The Boys' Life Book of Outdoor Skills

The Boys' Life Book of Outdoor Skills

by Boy Scouts of America


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A Followup to the Highly Successful Best of Boys' LifeBoys' Life, the magazine for Boy Scouts of America, was launched in 1911 and became one of the most popular youth magazines in America. Every month it features news, stories, jokes, and practical how-to instructions invaluable to all Scouts. Reproduced in facsimile form, The Boys' Life Book of Outdoor Skills brings together a selection of the very best pieces, including work by Theodore Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill ("A Message to Boy Scouts"), and . Contents include facsimiles of the best pages from 1911 to the present.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780762780143
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/06/2012
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

The Boy Scouts of America is the largest youth organization in the United States. Since its founding in 1910, more than 110 million boys from all parts of America have been members. The circulation of Boys’ Life was 6,000 in 1912, and the magazine now has over eight million readers every month, including Scouts and non-Scouts.

Table of Contents

UNEDITED TOC March 1911, Useful Hints for Boy Scouts (on tracking and campaigning, page 44.July 1911, Buffalo Bill's Message to Boy Scouts, pages 9–10.August 1911, Camping Without Tents, page 37.September 1911, Boy Scout Discoveries (making bivouacs, tempering knives)May 1912, Real Scoutcraft in the Woods, page 38December 1912, Smoke Signals, Sign Talk and Totems, page 24March 1913, Indian Sign Language for Boy Scouts, pages 15–16March 1913, Discoveries and Rediscoveries (suggestions from Boy Scouts, including paraffin your matches, getting fresh water), page 24March 1913, Road, Trail and Chalk Signs, page 25July 1913, Target Shooting With the Air Rifle, page 14November 1913, About Man Eating Lions by Theodore Roosevelt, page 10December 1913, How to Build A House, page 33December 1913, How to Make a Pushmobile part 1, page 34January 1914, How to Make a Pushmobile part 1, page 21June 1914, How to Make Wigwams and Shelters, page 18.June 1914, Scout Cabins and How to Make Them, pages 18–21August 1914, How to Make Rope Bridges/How to Make a Raft, page 22October 1914, How to Use an Axe, page 17February 1915, Primitive Methods of Making Fire, page 9June 1915, Dan Beard Tells You How to Make Fire with Flint and Steel, page 18.June 1916, Scouts Discoveries and Rediscoveries (including making a sling out of a rolled up bandage, extracting salt from salt water and keeping warm at night), page 23. September 1916, Fire, Fire1 – Little Stories About Quick Thinking and Quick Action, page 26.April 1917, How to Rig and Handle an Open Canoe, pages 18–18, 51November 1917, Trailing: The Why and How of It by Dan Beard, pages 16–17.January 1918, Home Made Snow Shoes, page 46.November 1918, On Nature's Trail, pages 24 and 55. November 1918, The Ethics of Trapping, pages 27 and 50.June 1919, Building a House Boat, pages 36, 38 and 49. March 1930, How to Make a Compact Tent, page 31November 1930, Nature's Canteen–The Barrel Cactus, page 65June 1931, Go Light, Go Quick (instructions on camping), pages 64 and 65. January 1934, Keeping Physically Fit, page 30July 1934, Friendly and Unfriendly Insects, pages 19 and 30May 1939, Hiking with Green Bar Bill (camp cookery), page 18.September 1928, How to Make a Boomerang, page 30.January 1940, On Webbed Feet (how to make