The City of Fear Two The Crossword Murders

The City of Fear Two The Crossword Murders

by Ernest Douglas Hall

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the man in black went into his kitchen to make himself a cup of tea.
he took the tea into his darkened room.
he put the teacup besides his computer because he had work to do.
he took out his note pad and then he looked at the screen.
he picked number 6 down then he made up the clue:

this star started his screen life big, dancing

the name this time was travolta.
the first one he liked the look of was jane travolta. 22 brookfarm road. kenton.
he wrote the usual ten names and addresses just in case something was to happen at first or the second and so on.
he sat back and waited until his deadly time came around.
It seemed ages.
and at last he stood up with a grunt and stretched his legs and said to himself. ‘well its time I was on my way.’
he went out to the car and lifted the boot to check if his beloved cleaver was still there.
he got into his car and said aloud. ‘on my way at last.’
the killings were beginning to affect him like a fever.
when he came to the first address he parked his car as usual about two streets away.
he got out and went around to get the cleaver from the boot.
then he walked to the street and when he came to the top of the street he almost ran down it he was that eager to get on with it, it was almost like a drug now.
the house was in darkness he went around the house checking all the windows and doors.
he found a window it was just like most of them it was a bathroom window.
he climbed the drainpipe and got through the window easy.
he stood still until his eyes got used to the darkness.
then when his eyes were ok he walked onto the landing four doors stood on the landing.
he opened the first door and found a young woman asleep but next to her was a young man.
the young man was lying against the wall and the killer would have to reach over the girl to get to him, he would have to kill the young girl first.
he lifted his cleaver and brought it down on the young girl’s neck.
she moved and he missed badly.
she had turned her head just as the cleaver hit.
It had just nicked her neck.
the girl looked up and let out a scream.
he young man sat bolt upright when he heard the girl scream out in terror.
young man jumped up.
the girl was still screaming.
the killer lifted his cleaver again and brought it down towards the girls’ heads. The young man jumped into action.
he grabbed hold of the killer’s arm with the cleaver in it. With all his might the young man pushed the arm back.
the killer fell onto the bed.
the young man made a deadly mistake he jumped off the bed and was just going to hit the killer with his fist when the killer struck out with the cleaver.
It caught the young man on the front of his neck. the young man fell to the floor, his arms and legs kicking but he was dead.
the killer turned to the girl who was still screaming he lifted up his arm and snuffed the young girl’s life out with one blow.
It seemed to him that he had been doing his dirty work for hours but it had only taken about a minute. he thought to himself that he was becoming a professional killing machine.
the man in black bent down to put his finger in the young man's blood.
then he wrote on the bedroom wall.

you don't seem to be getting anywhere john do you well your boy is still ok at the moment so you had better hurry up because i'm close to the end of the puzzle
i'll send your next clue .

the next morning george chambers that lived next door to number 22 brookfarm road. Was taking over breakfast with his wife.
george said. ‘last night rose it was awful I have never heard the two young people

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