The Broken Duke (1797 Club Series #3)

The Broken Duke (1797 Club Series #3)

by Jess Michaels


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Adelaide Longford is London's most overlooked bluestocking wallflower and that is fine by her. Being ignored gives her the perfect opportunity to sneak out and secretly take on the persona of the most celebrated actress of the day, Lydia Ford. The thrill of walking the boards and hearing the applause of those who watch her is the most exciting experience of her life.

Until Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield comes into her life. He is broken after the humiliating loss of his longtime fiancé to his supposed best friend and they enter into a lusty affair which sets her body on fire. Graham has no idea why he's so attracted to both the bespectacled, prickly Adelaide and the passionate Lydia, but soon he is caught in a dance with them both and torn between which future he wants to pursue.

When Graham finds out Adelaide's secret identity will he be able to accept both parts of her? And will he be able to save her from a lurking danger that neither of them could have ever foreseen?

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ISBN-13: 9781947770003
Publisher: The Passionate Pen LLC
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Series: 1797 Club Series , #3
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 620,279
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)

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The Broken Duke (The 1797 Club, #3) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great series...each with a different twist!
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
Another great story by Michaels!! Graham is crushed when his betrothed marries another. Not because he loved her, but because his best friend (who she married) kept the secret that he was in love with her for years. He feels betrayed. He has kept himself out of the public eye but is convinced to go out to a show where he meets Lydia, a celebrated actress. What he doesn't know, is that Lydia is hiding a secret. The most exciting thing to happen to Adelaide was taking on the persona of Lydia and getting on the stage. That is until she means Graham. She has interactions with him as both Adelaide and Lydia and she doesn't know how long she can keep up the deception. What will Graham do when he learns that Adelaide and Lydia are one in the same? Each of Michael's 1797 Club books is better than the last! I can't wait to read Ewan's story next!
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley.This book was ok, a little unrealistic. We meet Grahm who meet the actress Lydia Ford, and attracted to her. Graham did not realize that the wallflower Lady Adelaide Longford, who he previously overlooked is one and the same. So you are telling me that because she was wearing glasses and a different hairstyle you did not recognize her? yeah I didn't get that. Also, Adelaide, needed to get some spine and ignore her Aunt she was a grown woman. Nevertheless, you could spend some time with the book.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
The Broken Duke by Jess Michaels is another wonderful Recency Romance. While, #3 in THE 1797 CLUB, it can be read as a stand alone. As with all Ms. Michaels stories she manages to draw her readers into her stories with her characters, her descriptions and her emotional turmoil. The plot flows seamlessly, and is interesting, as well as intriguing. A story of passion, deception, betrayal, angst, murder, abuse, redemption, love and finding a HEA. The H/H are a bit different as the heroine seems to portray two people, a bit confusing at first, but soon the reader totally understands her deception. The hero is vulernable, yet controlled. This was not my favorite of this series, thus far, but an enjoyable read, nevertheless. Something about the H/H was hard for me to connect with, at first. Romance readers who enjoy a bit of mystery, steamy interactions, emotional turmoil and HEA, should enjoy THE BROKEN DUKE. I already anticipate the next book. I received a complimentary copy, however, all opinions are my own. Ratinf: 4 Heat rating: Steamy Reviewer: AprilR
PegC51 More than 1 year ago
Feeling betrayed by his best friend, hurt and embarrassed, Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield has isolated himself from his friends. Lady Adelaide has created an alter ego, famous actress Lydia Ford, to escape the lonely life she endures at the hands of her controlling, abusive aunt. When circumstances lead Graham to meet both Lydia and Adelaide, he is baffled that he feels drawn to both of them. Adelaide believes that he is attracted to Lydia, but could not possibly be attracted to Adelaide. Graham and Adelaide (Lydia) understand and comfort each other. What will happen when he discovers her secret? His reaction may surprise you. The Broken Duke is a great story with a lot going on. We have a heartwarming love story, family drama, broken friendships that need mending, a couple of nasty villains, and a murder mystery (the solution is ingenious). Strong characters and a multifaceted plot make this a solid addition to a great series. I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. I voluntarily reviewed it and the comments are my own.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'The Broken Duke' by Jess Michaels is book Three in "The 1797 Club" series. This is the story of Adelaide Longford and Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield. I have read the other books in this series but feel this can easily be a standalone book. Adelaide is a Wallflower daughter of the former Earl of Longford and with does have a reputation to protect but with the Wallflower status makes it that not one really notices her. So Adelaide is allowed to pretend to be Lydia Ford and actress. Graham was once engaged for 7 years to Margaret, in book two "Her Favorite Duke" Margaret and his best friend the Duke of Crestwood were caught in a compromising position and had to marry. It seems that Graham is taken the mistrust of his 13 year friends ship with Crestwood very hard. When his other friends talk him into going to a theater to see a new actress that everyone is talking about he meets 'Lydia' who he is quickly drawn too. But she turns his attentions down after a hot and sensual kiss. But Graham thinks it might have woken him back up to enter into Society again. But at a ball he freezes of some when the Duke and Duchess of Crestwood come into the ball room. Graham knows he needs to dance or do something to change how he feels and goes to the Wallflower Section of the Ball Room and asked Adelaide to dance. Adelaide does agree and hopes he doesn't notice her but they talk and it sparks Graham to be attracted to her too. How long can Graham go without catching on? Can he withstand another mistrust by someone he has grown to care about? Loved their story! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Love this series! Graham is trying to get over the pain of being betrayed by one of his best friends and his fiancé. Adelaide is a wallflower but so much more. The story is fast-paced and the chemistry is steamy. I was hooked from beginning to end!
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
4.5* Wallflower meets broken Duke, secret identity and the conflict of attraction to two very different women. Fun with a off the charts chemistry, a touch of suspense and twists and turns I didn't see coming. Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield has been lost and wondering London for months since the scandal of losing his fiancee to his best friend. Coerced by his friends to get out and about he goes to the theater to see the actress that's the talk of London. For the first time in months possible years Graham has a spark of interest, and must meet the beautiful actress, Lydia Ford. Adelaide "Lydia Ford" Longford, unnoticed wallflower and always kept under her guardians thumb sees a chance at freedom if only limited. Sneaking out to the theater will change everything not only bringing life to her boring existence but possibly a future she never thought she'd have. Graham and Lydia have and instant attraction and start an affair. Then there's the wallflower Adelaide who sees Graham as no one else has in a long time. Graham doesn't understand his feelings or his guilt when he's with Lydia and feels he's betraying Adelaide. Adelaide knows she must tell Graham the truth but fears she will lose him when the she does. Graham would never want plain Adelaide. When the truth comes out Graham may not get the chance to decide when danger strikes and Adelaide may be lost forever. This is such a great series and I highly recommend you read them in order to enjoy it fully.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
The appeal of a Jess Michaels novel lies in the presentation. Beneath the scandalous lust, the intriguing adventures and the danger that follows in the wake of the main characters, lies a beautifully written work of art. The Broken Duke thrives on staying one step ahead of the readers. Adelaide is a temptress in hiding. A woman caught between two worlds, longing to be noticed and willing to risk all for that chance of notoriety. Her quest brings her to the attention of the one man who could topple her entire masquerade. The heartbreak she never saw coming and the danger she never thought possible, lies in the hands of the greatest love of all. (4.5 stars)