snow shoes), page 26.March 1940, Hiking with Green Bar Bill, page 20.June 1940, Go Camping, page 19,June 1940, Hiking with Green Bar Bill, page 21. November 1940, Back Yard Air Rifle Shooting, page 53.November 1940, Don't Cross Your Bridges Before You Build Them, pages 14–15November 1940, Hiking with Green Bar Bill (building rafts), page 26.January 1950, Snow Feat (snowshoes), page 23.February 1950, Skeet Shooter, pages 3, 64 and 65February 1950, Mosquito Bars/Camp Beds, page 47March 1950, The Litepac Cook Kit, page 55.March 1950, Patrol Food Chest, page 46.March 1950, Charcoal Grill and Broiler/Camp Stoves, page 47.April 1950, Make a 3 Piece Fly Rod, pages 18–19April 1950, Canoeing the Flatland, pages 10, 51 and 52May 1950, Woodsman's Wrinkles (handy hints for surviving in the wild), pages 16-17June 1950, How to Make an Indian Tepee, page 47.June 1950, Lashings, page 54.September 1950, A Hickory Tent, pages 16–17September 1950, Death Valley Adventure, pages 20, 53 and 54September 1950, How to Make a Sheath for an Axe, page 46November 1950, Green Bar Bill Says: Be Prepared for Emergencies, page 28.December 1950, Keep Warm in Winter Camp, pages 18-19January 1951, Orange Crate Canoe, page 16-17March 1951, Camping Kinks, page 48May 1951, Fly Tying, pages 20–21May 1951, Splittin' Wood and Logs, page 44June 1951, Family First Aid, pages 22–23June 1951, A Fish Line Dryer/A Rocket Wind Vane, page 48.August 1951, Camping in the Rain, pages 14–15August 1951, Survival Overnighter, page 20November 1951, Hiking Hows, pages 14–15November 1951, How to Make Your Own Ski Poles, page 37.December 1951, Be Prepared for Anything: Equipment, pages 14–15December 1951, Portable Camp Stove, page 35February 1959, Making Your Own Fishing Lures, page 42.March 1959, Knots, pages 20–21March 1959, Axemanship, page 44March 1959, A True Story of Boy Scouts in Action (saving child from freezing water), page 49.April 1959, Fire Making, pages 20–21April 1959, A True Story of Scouts in Action (saving a girl who had been bitten by a snake), page 45.May 1959, Billy and Wes Learn About Upland Shooting, page 39.May 1959, First Class Adventures, page 43May 1959, The Pack on Your Back, page 44.June 1959, Horse Care on the Trail, pages 20 and 27.June 1959, Have Fun Canoeing, pages 38-39June 1959, Billy and Wes Trail the Whitetail Buck, page 41July 1959, Learning to Swim, page 33July 1959, A True Story of Scouts in Action (saving child from drowning), page 41.July 1959, Panning for Gold, page 43.July 1959, Beach Camping, 51.July 1959, Food Caches/Five Keys to a Camp Site, page 53. August 1959, Making a Coracle, page 36.September 1959, Riders of the Cascades, pages 16–17November 1959, Bill: Make them Eat Bear Meat, page 28.December 1959, Keeping Warm on a Snow Hike, page 59.November 1959, First Class Adventures (going on snowy hike and rescuing tapped persons), page 41.November 1959, Mouth-to-Mouth Artificial Respiration, page 43.February 1954, Tracking, pages 12–13May 1954, The Truth About Snakes, 50–51December 1954, Snow Savvy, pages 24-25December 1954, A True Story of Scouts in Action (person being set on fire), page 49.December 1954, Personal First Aid, page 50.February 1957, Indian Shields, Tom-Toms and Drumsticks, page 43.May 1957, Let's Take a Hike, page 48.August 1957, Rescue Rules, page 27.October 1957, Hunting Safety Rules, page 60.April 1955, Hunting Fish, page 51.July 1955, Swimming Stunts, page 27July 1955, How to Make It: A Life Buoy, page 35.July 1955, Laundry in the Woods/Ready for Canoeing, page 52.September 1955, Knots, pages 18–19November 