The Call

The Call

by Derald Hamilton

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Satire and the supernatural blend together in this humorous but disturbing account of divinity school and the people who are drawn to answering the call to ministry.

The story is conveyed in the first person through the eyes of Ishmael O'Donnell, an observant young man who wrestles with familial dysfunction, possession by the spirit of his long-dead twin brother, and a quest for purification from both.

The book chronicles the events that lead up to his seeking out seminary as a means of attaining this purification. Upon his arrival at seminary and his three-year journey through the curriculum, he finds himself engulfed in an unending torrent of duplicity, impertinence, and societal abnormalities within a communal setting of characters so driven, tenacious, over-th-top, and supercilious it hurts.

The mocking inner voice of Ishmael's twin reverberates louder and louder as he desperately tries to come to grips with what is taking place about him while discovering who he is within the confines of a cloistered setting he finds to be inundated with its own unique form of madness.

And when he finally does obtain the key to his purification...but such things are not revealed second hanmd.

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Publisher: D Hamilton Books
Publication date: 05/01/2011
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About the Author

Derald Hamilton was born in Santa Cruz, California on July 22, 1950 and seven days later adopted by Derald and Naomi Hamilton, two products of rural Iowa. His father was a career soldier who fell in love with Army life during World War II. His mother worked as both a secretary and an accountant, until bad health forced her into early retirement.

Belonging to a military family, he moved around a lot to such bases as Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, Fort Polk, Louisiana, Fort Benning, Georgia, Fort Lee, Virginia, Fort Dix, New Jersey, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and one overseas tour to Kaiserslautern, Germany. While in Germany he visited such places as Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and Austria, along with the expanse of Germany.

When health issues took precedence, Derald and his mother settled in a suburb of Sacramento, while his dad continued moving to wherever the Army assigned him. After high school, Derald enrolled in the community college where he took a course in creative writing. His colleagues and fellow students found him too young and naïve to write credibly, and the criticism caused him to put aside his aspirations. After graduating from community college, Derald transferred to U.C. Davis where he majored in American Studies and became active in the campus Christian program.

During the time he was active in that program, he received what he interpreted as a call to the ministry, but upon graduating from U.C. Davis, he found himself without the funding necessary to pursue seminary studies. With no scholastic help available, Derald worked at a few temporary jobs and finally secured a clerical job with the State of California.

After working for about a year-and-a-half, he had saved enough to continue his studies, and enrolled in Phillips Graduate Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Masters of Divinity Degree. While pursuing this degree, he became disillusioned, perceiving the church atmosphere to be a hotbed of politics and competitive showmanship.

A few years later, Derald pursued a Masters Degree in Library Science. He earned the degree, but found library jobs to be quite scarce, so he took an administrative support job, this time with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority, where he’s been for the past twenty-six years.

Derald continued freelance writing, and at the age of forty, decided he had done enough living to lend credibility to fiction writing. He

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