The Chamberlains: Joseph, Austen and Neville 1836-1940

The Chamberlains: Joseph, Austen and Neville 1836-1940

by Roger Ward


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The Chamberlains were a unique urban dynasty. The locus of their power was the industrial city of Birmingham, the largest in the Midlands. For sixty-four unbroken years, never losing an election, they represented Birmingham in Parliament. The family belonged to the Nonconformist elite, which dominated the city socially and commercially, and rose to prominence under the leadership of the charismatic Joseph - a successful entrepreneur who as Mayor was credited with transforming the city. Joseph entered Parliament as a Radical in 1876, then years later was active in defeating Irish Home Rule and creating the Liberal Unionist party. From 1895 to 1903 he was Colonial Secretary and an aggressive imperialist, eventually splitting his party over tariff reform. His elder son Austen spent his career at the apex of the Conservative party: twice Chancellor of the Exchequer, a distinguished Foreign Secretary, and several times passing up opportunities leading to the premiership. Neville followed closely in his father's footsteps. Entering Parliament late, he became a key figure in inter-war politics - a reforming Minister of Health and a successful Chancellor in the wake of the Great Depression. As Prime Minister from 1937-40 he tragically fell foul of the dictator Hitler, and his policy of Appeasement blighted his reputation

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1 Joseph Chamberlain 11

2 Joseph Austen Chamberlain 63

3 Arthur Neville Chamberlain 106

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