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The Celts: A History From Earliest Times to the Present

The Celts: A History From Earliest Times to the Present


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Now in its second edition, this comprehensive history of the Celts draws on archaeological, historical, literary and linguistic evidence to provide a comprehensive and colourful overview from origins to the present. Divided into three parts, the first covers the continental Celts in prehistory and antiquity, complete with accounts of the Celts in Germany, France, Italy, Iberia and Asia Minor. Part Two follows the Celts from the departure of the Romans to the late Middle Ages, including the migrations to and settlements in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Brittany. This section also includes discussions of the Celtic kingdoms and the significance of Christianisation. Part Three brings the history of the Celts up to the present, covering the assimilation of the Celts within the national cultures of Great Britain, France and Ireland. Included in this consideration are the suppression of Gaelic, the declines, revivals and survivals of languages and literatures, and the histories of Celtic culture. The book concludes with a discussion of the recent history of the meaning of ‘Celtic’ and an examination of the cultural legacy of the Celts in the modern era.

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ISBN-13: 9781474427203
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication date: 12/30/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 392
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About the Author

Bernhard Maier was Professor in Celtic at the University of Aberdeen and is currently Professor of Religious Studies and the European History of Religions at the University of Tübingen.

Kevin Windle is an Emeritus Fellow and former Associate Professor of Translation Studies and Russian at the Australian National University.

Table of Contents

Translator’s acknowledgements
Introduction: People, Language and Culture

Part I: The Celtic Cultures of the Ancient World
1. The Beginnings of Celtic History
2. The Early La Tène Culture
3. Celtic Expansion
4. Gaul before the Roman Conquest
5. The Celts of Iberia
6. The Celts in Northern Italy
7. The Celts in Asia Minor
8. Gallo-Roman Culture

Part II: The Insular Celts of the Middle Ages
9. The Early Celts of Ireland and Britain
10. Ireland after the Conversion to Christianity
11. Ireland in the Time of the Vikings
12. Ireland from the Coming of the Normans to Colonisation
13. Scotland from Irish Settlement to the Reformation
14. Wales from the Romans to the Normans
15. The Union of Wales and England
16. Brittany from Prehistory to the Union with France

Part III: From the Reformation to the Present
17. Ireland from Colonisation to Emancipation
18. Ireland from Emancipation to 1945
19. Scotland from the Reformation to Culloden
20. Scotland from Culloden to 1945
21. Wales from Union to Industrialisation
22. Wales from Industrialisation to 1945
23. Brittany from Union to 1945
24. The Celtic-Speaking Peoples from 1945 to the Present

Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Celts and Europe

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