The Catholic Church Through the Ages: A History

The Catholic Church Through the Ages: A History

by John Vidmar

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A one-volume survey of the history of the Catholic Church from its beginning until, and including, the pontificate of John Paul II.

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ISBN-13: 9781616432157
Publisher: Paulist Press
Publication date: 03/06/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Table of Contents

IThe First Age of the Church (30-330 AD)-The Early Church1
AJewish Sources of Christianity1
BRoman Sources of Christianity5
CInfluence of Jewish and Roman Sources on Christianity7
DChristian Sources9
FAttacks on Christianity25
GRival Religions31
HThe Life of the Early Church36
IThe End of the First Age42
JRecommended Readings43
IIThe Second Age of the Church (330-650 AD)-The Age of the Fathers46
AThe Fathers of the Church46
BThe Papacy51
CThe First Christological Councils55
DSt. Augustine (354-430)64
EThe Veneration of the Saints72
FThe Rise of Monasticism76
GThe End of the Second Age84
HRecommended Readings85
IIIThe Third Age of the Church (650-1000)-The Dark Ages88
BThe Byzantine Church and the Eastern Schism96
CThe Barbarians104
DThe Papacy (955-1057)111
EThe End of the Third Age115
FRecommended Readings117
IVThe Fourth Age of the Church (1000-1450)-The Middle Ages119
AThe Crusades119
BThe New Religious Orders132
DMedieval Mysticism141
EThe Medieval Inquisition142
FThe Spanish Inquisition150
GInnocent III152
HThe Decline of the Papacy154
IThe End of the Fourth Age162
JRecommended Readings162
VThe Fifth Age of the Church (1450-1789)-Protestant and Catholic Reformations165
AThe Renaissance165
BThe Reformation on the Continent177
CThe English Reformation204
DThe Reformation in Scotland227
FThe Catholic Response233
GThe Missions (1500-1800)241
HThe End of the Fifth Age252
IChronology of the Reformation252
JRecommended Readings254
VIThe Sixth Age of the Church (1789-Present)-The Modern Age258
AThe Enlightenment or the Age of Reason258
BThe French Revolution266
CThe Aftermath of Revolution276
DThe Catholic Church in the United States289
ESocial Catholicism301
FThe Revival of the Missions (1800-2000)307
GWar and Dictatorship310
HNazi Germany and the Catholic Church316
IPost-World War II Catholicism334
JThe End of the Sixth Age340
KRecommended Readings341
Chronological List of the Popes346
A Select Bibliography353

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