day
  13. Don't Make Waves
  14. My Back Pages
  15. Mind Gardens
  16. Lady Friend
  17. Old John Robertson

Disc 5

  1. Artificial Energy
  2. Goin' Back
  3. Natural Harmony
  4. Draft Morning
  5. Wasn't Born To Follow
  6. Get To You
  7. Change is Now
  8. Old John Robertson
  9. Tribal Gathering
  10. Dolphin's Smile
  11. Space Odyssey
  12. Moog Raga
  13. Bound To Fall
  14. Triad
  15. Goin' Back
  16. Draft Morning
  17. Universal Mind Decoder

Disc 6

  1. You Ain't Going Nowhere
  2. I Am a Pilgrim
  3. The Christian Life
  4. You Don't Miss Your Water
  5. You're Still On My Mind
  6. Pretty Boy Floyd
  7. Hickory Wind
  8. One Hundred Years From Now
  9. Blue Canadian Rockies
  10. Life In Prison
  11. Nothing Was Delivered
  12. All I Have Are Memories
  13. Reputation
  14. Pretty Polly
  15. Lazy Days
  16. The Christian Life
  17. You Don't Miss Your Water
  18. One Hundred Years From Now
  19. Sweetheart of the Radio Album

Disc 7

  1. Sum Up Broke
  2. One Day Week
  3. Truck Drivin' Man
  4. Blue Eyes
  5. Luxury Liner
  6. Strong Boy
  7. Lazy Days
  8. Pretty Polly
  9. Hickory Wind
  10. The Christian Life
  11. The Christian Life
  12. Life In Prison
  13. Life In Prison
  14. One Hundred Years From Now
  15. One Hundred Years From Now [Versio
  16. You're Still On My Mind
  17. You're Still On My Mind
  18. All I Have Are Memories [Instrument
  19. All I Have Are Memories [Instrument
  20. Blue Canadian Rockies

Disc 8

  1. This Wheel's On Fire
  2. Old Blue
  3. Your Gentle Way of Loving Me
  4. Child of the Universe
  5. Nashville West
  6. Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
  7. King Apathy Iii
  8. Candy
  9. Bad Night At the Whiskey
  10. Medley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby What You Want Me To Do
  11. Stanley's Song
  12. Lay Lady Lay
  13. This Wheel's On Fire
  14. Medley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby What You Want Me To Do [Alternate
  15. Nashville West

Disc 9

  1. Ballad of Easy Rider
  2. Fido
  3. Oil In My Lamp
  4. Tulsa County
  5. Jack Tarr the Sailor
  6. Jesus is Just Alright
  7. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  8. There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)
  9. Gunga Din
  10. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
  11. Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins
  12. Way Beyond the Sun
  13. Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
  14. Oil In My Lamp
  15. Tulsa County
  16. Fiddler a Dram (Moog Experiment)
  17. Ballad of Easy Rider
  18. Build It Up

Disc 10

  1. Lover of the Bayou
  2. Positively 4th Street
  3. Nashville West
  4. So You Want To Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star
  5. Mr. Tambourine Man
  6. Mr. Spaceman
  7. Eight Miles High
  8. Chestnut Mare
  9. Truck Stop Girl
  10. All the Things
  11. Yesterday's Train
  12. Hungry Planet
  13. Just a Season
  14. Take a Whiff On Me
  15. You All Look Alike
  16. Welcome Back Home

Disc 11

  1. All the Things
  2. Yesterday's Train
  3. Lover of the Bayou
  4. Kathleen's Song
  5. White's Lightning, Pt. 2
  6. Willin'
  7. You Ain't Going Nowhere
  8. Old Blue
  9. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
  10. Ballad of Easy Rider
  11. My Back Pages
  12. Take a Whiff On Me
  13. Jesus is Just Alright
  14. This Wheel's On Fire

Disc 12

  1. Glory, Glory
  2. Pale Blue
  3. I Trust
  4. Tunnel of Love
  5. Citizen Kane
  6. I Wanna Grow Up To Be a Politician
  7. Absolute Happiness
  8. Green Apple Quick Step
  9. My Destiny
  10. Kathleen's Song
  11. Jamaica Say You Will
  12. Just Like a Woman
  13. Pale Blue
  14. Think I'm Gonna Feel Better

