The Book of Outcomes

The Book of Outcomes

by Stephen Ridley


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Where God confronts darkness:

The Book of Outcomes is a blueprint for the survival of humanity and the battle between Light and dark.

It contains key messages of The Golden Rule - treating others as you would wish to be treated.

The Book of Outcomes integrates Eastern and Western philosophies and addresses all the required components, including leadership, socio-economics, the environment, technology and climate change.

This is where God, The One, casts Light over darkness and helps every human being to become fulfilled in life and afterlife, helping every culture, belief, and human science, to learn and grow.

The Book of Outcomes enables every faith system, community and science of the common good to unite and sustain, through shared values, as One.

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ISBN-13: 9781982200893
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Pages: 626
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.39(d)

About the Author

Stephen Ridley is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and founder of The One Project on shared global values. He is a transformation expert, a Chartered Certified Accountant and has an MBA in technology management.

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Introduction: survival and growth

SOME CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN in the hope of finding what they are looking for at the summit, only to discover that that it goes down the other side again. They believe that life is about what they want.

Others climb the mountain to get a better view, a vantage point from which they can better see, knowing that this is what they need to be able to share the vision. This vision enables them to gain the knowledge to climb the next mountain together.

The Book of Outcomes is the third Book of The One Project, which enables a sustainable reconnection, learning, survival and growth with one-another, and then, consequently, The One.

The One Project, which is 'The Project of The One', contains key messages, including psychological, philosophical, economic and spiritual truths, plus the practical systems and frameworks for uniting them, and then combining them morally and collectively for the common good.

Each of the three Books explains different levels of understanding, the reasoning and the results, and consequently the outcomes that can result from 'free will', if one chooses to morally collaborate and co-create, thereby manifesting a connected, holistic and sustainably moral path for Human Beings to journey together and to become sustainable together on Earth. Without this collaboration and morality, the survival of the Human species is unsustainable.

The three Books, including The Book of Life and The Book of Intention, were channelled and written for the benefit of every Human Being. They help to sustain life, both on Earth and in the life to come. The One Project therefore shares these key temporal messages and the connected vision that have been both experienced and channelled from the Divine Essence to enable this sustainability, along with the consideration of the many collaborative and collectively moral choices that need to be made by each Human Being.

Human choices will result in either a sustainable or unsustainable future for Humanity, and for each and every person and their soul and spirit.

Since the ills of a society can only be changed by a critical mass of collective free will, moral sustainability can only be attained by a conscious and unified purpose for the common good. A belief in the common good is not an object, or something simply to be observed; it is an objective ideal, something to be morally sought, acted upon and sustained: a sacred message and answer that had already been given within The Golden Rule: Love another as one-self.

Consequently, the conscious reconnection across societies for the common good cannot be sustainable without good values that are both accepted and commonly shared. Conversely, immorality is a separation (the meaning of sin) from one-another and the shared environment that sustains life itself. Immorality can never be sustainable, and can never sustain anything, because a focus on the self without the value of collaboration cannot produce lasting benefits; it is a contradiction. As shall be seen, immorality can never be both constructive and benevolent, either to one-self or for one-another.

Benefits befit the good; benevolence is good of one's own volition. It is therefore a choice.

The promised space of time for moving this awareness of choice forwards, the conscious mindfulness of Humanity with the unity of purpose for the common good, has therefore come; it is called the Transformation of Human Consciousness. This is therefore the coming of the promised space of time for collaborative and moral change, and of harmony, balance and peace, to create a new beginning to be called The Golden Age. The vision of The Book of Outcomes, and the three Books of The One Project as a whole, is to consequently reconnect, co-create and collaboratively live in a world with lasting moral and beneficial value, which is then also socially, economically and ecologically viable and sustainable for all Human Beings.

The collaborative and moral values and messages given within The One Project can also be developed and applied by giving, learning, sharing and teaching based on experience. It is a collaborative and collective process of connecting the personal and individual experiences, perceptions, perspectives and the given and jointly shared knowledge that has been accumulated between different cultures and diverse people across the world and throughout history, from both East and West.

By using this moral know-how and the gift of conscious and free will choices for the common good, this benefits each and every Human Being and therefore one-another. This moral and holistic philosophy, this innate wisdom and passion that is held within the soul and compassion of spirit of every Human Being, also unites the faith and belief systems of the common good.

