The Card

The Card

by B. D. King

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The National Bank Card is mandatory and it's murder. The U.S. Government established the National Bank Card as the only credit card in the nation assuring the public that it is absolutely safe from identity theft and hacking. It is the primary measure of a person's credit.

President Montgomery Howard has proposed the Card Reform Act or CRA which requires everyone in the nation, regardless of their income or credit, to have a Card. A devious public relations campaign has convinced the public, Congress and the media that the CRA will make the Card safer and access to credit easier so it has widespread support.

President Howard, the first lady and a small cabal in the White House control an illegal back door to the Card system. With it they monitor the public, control the credit of political opponents and funnel small amounts of money from the accounts of American taxpayers to off shore accounts. If passed, the CRA will give the Howards even more power and control.

Senator Nathan Maybry realizes the card has been corrupted for political and personal gain and that the CRA will damage the political system and wreck the economy of the country. Unable to convince anyone in Washington of these facts, Maybry goes outside the beltway and discovers the grim realities behind the Card. Howard's opponents have been sabotaged. Sheldon Tobler's life was ruined and his business destroyed. Nancy Granger, freelance writer was blacklisted and ruined. Barry Julien a famous sports reporter is on the run because he has proof the White House had another reporter murdered for discovering the truth about the Card. The Howards, determined to maintain their power have dispatched rogue secret service agents across the country to prevent witnesses from testifying about the Card.

Maybry finds an unexpected ally in George Macready a partner in Constabulary, Inc., a discrete private security company, run by the elusive Mike Renaldo. Convinced that Maybry is correct about the CRA, Macready becomes the senator's most powerful ally. Working behind the scenes they gather information from witnesses whose stories, if told, will expose the CRA as a sinister power play by the Howards. It becomes a race to see if any witnesses survive to appear before a hostile Senate and reveal the truth to a hoodwinked public: the CRA is designed to increase the profits and power of a privileged few. At every turn the White House cabal manages to maintain control until Constabulary, Inc. discovers its most shocking secret.

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BN ID: 2940158301438
Publisher:, Inc.
Publication date: 03/15/2016
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 420
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About the Author

B.D.King began his writing career in 1990 with a "Bullet for Stonewall". Since then he wrote a "Bullet for Lincoln", "The Loki Project" and the "Gruenwald Deception". His non-fiction works include "Spearhead of Logistics", "Impact, the History of Germany’s V-weapons in WW2" and "Victory Starts Here".

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