1955, Stunt Cooking, pages 16–17. January 1958, Winter Camping, pages 16–17.January 1958, Let's Talk about Deer (hunting) 20, 39.January 1960, Operation Snowbound, pages 14, 58–60January 1960, Hike Up Mt. Fuji, pages 21, 60–61.April 1960, Scrubland Survival, pages 21, 73, 75–77April 1960, How to Straighten a Bike Wheel, page 60April 1960, Woodland Water Drum/Bugs for Bait, page 63.May 1960, Quake Hunting in Glacier Bay, pages 16, 32–33.June 1960, Exploring the Desert in Summer, page 32. June 1960, Lightning Do's and Don'ts, page 41.June 1960, Keep Healthy at Camp, page 44.July 1960, Salt Water Fishing, pages 19, 57 and 64.July 1960, Canoeing in the Surf, pages 26–29August 1960, Wildlife at Night, page 35.September 1960, Cooking with Game, page 10September 1960, Camouflage, page 46.September 1960, Gun Games for Fun and Practice, page 52.September 1960, Scouts in Action (saving someone from being hit by car), page 53.September 1960, Home Rifle Range, page 75September 1960, Model Adirondack Shelter/ A Tool Shed, page 76.October 1960, Making a Motor Scooter, pages 22–23. November 1960, You Can Become a Trapper, pages 25, 30 and 32November 1960, Scouts in Action (car accident) page 49.December 190, How to Enjoy Winter Camping, pages 56–57May 1961, Scouts in Action (child drowning)/How to Catch a Fish, page 47August 1961, Indian Camping, pages 38–39February 1961, Scouting in Alaska, pages 20–21January 1962, Ski Rocket, page 51April 1962, Fire by Friction, page 70September 1962, Adirondack Lean-To, pages 72-73September 1962, Track 'Em With Talc, page 75November 1962, Fit for Tomorrow, pages 34–35.March 1963, How to Pitch a Tent, pages 58-59March 1963, Personal First Aid, page 42April 1963, Deep Sea Scouts, pages 19–21.April 1963, Rope – One of Man's Most Important Discoveries, page 41.August 1963, Rescue Breathing, pages 38-40August 1963, Odd Bugs, page 34November 1963, Scouts in Action (first aid after accidental shooting), page 74November 1963, If You Can Get Close Enough to Touch Them... Don't (disease-carrying animals), page 80.May 1964, Outpost to Adventure, pages 14–17May 1964, Spring on the Prairie, pages 31-34July 1964, Scouts in Action (drowning) page 60.January 1964, Surfside 10 (making a paddle-wheeler, pages 38-39January 1964, Let's Ski, page 26. January 1964, Scouts in Action (ice rescue), page 34.December 1964, Rescue Breathing (building your own dummy) page 38.January 1965, Scouts in Action (child on fire), page 30.January 1965, Emergency Communicators, page 37.August 1965, Sharp Swimming, page 55.November 1965, Adventures in Yellowstone, pages 46-50.November 1965, Home Muscle Builder, page 66.November 1965, Scouts in Action (helping people during flooding), page 68November 1965, Teach a Talking Bird, page 14.November 1965, Barrel Along on a Skate Scooter, page 78.February 1966, Scouting in Hawaii, pages 24–27.April 1966, Panfish, pages 28–29, 44–45October 1966, Take Your Patrol Orienteering, page 46.October 1966, First Aid for Fractures, page 59.April 1966, Exploring a Mountain Wilderness, pages 22–25October 1966, Hike Right, page 55January 1967, The Great Smokies, pages 40–43April 1967, Keeping Camping Gear Ready for action, pages 40–1November 1967, Campcraft, page 62.March 1968, Scouts in Again (someone in fire), page 50.March 1968, Make Your Own Survival Kit, page 59.September 1968, Your Own Horse, pages 28–29September 1968, Rattlers on the Appalachian Trail, pages 34–35, 61September 1968, Out of the City and into the Woods, pages 40–44 and 48September 1968, Scoutcraft: First Campout, page 51January 