The Brian Setzer Collection '81-'88

The Brian Setzer Collection '81-'88

by Brian SetzerBrian Setzer


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Jumpin', jivin', wailin' hipsters on the '90s swing shift whose only memories of the pre-orchestral Brian Setzer are the Stray Cats' "Rock This Town" and "Sexy and 17" may be surprised by the Setzer of this '80s retrospective. After the Cats blaze through their hits in true retro-rockabilly fashion, good-time ear candy gives way to the work of a sensitive, if fairly cliched, LA new-waver searching for a sweet spot between Marshall Crenshaw's roots impressionism and Bruce Springsteen's arena dynamics. When he succeeds, as on "The Knife Feels Like Justice," "Every Tear That Falls," and "Waiting for Desiree," he's as endearing as any like-minded star of his era -- and a sexily nuanced guitar stylist to boot. "Thing About You" is as hot and tender, if not as literate, as the early Blasters, and throwaway rockers like "Summertime Blues" are as freewheelin' and sun-dazed as they ougtha be. Sure, set him next to John Doe or Dave Alvin and he's a bit of an airhead, but, hey, bleached blonds have more fun. And this set is fun stuff, indeed.

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