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You could call Chiswick Stiff's poorer brother and, to an extent, you'd be right, but it gets the time line slightly wrong. Chiswick actually beat Stiff to the starting gate, releasing the Count Bishops' rip-roaring "Route 66"/"Teenage Letter" in November of 1975. Seven months later, they had the first single from Joe Strummer's 101ers -- the infectious "Keys to Your Heart" -- then followed it up with the updated glam scuzz of Gorillas' "She's My Gal," neatly establishing an old-time rock & roll aesthetic the label never shook. Caught at the crossroads between pub rock and punk rock, Chiswick initially seemed like trailblazers, but they were soon overshadowed by Stiff, who joyfully played fast and loose with the rules, leading to arguably the first British punk single in the Damned's "New Rose." The Damned later signed to Chiswick but by the time the group's "Smash It Up" turned into a Top 40 hit in 1979, Chiswick had long since established itself as an oddity yo-yoing between odes to oldies, and stilted reconciliations with new wave. All this is chronicled on Ace's 2013 update of the 1992 compilation The Chiswick Story, which tells the tale from that first Count Bishops 7" to Jakko's "Grab What You Can" from 1982. Chiswick shuttered not long after that Jakko single, by which point it had been a long, long time since they were a driving force in British rock but, as this generous 51-track collection proves, they built up a nice catalog. True, there's a sneaking nostalgia for the years before the Beatles -- most prominent in Rocky Sharpe & the Replays, a persistent presence throughout Chiswick's story, and a band that toward the end of their run started to sound like a British Sha-Na-Na -- and the label's attempts at synthesized pop were gangly, but that's part of the Chiswick charm: after two years of blazing glory, they settled into a British eccentricity that remains endearing, if slightly bewildering, all these years later.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/10/1994
Label: Big Beat Uk
UPC: 0029667410021
catalogNumber: 100
Rank: 106764


Disc 1

  1. Route 66
  2. Teenage Letter
  3. Keys to Your Heart
  4. She's My Gal
  5. Train Train
  6. Drip Drop
  7. I'm Crying
  8. Gorilla Got Me
  9. Dirty Pictures
  10. Television Screen
  11. Motorhead
  12. I Wanna Be Freed
  13. No One
  14. I Want You to Dance with Me
  15. No Russians in Russia
  16. Common Truth
  17. Saints and Sinners
  18. Nervous Wreck
  19. Hang Loose (I've Gotta Rock)
  20. Darling, Let's Have Another Baby
  21. Million Dollar Hero
  22. Cosmonaut
  23. I Want Candy
  24. Gay Boys in Bondage
  25. I Only Wish (That I'd Been Told)
  26. Little Queenie

