The Blacksmith Queen

The Blacksmith Queen

by G. A. Aiken


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When a prophesy brings war to the Land of the Black Hills, Keeley Smythe must join forces with a clan of mountain warriors who are really centaurs in a thrilling new fantasy romance series from New York Times bestselling author G.A. Aiken.  

The Old King Is Dead
With the demise of the Old King, there’s a prophesy that a queen will ascend to the throne of the Black Hills. Bad news for the king’s sons, who are prepared to defend their birthright against all comers. But for blacksmith Keeley Smythe, war is great for business. Until it looks like the chosen queen will be Beatrix, her younger sister. Now it’s all Keeley can do to protect her family from the enraged royals.
Luckily, Keeley doesn’t have to fight alone. Because thundering to her aid comes a clan of kilt-wearing mountain warriors called the Amichai. Not the most socially adept group, but soldiers have never bothered Keeley, and rough, gruff Caid, actually seems to respect her. A good thing because the fierce warrior will be by her side for a much longer ride than any prophesy ever envisioned …
Praise for The Dragon Who Loved Me
“A chest thumping, mead-hall rocking, enemy slaying brawl of a good book.”
—All Things Urban Fantasy
“Aiken aces another one.”
RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

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ISBN-13: 9781496721204
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 08/27/2019
Series: The Scarred Earth Saga Series , #1
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 46,778
Product dimensions: 5.48(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

G.A. Aiken is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Dragon Kin Series and the Scarred Earth Saga. When she’s not writing about sexy dragons and feminist blacksmiths, she’s writing about hot wolf, lion, tiger, and other fang-filled predators as Shelly Laurenston, the acclaimed and bestselling author of the Pride series, the Call of Crows, and the Honey Badger Chronicles. Originally from Long Island, she now lives on the West Coast and spends most of her time writing and making sure her rescued Pitbull doesn’t love everyone into a coma. Please visit her online at

