The Brain Game: Experiencing Blood Clots At Age 22

The Brain Game: Experiencing Blood Clots At Age 22

by Marla JC Fund, Gina E Johnson


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The First novel in a series of written work to come, Gina Johnson and her grandmother Marla Fund both based in Boise, Idaho, explain how Gina lives with over 40 medical diagnoses, and 25 surgical procedures which has caused her to view life differently.

Come discover and get a look at how Gina’s mind works, learning how she has to stay positive despite many difficult obstacles, including that of having 3 blood clots in her brain at age 22.

Join her in her life adventures hearing first hand from both her and her family about how Gina’s personality inspires others around her. After reading her book, you’ll forever understand how appreciative your life is, and that, like Gina, being prepared and having a resilience lifestyle is one thing you can do to make your life easier.

Buy this book today and 22% of all sales of this book will go to multiple charities as a thank you for reading the novel.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997045505
Publisher: Marla Fund
Publication date: 02/29/2016
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

Table of Contents

Forward- By Gina Johnson Forward- By Marla Fund
Written By Family- A who's, Who of this book's contributors Things To Know Before Reading This Book
Prologue of Prologues

Chapter 1: D.N.A.
1.1 Prologue
1.2 D.N.A. - Defying Natures Authority
1.3 Being Born with Illnesses
1.4 Family Medical Burden
1.5 Faith in Life
1.6 Epilogue

Chapter 2: Asleep Under the Knife
2.1 Prologue
2.2 The Proper Procedure- What it's like going through multiple surgeries
2.3 Scarred Exterior- Remembering the procedures scars
2.4 What Matters Most- My mindset going through all the surgeries
2.5 Epilogue

Chapter 3: Fear the Flame
3.1 Prologue
3.2 The House Fire 3.2 9/11
3.3 PTSD
3.4 Epilogue

Chapter 4: Losing Control
4.1 Prologue
4.2 Mind over Matter- My mental state during childhood
4.3 Popping Capsules- The tale of trying different psych pills overloaded my system
4.4 Weighing the Consequences- How pills made me gain weight
4.5 Epilogue

Chapter 5: SAT- Students Attitude, and Teachers 5.0- Prologue
5.1 - Learning the Ropes- Missing school because of medical issues
5.2 - E for Effort, C for Crazy- Losing my mind while attending Middle/High School
5.3 - My Way or the Highway - Struggles of Teachers VS IEP Laws 5.4- Epilogue

Chapter 6: Overload 6.0- Prologue
6.1- G.E.D. - Getting Education Dropped- Dropping out of high school
6.2- Reality Check- Missing High School environment & job economy prospects 6.3- Fasten Your Seatbelts- Enrolling at iSucceed and graduating
6.4- Epilogue

Chapter 7: Mission Parameters 7.0- Prologue
7.1- Get in Line- The reality of job hunting after HS
7.2- To Agree or To This Degree? - Thinking about, Enrolling, and Attempting College 7.3- Make it or Break It- Being a College Student while sick
7.4- Epilogue

Chapter 8: Mind Games 8.0- Prologue
8.1- Knowing Who's In Charge- Idaho Youth Ranch YOUTHWORKS!
8.2 - The Faults In Our Stars- Trying to be a normal employee
8.3- Breaking the Back- Going through the 2nd back surgery- Stevens Johnson Syndrome + IgG transfusion
8.4- Epilogue

Chapter 9: Brain Buster 9.0- Prologue
9.1- Doctors Orders- Before the Golden Hour of being diagnosed with Blood Clots 9.2- Life's Game-The Hospital stay
9.3- Mind Your Head- The mental strain of being sane during/after diagnosis 9.4- Epilogue

Chapter 10: Point of View 10.0- Prologue
10.1- Cutting Through Glass- Reality after diagnosis
10.2- Independence Day- Needing help with everything after diagnosis 10.3- Raising the Rebel- Attitude towards life following diagnosis
10.4- Epilogue

Chapter 11: Captains Report 11.0- Prologue
11.1- Accepting the Countdown- Accepting there will be more medical problems 11.2- Living a Dream- No such thing as normal
11.3 Press Start to Play - Accepting the Brain game, while moving forward with iGameUSA
11.4- Epilogue

Bonus Mission: They're Still Here With Me 12.0- Prologue
12.1- Man's Girl's Best Friends- How my pets keep me going 12.2- R.I.P. - Realizing It's Possible- Ghosts Are VERY Real
12.3- Friends Not Forgotten- A special Thank You to all who befriended me and my family
12.4- Final Thoughts

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