Disc 2

  1. Rama Lama Ding Dong
  2. Driver's Seat
  3. Hey Baby
  4. I Couldn't Help But Cry
  5. The Real Me
  6. Imagination
  7. Automobile
  8. Love Song
  9. Smash It Up
  10. Gabrielle
  11. Heaven Knows
  12. That Driving Beat
  13. I Can't Fight It
  14. The Dancing Years
  15. Albania (Are You All Mine)
  16. Tomahawk Cruise
  17. Tennessee Stud
  18. Radioactive Kid
  19. Go Go Go
  20. Insufficient Data
  21. Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)
  22. Kwagayo
  23. Heart
  24. Desire
  25. Grab What You Can (Biez Co Mozesz)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joe "Guitar" Hughes   Bass
Roger Williams   Drums
Billy Bragg   Guitar,Vocals
Motörhead   Track Performer
Paul Simon   Drums
Joe Strummer   Guitar,Vocals
Rhino 39   Guitar
Captain Sensible   Guitar,Vocals
Disguise   Track Performer
Flasher   Bass,Bass Guitar
Gorillas   Track Performer
Little Bob Story   Track Performer
Phil Lynott   Bass
Noel McCalla   Background Vocals
Johnny Moped   Vocals
Nips   Track Performer
101'ers   Track Performer
Radiators   Track Performer
Radio Stars   Track Performer
Red Beans & Rice   Track Performer
Paul Roberts   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rocky Sharpe   Vocals
Slik   Vocals
Twink   Vocals
Loz Netto   Guitar
Sniff 'n' the Tears   Track Performer
Carla Olson   Guitar,Vocals,12-string Guitar
Michael Lewis   Guitar
Keith Miller   Synthesizer
Gary Anderson   Drums
Robert Ash   Keyboards
Paul Balbi   Drums
Ben Barson   Piano
Fred Berk   Bass
Chris Birkin   Bass
Charlie Burchill   Guitar
Howie Casey   Saxophone
Clem Cattini   Drums
Philip Chevron   Guitar,Vocals
"Fast" Eddie Clarke   Guitar
Jon Clarke   Linn
Ray Cooper   Bass
Pete Davies   Drums
Pete Davis   Drums
Nigel Dixon   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Dudanski   Drums
Mick Dyche   Guitar
Stuart Elliot   Drums
Andy Ellison   Vocals
Ted Emmett   Trumpet
Chris Emo   Bass
Alan Feldman   Electric Piano
Griff Fender   Vocals
Graham Foster   Guitar
Barbara Gaskin   Background Vocals
Martin Gordon   Bass,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Gregory   Saxophone
Guy Gremy   Guitar
Grinny   Drums
Dominique Guillon   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Guitar   Guitar,Vocals
Andy Hamilton   Saxophone
Phil Hardy   Drums
DeLisle Harper   Bass
Jesse Hector   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Holidai   Guitar,Vocals
Jakko M. Jakszyk   Guitar,Balalaika,Keyboards,Vocals
Dan Kelleher   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Jim Kerr   Vocals
Rob Keyloch   Guitar,Vocals
Rod Latter   Drums
Lemmy   Bass,Vocals
Steve Lewins   Bass
Shane MacGowan   Vocals
Ian MacLeod   Guitar
Paddy Moloney   uillean pipes
Ben Mandelson   Violin
Brian McGee   Drums
Jim McKenna   Bass
Mark Megaray   Bass,Background Vocals
John Milarky   Guitar
Jim Nellis   Background Vocals
Ruan O'Lochlainn   Bass,Saxophone
Mike Paice   Harmonica,Saxophone
Nick Parker   Violin
Steve Parry   Drums
Bob Piazza   Vocals
Ed Poole   Bass
David Provost   Bass,Piano
Dominique "Mino" Quertier   Drums,Vocals
Roddy Radiation   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Rae   Guitar
Nico Ramsden   Guitar
Steve Rapid   Vocals
Larry "Rhino" Rheinhart   Guitar
Tommy Riley   Drums
Luigi Salvoni   Drums
Rat Scabies   Drums
Peter Scott   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Sinclair   Drums
Slim   Keyboards
TV Smith   Vocals
Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor   Drums
Dave Tice   Vocals
Clive Timperley   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Twigg   Bass
Kathy Valentine   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Vanian   Vocals
Algy Ward   Bass
Mel Wesson   Keyboards
Annie Whitehead   Trombone
Wiggy   Guitar
Nigel Wilkinson   Drums
Pete Wingfield   Piano,Vocals
Terry Woods   Vocals
Shane Bradley   Bass
Gavin Douglas   Guitar
Dave Berk   Drums
Alan Lee Shaw   Guitar,Vocals
Slimy Toad   Guitar
Rocky Sharpe & the Replays   Track Performer
TV Smith's Explorers   Track Performer
Zenon de Fleur   Guitar,Vocals
P. Paul Fenech   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Glancy   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Kerr-Clemenson   Bass
Johnnie Kilometer   Drums
Pat McMullan   Bass
Dusty McSheffrey   Bass
Art Noveau   Guitar,Vocals
Alan Scully   Drums
Mike Spenser   Harmonica,Vocals
Johnny Stud   Saxophone,Vocals
Gus Campbell   Guitar,Vocals
Ron Griffin   Drums
Scott Sterling   Vocals
Blackbeard Lelan   Bass
Alan Offer   Bass
Andy Hamilton   Saxophone
Alan Butler   Bass
Joe Hughes   Bass
Markus Cuff   Percussion,Drums
Bob Strain   Guitar,Drums
Two Two   Track Performer
Felix Ray   Bass
Paddy Maloney   uillean pipes
Tony Donald   Bass
Erik Russell   Guitar
Colin Stoner   Bass
K.Y. McKay   Vocals
Bubbles   Drums
S.D.R. Gol'fish   Keyboards,Vocals
Jimmy Crashe   Drums
Steve Harris   Drums
Mark Robertson   Drums
Dave Anian   Vocals
Nick Ash   Keyboards
Big Den   Bass (Vocal),Saxophone
Lavern Brown   Vocals
Mark Byers   Guitar
Jeff Coleman   Guitar
Mandy Doubt   Vocals
R. Handley   Drums,Vocals
Nigel Lewis   Bass,Vocals

Technical Credits

Damned   Producer
Motörhead   Contributor
Textones   Contributor
Albania   Producer
Count Bishops   Producer
Drug Addix   Producer
Gorillas   Contributor
John "Speedy" Keen   Producer
Little Bob Story   Contributor
Phil Lynott   Producer
Ernie Maresca   Composer
Johnny Moped   Contributor
Tom Newman   Producer
Nips   Contributor
101'ers   Contributor
Radio Stars   Contributor
Rings   Contributor
Mike Vernon   Producer
Whirlwind   Producer
Sniff 'n' the Tears   Contributor
Tom Doherty   Producer
Roger Armstrong   Producer,Liner Notes
Robert Ash   Producer
Billie Holiday   Producer
Stan Brennan   Producer
Wally Brill   Producer,Engineer
Johnny Burke   Composer
Alvin Clarke   Engineer
Jon Clarke   Contributor
Gary Edwards   Engineer
Andy Ellison   Producer
Martin Gordon   Producer
Jeremy Green   Engineer,Remixing
Roger Harris   Producer
Peter Holidai   Composer
Ed Hollis   Producer
Jakko M. Jakszyk   Arranger,Contributor
Dan Kelleher   Producer
Nick Lowe   Producer
Gary Lyons   Producer,Engineer
Shane MacGowan   Composer
Vic Maile   Engineer
Paddy Moloney   Contributor
Ruan O'Lochlainn   Producer
Bill Price   Remixing
Neil Richmond   Engineer
Mike Robinson   Engineer
Luigi Salvoni   Producer
Adam Skeaping   Engineer
Stuart Taylor   Producer
Pete Thomas   Horn Arrangements
James Van Heusen   Composer
Tony Visconti   Producer
T. Samuel White   Producer
Pete Wingfield   Producer
Terry Woods   Contributor
Hans Zimmer   Producer
Bishops   Producer
Adam Kidron   Producer
Keith Rowley   Producer
Rocky Sharpe & the Razors   Producer
Rocky Sharpe & the Replays   Contributor
TV Smith's Explorers   Contributor
Johnny & the Self Abusers   Producer
Zenon de Fleur   Composer
A. Bludgeon   Engineer
Baz Bowdidge   Producer
Doug Smith   Producer
Meteors   Producer
Simon Bradley   Composer
Two Two   Contributor
Doug Smith   Producer
Thomas Bogdany   Composer
Amazorblades   Contributor
Mark Byers   Composer
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