Disc 13

  1. Tiffany Queen
  2. Get Down Your Line
  3. Farther Along
  4. B.B. Class Road
  5. Bugler
  6. America's Great National Pastime
  7. Antique Sandy
  8. Precious Kate
  9. So Fine
  10. Lazy Waters
  11. Bristol Steam Convention Blues
  12. Lost My Drivin' Wheel
  13. Born To Rock & Roll
  14. Bag Full of Money

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Byrds   Primary Artist
Clarence White   Guitar,Mandolin,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Vern Gosdin   Acoustic Guitar
John Hartford   Banjo,Fiddle,Guitar,Group Member
Chris Hillman   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals,Group Member
Gene Clark   Harmonica,Tambourine,Vocals,Group Member
Van Dyke Parks   Harmonica,Vocals
Gram Parsons   Vocals
Hugh Masekela   Horn
Gene Parsons   Guitar,Harmonica,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Steel Guitar,Vocals,5-string Banjo,Group Member
Skip Battin   Bass,Piano,Vocals,Group Member
Lloyd Green   Steel Guitar,Group Member
Terry Melcher   Piano
Earl Ball   Piano,Group Member
Byron Berline   Fiddle
Michael Clarke   Drums,Group Member
Jon Corneal   Drums,Group Member
David Crosby   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Kevin Kelly   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Larry Knechtel   Organ,Piano
Jay Dee Maness   Steel Guitar,Group Member
Roger McGuinn   Synthesizer,Banjo,Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Paul Polena   Reeds,Strings,Horn
Jim Seiter   Percussion,Tambourine,Group Member
Jim McGuinn   Synthesizer,Guitar,Leader,Vocals,12-string Guitar,Group Member
Sneaky Pete   Steel Guitar
John York   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Roy Huskey   Bass,Group Member

Technical Credits

Jimmy Reed   Composer
Clarence White   Composer
Vern Gosdin   Composer
Merle Haggard   Composer
Woody Guthrie   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Byrds   Producer
Bruce Dickinson   Producer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Gram Parsons   Composer
Gene Parsons   Composer
Rick Danko   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Terry Melcher   Producer
Tom May   Engineer
Byron Berline   Additional Production
G. Clark   Arranger,Composer
David Crosby   Arranger,Composer
Jim Dickson   Producer
David Diller   Engineer
Roy Halee   Engineer
Chris Hinshaw   Producer
Jerry Hochman   Producer,Engineer
Bob Johnston   Producer
Monte Kay   Producer
Larry Knechtel   Additional Production
Ira Louvin   Composer
Charlie Louvin   Composer
Roger McGuinn   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Adaptation
Paul Polena   Additional Production
Allen Stanton   Producer
Gary Usher   Producer
Guy Webster   Cover Photo
Neil Wilburn   Engineer
C. Walker   Composer
Johnny Rogan   Liner Notes
Bob Irwin   Producer
Doug Wygal   Producer
Frank Bez   Cover Photo
Barry Feinstein   Cover Photo
Edward O'Dowd   Art Direction
Book of Ecclesiastes   Composer
Bryan Koniarz   Package Manager
Don Thompson   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Billy Roberts   Composer
Suzi Jane Hokum   Producer
Griner   Cover Photo
Sneaky Pete   Additional Production
H. Carter   Composer
P. Polland   Composer
R. J. Hippard   Composer
N. Hikmet   Composer
L. George   Composer
J. Rhodes   Composer
J. Lomax   Composer
C. White   Arranger,Composer
H. Parker   Composer
C. Gosdin   Composer
A. Reynolds   Composer
R. Hayes   Composer
R. Gosdin   Composer
S. Seely   Composer
M. Brewer   Composer
F. Guilbeau   Composer
J. Browne   Composer
B. Payne   Composer
B. Buchanan   Composer
T. Mastin   Composer
Jack Lewis   Producer
J.T. Harding   Composer

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