Such a world is not difficult to

imagine. Imagine a world that is:

* based on giving and sharing; all Human Beings equal, free and empowered;

* a place where one would intend for another none other than would be intended for one-self;

* taking pride in the way people are learning and growing, that they can think, intend and act collaboratively, constructively and benevolently for the common good;

* living and Being so that the children are empowered to create fulfilment for everyone and for the others yet to come;

* this fulfilment with one-another, for one-another;

* a Garden, Earth's Eden, for reconnection with Nature and God, The One, as Intended.

The key messages within The One Project enable a return to this Garden that is called Earth and a new beginning for all those who choose to do good for and with one-other. The Book of Outcomes also gives and shares a grounded and holistic blueprint that is needed to create a moral and global socio-economic system, and a sustainable model for a stable political economy for leadership and their followers to pursue. However, this sustainable direction is also a given free will choice, since the Earth, the sustaining environment, will survive with or without Human Beings. Despite the individual and collectively moral choices that need to be made, the intention of The One Project is for the ongoing survival and growth of Humanity and for learning and growth of the soul of each Human Being.

The messages of The One Project do not replace the previous messages that were given within the many Books of the People - including The Vedas, The Buddhavacana, The Torah, The Tao Te Ching, The Gospel, The Qur'an and The Guru Granth Sahib - instead they reconcile and unite them, as one, in order to correct the Human choice, misunderstanding, contradiction and previous separation in order to continuously create and manifest the desired, the required, sustainability. Continued separation (sin), for whatever reason, is not sustainable for any Human Being or soul, regardless of the path or faith system that has been intended from birth or has been chosen as a part of an individual's given free will choice. Each path, if genuinely chosen within the universal path of service, is therefore a sacred journey.

The Universal Intention towards learning, survival and growth creates this much-needed space of time that is also required for every Human Being, and therefore every soul, to make the personal choice of either Light or dark, enabling both the survival of the Human species and the sustainability of the individual's soul. Through Universal Intention, the Way of The Universe, this path can be both concealed and revealed at different times throughout life depending upon one's own attitude, belief system and choices.

The path is always concealed through selfishness, until the soul has learned and grown through this primary lesson. When the chosen path then becomes consciously selfless for others, without attachment to the material, it is revealed to all of those who are a seeker of this Truth. It is the effectively same as either the evolution of the Human soul or of pressing the restart button.

The Golden Rule and its' effects on all Human Beings and the planet is consequently revealed through conscious mindfulness and free will choice and concealed through mindlessness. It is a purely personal choice. One may therefore help another but not choose for another, as this is a selfish form of control which is then also a separation from The One.

One may choose to influence another but, at the same time, one can be mindless of another's subsequent choice and therefore of judgement. It is only in a state of personal non-attachment, an acceptance of another's choice without judgement, that the choice is simply lived and becomes a Way of Being, and then becomes fulfilling and joyful.

This is the reason why the Way is both a personal and collective acceptance of responsibility, as one, and in Being as One. The consequent karma process that results for each soul is explained later in this Book, as this is a result of both the personal and collective Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction (which can also be found and explained within the Universal laws of temporal physics).

Authentic influence, in the flow, which in spiritual terms means in the flow of the Way, is consequently based on a collaborative and moral intention but never on selfish control, both with one's own thoughts and mind and through the collective intentions and actions with others, including the integrity of any such actions. As will be seen later, any inauthentic thought, intention or action cannot be sustained nor sustain anything.

The authentic Way has also been revealed and influenced by the avatars, the many messengers of the Universal Intention; there are and have been many servants of The One, whether revealed or not, who serve, influence and help towards this common good goal within this temporary or temporal world.

There are only three given values that need to be understood, shared and used by Human Beings to become connected and mindfully aware of The Golden Rule: these are Collaboration, Constructiveness and Benevolence. These three shared and sacred values, in divine essence, show Humanity how to humbly apply (or ground) this timeless, sacred and key message, the covenant found within all the moral cultures and belief and faith systems throughout the world and Human history; they are contained within these few simple words: Love another as one-self. The message of The Golden Rule may be further simplified and remembered through these three words: Love as One.

