The City State: How the Markets Came to Rule Our World

The City State: How the Markets Came to Rule Our World

by Richard Roberts, David Kynaston


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The City of London is the most world-beating section of the British economy. But at what cost? Elected politicians pretend they have power, but in reality are fettered by the narrow parameters of the financial markets. City values - greed, the bottom line, league tables - are now the prevalent social and cultural values. The City is the cuckoo in the nest that makes it impossible for nurses, bus drivers and policemen to live in inner London, but enriches restaurateurs, estate agents and interior designers.

Touching all the bases, The City State will generate a new debate about the realities of Britain, the role of the city in British society and its place in the changing global economy.

Author Biography: Richard Roberts, Professor of History at Sussex University is also a novelist, scriptwriter and author of books about financial markets. David Kynaston is a Visiting Professor at Sussex University and the author of the definitive four-volume History of the City (published by Chatto), as well as histories of the FT and other city institutions.

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ISBN-13: 9781861973108
Publisher: Profile Books Limited
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Pages: 288
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