The Circles of Life: My Ukrainian Family's Odyssey of Secrets, Love and Survival

The Circles of Life: My Ukrainian Family's Odyssey of Secrets, Love and Survival

by Anna Aizic


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"But how do you pack your whole life into two suitcases?"

This memoir in letters is an intimate account of an important historical document, about life during and after World War II in the stunning port city of Odessa, Ukraine. That area of the world (Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Jerusalem...) has been in our news in recent days and remains an enigma. The Circles of Life is a memoir in letters, depicting a vibrant and lyrical collection of essays that capture Aizic's extended family's journey from the horrors of war, through the dirge of Communism, to lives of hope in Israel and America.

I will let Author Aizic's eloquent words speak:

...Can you imagine the courage and charisma Grandpa Izya and my father Emil had to have to run a business in the 60's behind the Iron Curtain of Communist Odessa?...

The freezing apartment at Ostrovidova 97 Street was always filled with eager minds ready to inhale the collective wisdom of the People of six thousand years ago and (my grandfather) Zeida was always happy to share it....

For years Zeida led his family and friends through the darkness of Communist Russia, yet he was never permitted to reach the Promised Land...Dor Hamidbar...

The flight (to Israel) gave us our first taste of the capitalist lifestyle...instead of water we were served Coca-Cola....

Living in America is not that easy of a task because it comes with the huge responsibilities of freedom, the need to choose to either become your own very best self or to become absolutely nothing. That is the price attached to any free society...

You see how many stories our family has? Before it is all lost and gone, what choice do I have but to keep writing it all down? So I collected bits from here and there...translated articles and poems and letters from Hebrew and Russian, I put them all in this book. For you....

" I highly recommend this book. The history of the individual is the history of the world. Anna Aizic shows us this as she reveals the tragedy, and secrets of her family as well as the love and humour. She wrote these letters to her children, and I am thankful that she is allowing us to bear witness as well."
- Jena C. Henry author

"A fascinating read, coupled with captivating details that allow the reader to truly see and feel your gripping story.Your book contains valuable lessons and touching anecdotes of struggle, strength and perseverance.An enduring message of hope and inspiration."
- Rabbi Mendy Lewis
Chabad of Old Tappan, NJ

The Circles of Life is a remarkable and well written important document, as inspiration!!
- Helen N. Rock, MBA, R.T. (T)
Administrative Director
Nyack Hospital, NY

"This memoir is a legacy, a rich inheritance of love, pain, struggle, HOPE. You LIVE the stories and admiring a noble, artistic loving people. It is rich in spirit...their light still shining ...through this brave author!! Inspiring!!!"
- Dianne Dassa, NY

"Anna Aizic's family's multi-generational journey, living through revolutions, world wars, and ultimately their immigration from the Ukraine to the United States. The memoir includes recollections of the author's grandmother Polya, who as a small child witnessed the visits of Nicholas II and his family to Odessa."
- Helen Azar, Librarian, Philadelphia

"What a moving and engrossing journey through years of struggle and survival. I enjoyed reading this historical story, told through the writer's personal experience. Written in this biographical manner, history is brought to life."
- Carol R, Artists Salon, NJ

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About the Author

Anna Aizic was born in Communist Odessa of Ukraine, grew up in Israel and currently resides in the USA. She works in the field of Mental Health Care /Psychiatric Rehabilitation.[alas, her parents hoped she will become a concert violinist].

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