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The Checker Board: Book Three: Satan's Havoc

The Checker Board: Book Three: Satan's Havoc

by Nedler Palaz


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By 1883, Dave Smith and Sam Eagle Feather Larson leave West Texas when bounty hunters pursue them. Finding a way to survive by chasing wild horses, the two settle into a horse camp where they round up likely horses for re-sale in El Paso. One magnificent herd leader has a reward on its return to the owner, Stan Piper. Dave agrees to break the wild stallion and sets about the dangerous task with help of a large Percheron horse that is three times the size of the herd stallion.
Complications begin when Dave locates his missing girl-friend, Dolores Alconda and attempts to rekindle their loving relationship, only to learn that Dolores is to marry someone else, and he is devastated.
Young fifteen year old tom-boy Andee Piper has designs on Dave Smith, and becomes his one true friend; though artless and clumsy, Andee attempts to snag Dave's affections.
Dolores further confounds matters, believing her fiancé dead, decides to marry Don Ruis Matoes, wealthy local ranch owner over the protests of her relatives and of Dave, who feels that Matoes has an underlying forbidding agenda. Having no other alternative, Dave stages a raid in which he abducts Dolores, steals Ruis' racehorse, and a priest which turns into a deadly encounter with Ruis Matoes and his henchman, Ramon Garcia. Dave is seriously injured by the overzealous attempts of the Don and Garcia to learn where Dave has hidden the girl and the horse. Seeking help from the Piper's, Dave becomes the object of a murderous attempt by Ruis to get what he wants through maneuvering and outright arson.
The Piper's become entangled in the two-way tug of war between Dave and Ruis after they learn that Wes Piper may have legitimate claims on the Matoes rancho. Only through perseverance and the assistance of a federal
circuit judge does the show-down come about. Ruis, in his maddened lunacy, snatches Andee and her mother in the hope of outdistancing the law by using the two women as hostages. Saving Andee and her mother from
being savagely murdered by the deranged Don falls to the capable hands of Dave, Sam, the Piper's and the men from the village of San Miguel....

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ISBN-13: 9781460226728
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 07/09/2014
Series: Checker Board:
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Nedler Palaz is a pen-name chosen by the author to reflect the historical western background of the events of the Checker Board ranch massacre. Book 3 of the series continues the story into New Mexico Territory.
The author has a life time interest in the western genre. Good character development, plenty of action and story plot are designed to bring back interest in Western lore and storytelling. The first two books as well as this third book relate to the life of Dave Smith while broadening the scope of action in the 1880's into all the Western Territories.
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