This is the same message and the sacred and divine Truth given in various forms throughout history, which have been incorporated within The Torah, and given in their respective times by both Yeeschwah and Mohammed. The former sacrificed his life for this; the latter sacrificed his life to this; they had each continuously moved the mountain to direct Humanity away from immorality, polytheism and false gods, but too few had seen this Intention of The Universe, of God, of The One, because of separation and selfish wants, and the paradox not to be as One.

This mindlessness had then brought Humanity and a living planet to the edge of destruction. It is now the space of time to correct this, 'One Way' or the other. The messages of connection and sustainability within the given three Books of The One Project consequently give the choice for each Human Being to be able to think, intend and act as one, both as individual Beings and together, as One. The allotted space of time is near, as it always starts in the here and now.

The signs had been made obvious: Human Beings had become in danger of destroying themselves, and the conflicts north of Temple Mount had started. Only the Truth is sustainable, and only true and enlightened souls and compassionate spirits in the value and virtue of The One can be sustainable at the End of Days, which is The Last Judgement. The planet called Earth will not be sacrificed.

This is the reason why the shared values were created and given to Humanity by the Divine Essence. These are the holistic and shared personal and collective values of an objective ideal, which can help to overcome the many personal, competitive and separated issues resulting from having many and diverse personal opinions. Each opinion is always transient and can only be based upon assumptions; consequently, opinions are always based on gaps in knowledge. Conversely the uniting message of the divine knowledge of connected Love is eternal, since Love is always for giving. This can be taught.

Life is a quest for Love, and Love conquers all. Since all values describe that which is valuable, those values that can be personally valued, morally applied and shared with integrity can also become sustainable for the common good. The given shared and moral values of The Golden Rule reconnect and sustain both individuals and society, as it did throughout history, because such Love sustains all, always.

Collaboration, sometimes also known simply within organisations as teamwork, is the true and Universal connecting component of value, with Constructiveness and Benevolence, as two more pillars of value, describing and defining Universal morality. These three values also overarch five personal virtues to sustain them; these are given as Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Compassion and Excellence.

Excellence can be a paradox. Excellence includes giving to and loving your perceived enemies, including yourself!

The given shared values and virtues can and will, if freely chosen, create and form a moral, fulfilling and sustainable virtuous circle, including reconciling, reconnecting and reuniting the many People of the Book, those of the common good, to think, intend and act for the common good. Who are these people? Those of the common good and therefore of The One, are the true believers and servants in sacred and eternal Love: they are of true intention of The Vedas, The Tao Te Ching, The Buddhavacana, The Torah, The Gospel, The Qur'an and The Guru Granth Sahib, plus all true and moral Humanitarians, those who dream and desire in this temporal life, this physical world, to be humane towards all Human Beings and to all living things.

So, do you believe in God? This does not matter as much as you might think, since this is free will. Does God believe in you? Now this does matter more than you might think. So, do you believe in a separated god? Each soul's connection and relationship with God, The One, their spirituality, is unique, sacred and personal. As will be explained later, the esoteric and exoteric views of the world are simply Human-created distinctions to make sense of this reality. Surely, the important thing is that God, whether consciously felt or not, can believe in you, lives within and through you, and that this goodness flows through you!

Some might argue that a 'belief ' in God is essential, but how would that 'belief ' benefit a single soul if that soul is judgmental of another and therefore separated from another soul? It is the innate faith that is essential, and beliefs are simply a component of faith. 'Faith' in God, The One, or in the common good, without passion, compassion and a personal sacrifice of self-centred wants and ideas is therefore meaningless.

If Love was given from and by Creation, then surely there can be no better gift than to return it to Creation?

Consequently, faith consists of this belief, passion, compassion and the sacrifice of selfish wants, which are born of Love, as it is a self-creating virtuous circle. This is always the meaning of true faith, so it is better to lead and teach Love by example than to attempt to teach disconnection through a transient opinion, an attachment or an individually separated personal 'belief '. True faith is an acceptance and development of the knowledge of The One, which is always found within Love, and True Love is eternal and without separation. It is innate, but it is also a choice.


Excerpted from "The Book of Outcomes"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Stephen Ridley.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: survival and growth, 1,
2. Leadership, 19,
3. The Joining of East and West, 101,
4. Economics, 129,
5. Environment, 189,
6. Technology, 225,
7. Politics and Justice, 287,
8. Transformation, 329,
9. Outcomes, 439,
10. Sustainability, 483,
11. The One, 517,
12. A New Beginning, 575,

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