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The Blacksmith Queen 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 72 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Another wonderful, funny amazing story by G. A. Aiken. She has tied this world to the dragon world of her previous books and it looks like it will be just as good if not better.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I received my copy of The Blacksmith Queen this weekend and was not disappointed. This book pulls you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last page. I am already on pins and needles waiting on the next release in the series.#TheBlacksmithQueen
Anonymous 4 months ago
I am obsessed with this author. She makes me laugh and I get so invested and can't wait to know what is going to happen next. Definitely recommend this book and all her others.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I love how apart of the story I feel. I can immerse into a world of fantasy every time I read one of her books!!!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Another awesome story from G.A Aiken ,can not wait for book 2
Anonymous 4 months ago
Never a disappointment! I can't wait to read more!
Anonymous 5 days ago
I love her series. Can not wait to read the next.
FaeScot 7 days ago
This series is different than Aiken's dragons. It's bloody, violent and primal. It has its moments of funny and sarcastic but not what I was expecting. It's a very urban fantasy type of story. Yes there's a romantic moment and you can see it building throughout the book but it could have ended up a platonic friendship with the lack of sizzle in the story. It is full of action, battles and unexpected turns of the story. I never knew what would happen next. Overall the story was not what I was expecting but a good story and I'll need to read the following installments to see how Keeley finally secures her crown. Keeley Smyth is a blacksmith from a family of blacksmiths who is all about family and being kind to everyone especially animals. We quickly meet a young man, Simon hanging in a tree, who needs rescuing which she can't walk away from. Her sister Beatrix, the nerdy oddball of the family, has been named as the next queen of the land by the Witches of Amhuinn. Keeley and a contingent of protector centaurs accompany Beatrix to see her confirmed. Within this contingent is Caid who becomes Keeley's love interest. When meeting the witches Keeley is also named queen as well and Beatrix. Beatrix does the unforgivable thing of trying to kill her sister to be the only queen. After that Beatrix calmly leaves to meet up with Marius, the elder brother battling for his late father's throne. She's been corresponding with Marius' mother Maila for quite a while planning the coup over the other surviving 4 brothers. This is the set up for the series. We meet more centaurs, her sister Gemma a War Monk, her insane Uncle Archibald, Stratton The Devourer-one of the royal brothers, devil wolves with fire eyes, dwarfs, wood elves, barbarians and even a dark plains dragon from her Dragon Kin series. It's a constantly moving brutal adventure. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Sailon 20 days ago
I love books by G.A. Aiken and/aka Shelly Laurenston, so I find myself with an ARC copy of The Blacksmith Queen, G.A. Aiken’s new series and I had to jump right into it. What an amazing rollercoaster of angsty family and friend bi-play, strong emotional ties, and some outstanding world building with slight character crossovers from Dragon Kin and the icing on the cake is Keeley’s relationship with the animal and mythical animal kingdom. Keeley is a big woman who runs a forge. She comes from strong family of farmers and blacksmiths with 12 siblings. When a prophecy is foretold naming both her and her sister future queens, a huge target is placed on their heads by the Old King’s potential heirs. An unexpected betrayal leaves the family reeling and fighting for their lives. Now its up to Keeley to make alliances, form an army and save the world. Since this is the first book, I’m sure there is so much more to come. The ending was a little abrupt, leaving us wanting more. AND, I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE…well I have to but I really don’t want to… I’m sure you know what I mean. You are left with the what ifs? And possibilities spinning around in your imagination. Once again, G.A. Aiken imagination and the ability to pen it in such a way that you feel a part of the world she created blew me away. I received this ARC copy of The Blacksmith Queen from Kensington Books. This is my honest and voluntary review.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Another outstanding book and can't wait for the next installment ! Laughed and cried through the whole book .
Anonymous 27 days ago
I really enjoyed the Dragon Kin series, and though small I loved the references to them. This was a great beginning and I look forward to seeing how the story continues to unfold. The author delivers again on filling her story with strong women, action, and humor.
BuckeyeAngel 28 days ago
With the demise of the Old King, there’s a prophesy that a queen will ascend to the throne of the Black Hills. Bad news for the king’s sons, who are prepared to defend their birthright against all comers. But for blacksmith Keeley Smythe, war is great for business. Until it looks like the chosen queen will be Beatrix, her younger sister. Now it’s all Keeley can do to protect her family from the enraged royals. Luckily, Keeley doesn’t have to fight alone. Because thundering to her aid comes a clan of kilt-wearing mountain warriors called the Amichai. Not the most socially adept group, but soldiers have never bothered Keeley, and rough, gruff Caid, actually seems to respect her. A good thing because the fierce warrior will be by her side for a much longer ride than any prophesy ever envisioned. There’s something about the way this author makes her characters that I absolutely love. She writes differently than most authors and I never know what to expect!! I really loved this book and devoured it as quickly as I could. Keeley is definitely one of my new favorite characters. I can’t wait for the next book in this series. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
QuirkyCat 30 days ago
