The Chelation Way: The Complete Book of Chelation Therapy

The Chelation Way: The Complete Book of Chelation Therapy

by Morton Walker D.P.M.


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Chelation therapy is a safe, effective non-surgical treatment that has successfully been used to prevent and treat hardening of the arteries for over forty years in the United States. New evidence indicates that it may also help to control and, in some cases, reverse the effects of arthritis, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, glaucoma, metal toxicity, irregular heartbeat, senility, and gangrene, as well as a host of other degenerative illnesses. As more studies show the many benefits of chelation therapy, the number of physicians utilizing it continues to grow.

In this important book, Dr. Morton Walker explains how chelation works, documents the evidence of its effects, and discusses its oral and intravenous use. Since intravenous treatment is not always necessary, Dr. Walker also tells the reader about over-the-counter oral chelating agents—what they are, where to find them, and what dosage to take.

“This is an interesting treatment of the subject, much more comprehensive than any other book.”—Library Journal

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ISBN-13: 9780895294159
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/28/1989
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 339,253
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About the Author

Morton Walker, DPM, is an award-winning professional medical writer. He has written more than 70 books, including the bestsellers Sexual Nutrition and The Yeast Syndrome, as well as thousands of magazine articles.

Table of Contents

Part 1The Intravenous Infusion Form of Chelation Therapy
1.What If You or Your Loved One Has Clogged Arteries?3
Saved From Alzheimer's-Like Senility
Legs Need Not Be Amputated
Self-Rescued From Having Open Heart Surgery
2.What Is Chelation Therapy?17
How Chelation Occurs
The Role of Calcium in Atherosclerosis
The Four Types of Hardening of the Arteries
3.How Chelating Agents Work in Your Body33
How Chelation Removes Calcium and Other Metals
Where the Metastatic Calcium Comes From
Various Types of Chelating Agents
Lack of Promotion of Chelation Therapy
Chelation Treatment for Lead Poisoning
4.Corrective Uses of Chelation Therapy49
Other Conditions Corrected by Chelation Therapy
Degenerative Diseases Lacking Free Blood Flow
Physiological Changes From Chelation Therapy
5.The Clinical Studies of Chelation Therapy65
The Demand for Double-Blind Studies
Chelated Patients Are Their Own Controls
Another Controlled Method Is Proposed
The First Clinical Study by an ACAM Physician
Additional Clinical Studies Are Presented
Chelating Physicians Can't Get Their Studies Published
The Newest Medical Studies on Chelation Treatment
The McDonagh, Rudolph, Cheraskin Studies
The Van der Schaar Studies
The Sehnert, Clague Studies
A Texan Who Knows Chelation Has Value
6.The Safety and Possible Side Effects of Chelation Therapy91
Sources of Doubt About the Safety of Chelation Therapy
Answering Concerns About Safety
The American Board of Chelation Therapy (ABCT)
The American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Possible Side Effects of Chelation Therapy
Possible Nephrotoxicity in Chelation Therapy
Chelation Therapy Eliminates Heart Pacemakers
7.Medical Politics and Media Abuse of Chelation Therapy113
Use of the Media by Chelation Therapy Competition
The Association for Cardiovascular Therapies (ACT)
The Health History of John Sorenson
8.The Current Status of Chelation Therapy135
Medicare Gives Harold Pryor His "Fair Hearing"
Why Establishment Medicine Opposes Chelation Therapy
Assessing the Safety of Chelation Therapy
Assessing the Efficacy of Medical Technologies
In the Best Interest of Jackee Davidson
Part 2Oral Chelating Agents for Cardiovascular Self-Help at Home
9.The Concept of Oral Chelation Therapy151
What Is Oral Chelation Therapy?
Cellular Homeostasis From Oral Chelation Therapy
Offsetting Free Radical Pathology
The Need to Replace Toxic Minerals With Nutrient Minerals
The Classic Case of Gangrene Reversal
10.The Chelation Diet and Its Foods167
The Chelation Diet
Nutrients That Act as Chelators
IV and Oral Chelation Therapy Restore a Policeman
11.Nutritional Chelation Formulas and Their Sources187
Oral Chelating Nutrient Formulas
12.Pharmaceuticals, Foods, and Herbs Used for Oral Chelation Therapy217
Oral Chelating Drugs Unapproved by the FDA
Food Substances That Chelate the Body
AppendixChelating Physicians Worldwide247
About the Author291

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