1969, Campcraft Quickies, page 71.July 1969, First Aid for Snakebites, page 46October 1969, Ridin' High and Low (rodeos), pages 26–27, 66.November 1969, Quickie Fires, page 44.November 1969, Scouts in Action (saving girl from dog), page 62.April 1970, An Introduction to the World of Fresh-Water Fish, pages 26–27, 67–69.April 1970, Fishing-Gear Repairs, page 51.December 1970, Winter Camping in Oregon, pages 34–35.December 1970, Trail Tips, page 25December 1970, Wildlife Management, page 60January 1971, The University of Outdoors, pages 8–11.January 1971, How to Build a Klondike Derby Sled, pages 52–53.May 1971, Fun with Rope, page 56–57.September 1971, Lost in the Wilderness, pages 43–44.September 1971, Scouts in Action (trapped when rock climbing), page 59.April 1972, Make Mine Chorizo (campout cooking), pages 6–9.April 1972, Scouts in Action (person on fire), page 54April 1972, Danger Signs in Clean Water, pages 66–67. July 1972, Mountaineer Pack Frame, pages 34–35. July 1972, Be a TRUE Boatman, pages 40–41January 1973, Cross-Country Skiing, pages 40–43August 1973, Scouts in Action (saving someone who fell down a cliff), page 46.December 1973, Ice Safety, page 53.February 1974, Dismal Swamp, pages 36–37, 70September 1974, Scouting for Fun and Adventure, pages 26–29.November 1974, How Pollution Can Work for Us, page 15.February 1975, Scouting the Marsh, pages 20–21.February 1975, Philamont Ranger, pages 22–23February 1975, Scoutcraft: Orienteering, page 43February 1975, Scouts in Action (explosion in playground), page 46.February 1975, Camp Gear You Can Make, pages 58–59September 1975, Pedro Patrol on a Backpacking Campout, page 44.September 1975, Catapult Catch, page 52.September 1975, Flag Signaling, page 54.February 1976, Here's High Adventure, pages 32–37February 1976, Secret Signs of the Hobo, page 56.February 1976, Scout Knife Know How, page 71.February 1976, Scouts in Action (forest fire) page 52.April 1977, Sharpen Your Camping Skills, pages 42–43April 1977, You the Cook, pages 44–45August 1977, How to Make Jerky, page 54.August 1977, A Camp Hot Water Heater, page 55.August 1977, When Will the Sun Set, page 63.August 1978, Moulding Animal Tracks, pages 40–41August 1978, Wild Fruit: Yours for the Picking, pages 18–19August 1978, Build a Solar Oven, page 52December 1978, The Splice of Life, page 57December 1978, Emergency Escapes, pages 46–47December 1978, Nature's Own Blackout (how to safely view an eclipse by putting your head in a box), page 60.May 1975, Trekking the Scapegoat Wilderness, pages 6 and 9May 1975, Hiking the Anza Borrego, pages 26–29May 1979, Search for a Wilderness Lake, pages 34–37May 1979, Equipment for a Lifetime, pages 74–76May 1979, Be a Weather-wise Hiker, page 18May 1979, Let the Sun Tell the Time, page 23May 1979, Man's Sharpest Invention, pages 24–25May 1979, Scouts in Action (buried by an avalanche), page 48January 1980, Ice Fishing, pages 24–25January 1980, Scouts in Action (falling from a cliff), page 43.May 1980, Lost at Night, page 22May 1980, The World's Most Dangerous Snakes, pages 38–39May 1980, Snakebite, page 42.December 1980, The Pedro Patrol Holds a Knot Tying Contest, page 50February 1981, The Quest Beyond Eagle, pages 30–33May 1981, Night Walk Big Cyprus Swamp, pages 14–15.May 1981, How to See Wildlife, page 26May 1981, Scouts in Action (Grizzly bear attack) page 50.May 1981, How to Fillet a Fish, pages 54–55.August 1981, The Pedro Patrol Cooks on a Stick, page 42. August 1981, Night Fishing, page 16.April 1988, Hiking with Green Bar Bill, page 48.April 1988, Wild