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This book explores the multiplicity of ways in which the Charlemagne legend was recorded in Latin texts of the central and later Middle Ages, moving beyond some of the earlier canonical "raw materials", such as Einhard's Vita Karoli Magni, to focus on productions of the eleventh to fifteenth centuries. A distinctive feature of the volume's coverage is the diversity of Latin textual environments and genres that the contributors examine in their work,including chronicles, liturgy and pseudo-histories, as well as apologetical treatises and works of hagiography and literature. Perhaps most importantly, the book examines the "many lives" that Charlemagne was believed to have lived by successive generations of medieval Latin writers, for whom he was not only a king and an emperor but also a saint, a crusader, and, indeed, a necrophiliac.

William J. Purkis is a Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Birmingham; Matthew Gabriele is an Associate Professor of Medieval Studies in the Department of Religion & Culture at Virginia Tech.

Contributors: Jeffrey Doolittle, Matthew Gabriele, Miguel Dolan Gómez, Oren Margolis, William J. Purkis, Andrew J. Romig, Sebastián Salvadó, Jace Stuckey, James Williams.

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ISBN-13: 9781843844488
Publisher: Boydell UK
Publication date: 10/21/2016
Series: Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures Series , #7
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Many Latin Lives of Charlemagne - William Purkis
Frankish Kingship, Political Exegesis and the Ghost of Charlemagne in the Diplomas of King Philip I of Francia - Matthew Gabriele
The Twelfth-Century Vita Karoli and the Making of a Royal Saint - Jace Stuckey
Performing Sacrality: The Liturgical Portrait of Frederick Barbarossa's Charlemagne - Sebastian Salvado
Rex Parvus or Rex Nobilis?: Charlemagne and the Politics of History (and Crusading) in Thirteenth-Century Iberia - Miguel Gomez
Charlemagne in Girona: Liturgy, Legend and the Memory of Siege - Jeffrey Doolittle
'For the Honor of the Blessed Virgin': The History and Legacy of Charles's Devotion to Mary in the Gesta Karoli Magni ad Carcassonam et Narbonam - James B. Williams
Charlemagne the Sinner: Charles the Great as Avatar of the Modern in Petrarch's Familiares 1.4 - Andrew Romig
The Quattrocento Charlemagne: Franco-Florentine Relations and the Politics of an Icon - Oren Margolis

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