Food Cookout, pages 46–47May 1985, Hiking Hells Canyon, pages 14–17.November 1985, Outdoors – Your Friend the Pocket Knife, page 17.January 1982, The Pedro Patrol Looks at the Winter Sky, page 45.October 1982, Green Bar Bill Says: Have a Tussle, page 57October 1982, Scouts in Action (struck by lightning), page 58March 1989, Ski Patrol Scout, pages 37–39August 1989, Attack of the Killer Catfish, pages 18–21August 1989, The Pedro Patrol Hits the Rowboats, page 55January 1986, Black Bear's World, pages 22–25January 1986, Green Bar Bill Says: Be Prepared for Trouble, page 39January 1986, The Pedro Patrol Practices Winter Survival, page 46April 1986, The Pioneer Way, pages 30–32April 1986, Backpacker Foods, pages 43–43April 1996, Scouts in Action (swimming an icy inlet to rescue someone), page 48.February 1987, The Pedro Patrol Cooks with Aluminum Foil, page 42.February 1987, Scouts in Action, pages 44.July 1987, From Bissett to the Bay, pages 30–33July 1987, How Trails are Made, page 55July 1987, The Pedro Patrol Aims for Firearm Safety, page 43.March 1983, The Rudiments of Rescue, pages 42–43August 1983, Skin Diving Scouts, pages 22–25, 60August 1983, Action Archery, pages 38–39December 1983, Fun in the Snow, pages 46–49.December 1983, Scouts in Action (accident with a chainsaw), page 54. December 1983, How to Make a Make Meter, pages 56–57December 1983, Cub Theme: Survival, pages 62–63. June 1984, Getting Started in Bas Fishing, pages 31–34, 36–39.October 1984, Masters of the Water Water, pages 24–27.October 1984, Green Bar Bills Says: Know Your Directions, page 43October 1984, Scouts in Action (stranded on a ledge), page 45.August 1990, Surf the Wind, pages 18–21September 1990, Pioneers at Work, pages 48–49December 1990, Sled Dogs on the Run, pages 22-25. December 1990, Winter Survival Tips, page 75February 1992, Upskiing, pages 20–23May 1992, A Grand Climb, pages 22–25May 1992, Around the Bloomin' Mountain, pages 34–37.September 1992, Jim Clyman: The Great Survivor, pages 22–25March 1998, The Spin Doctor (BMX stunts), pages 12–17March 1998, Scouts in Action (buried in a snowbank) page 38October 1998, Scouts in Action (electric shock from handrail) page 46June 1995, Lucky Lures, pages 40-41May 1996, Light Your Way (choosing the perfect flashlight), pages 34–36October 1999, Come and Get It, pages 16–19October 1999, For the Birds (falconry), pages 26–29January 2000, Home Snow Home, pages 14–17April 2000, Camp FAQs, pages 29–31September 2000, Mountain Madness, pages 32, 34–35September 2000, Scouts in Action (trapped on a ledge), page 62February 2001, The Layered Look (keeping warm in winter), pages 34–35May 2001, Steady Steps, pages 44–45November 2001, Frostbite, pages 16 and 18.November 2001, Frozen Assets, pages 24–29June 2001, Heat Exhaustion, pages 22–23August 2001, Altitude Sickness, pages 32–33September 2001, Hypothermia, pages 16 and 18.November 2002, Into Death Valley, pages 24–27November 2003, Snow Business (choosing right snowboard), pages 30–31August 2008, Knots to Know, pages 30–31June 2009, Here Comes the Sun!, pages 26–29.February 2010, Cool as Ice, pages 40–41February 2010, Scouts in Action (electric shock, drowning and icy water), pages 50 and 52.May 2010, Ask the Gear Guy, page 15.August 2010, From the Skyline to the Sea, pages 16–21.November 2010, More Scouts in Action (saved someone from falling tree branch, drowning), page 52.January 2011, Tools, pages 32–35.February 2011, Ice Fishing Tips, pages 46–47June 2011, More Scouts in Action, page 36

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