The Blacksmith Queen is the first novel in a new series by G.A. Aiken, the Scarred Earth Saga. This is admittedly a very evocative name. Between that and the cover, I just knew I had to give this series a try. The series itself fits into Aiken’s Dragon Kin series – but you honestly don’t need to be familiar with that world in order to understand or appreciate this tale. I had no troubles, and G.A. Aiken is new to me (clearly I’m going to have to check out the rest of her works now). The novel follows Keeley Smythe – a brilliant blacksmith and a woman unceasingly loyal to her family. Keeley is a rare gem. She’s strong, confident, and always willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family. Even if that means picking up a crown and going to war. Warnings: The Blacksmith Queen has a few heavier moments, including some animal death (one most notably, and you can almost see it coming). There are also some hints to rape and sexual assault, but nothing overly detailed. The Blacksmith Queen was a fun and fast-paced read. I ended up losing an entire night to this novel, having made the mistake of picking this one up at eight pm, and not putting it down until I was finished. But it was worth it. I absolutely adored Keeley and (most) of her family. She was such a unique character. She didn’t fit into the stereotypical fantasy female description – and that was fantastic. Keeley was her own character, through and through. Her toughness was balanced out perfectly with her love. Her love for being a blacksmith. Her love of her family. Her love of animals. As for the plot, she found herself thrown into? I loved that as well. The Blacksmith Queen takes the idea of a prophecy and turns it upside down, resulting in chaos. Though there were some amusing times as well. The plot was intense at times. But it also allowed for breaks in the tension – laugh out loud moments that I really appreciated. G.A. Aiken used repetition to help solidify the characters, and give a semblance of order to the world. It was quite clever. There was one reference in particular (involving Keeley’s cousin) that I swear got funnier every time it came up. Everything about this novel was slightly atypical, from the main character right down to the romantic subplot. And honestly? It was so refreshing, I can’t even put the proper words in place to explain how it made me feel. I love how different and unique this telling was, while not straying too far from what I was hoping for. I haven’t read any of G.A. Aiken’s other works, so I can’t really make any comparisons here. Nor can I say how well it fits in with her Dragon Kin series. But I will say that I loved this novel, and am looking forward to digging through her back catalog of books. So I hope that says something to her fans about The Blacksmith Queen.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As always G .A Aikens does not disappoint. There was humor ,sex and a great story.
Anonymous 3 months ago
The best! Love GA Aiken.
sspea 3 months ago
The old king knew his sons would tear each other apart for the throne. When a farmers daughter is prophesied to be Queen, the brothers set out to hunt her down, but her family has vowed to protect her at all cost. I don't even know where to start. The synopsis, and other reviews did not properly prepare me for this book. I loved everything about it. There was one part, where two words were yelled out. And I got goosebumps, at the time I didn't even understand what it meant, but I did know that it was going to be awesome. Lately so many heroins grow into their character, all of them starting out as 'who me? I can't save anyone, i'm just bookish and shy' and then by the end they are the stars of epic battles 'sheesh I didn't know I could punch like that' Keeley is strong and she knows it. She can swing a hammer as good as any man, and is broad and brave. I thought the characters were all unique and interesting. I also love this fantasy world, witches, dragons, centaurs... I love all of it. Mash it all together and I'm hooked. So excited for the rest of this series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Bought what I thought would be another epic fantasy which I like, but can be tedious at times. To my surprise I didn't know wether to laugh, cry, or cheer. Could not put down. Can not wait to see what happens next. If you like fantasy, like a book that can make you chuckle, ever had to deal with family that makes you want to pull your hair out and like to believe in innate kindness this is the book to read!!!
tsinclr 3 months ago
I loved this book just as I did all the others from Ms. Aiken. You experience all kinds of emotions from happiness to heart break. There's also lots of family love and drama. The characters are well developed and keep you on edge wondering what will come next. Laugh out loud and enjoy the beginning of a new series that is sure to become one of your favorites.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I cannot wait for the rest! Truly a wonderfull begining to a new series. 272 pgs on my Nook +
Lillian Maddocks-Cummings 3 months ago
So who will be Queen? Keeley will do anything in her power to keep her family safe so when she finds a group of centaurs near her family's farm she tries to be more trusting but why are they really here. Now that Gemma has returned for a visit Keeley knows that there is something bad about to happen and she has never forgiven her sister for leaving so suddenly. Will they be able to put aside their anger to help with the journey that they need to go on together? They know that something strange is going on as they can't figure out why their sister Beatrix has been chosen to be the new Queen. She has never left the farm and there is something not quite right with her. But Keeley knows that she needs to go with and now that the truth has been revealed she has no choice but to follow her destiny. Caid knows that he shouldn't fall for this strange woman but she is everything that he has wanted but can they really be happy together knowing what is expected of her and will his parents accept their relationship seeing that she is human? Gemma followed her heart and she is now a feared war monk that will do everything to save her family even if that means having to kill her sister Beatrix. Can her & Keeley repair their relationship and will Keeley accept her as a trusted advisor? A great read kept turning those pages to see what was going to happen next. Who doesn't enjoy a book full of mysterious creatures? Can't wait to see what will happen next in the series. I was lucky enough to receive a copy via Netgalley & the publishing house n exchange for my honest review.
Evampire9 3 months ago
The Old King has died and a prophecy that a queen will ascend to the throne of the Black Hills has emerged and the king’s sons are prepared to defend their birthright against all comers including each other. Blacksmith Keeley Smythe is benefiting from the war until it looks like the chosen queen will be her younger sisters, now it’s all she can do to protect her family from the enraged royals. Luckily she doesn’t have to fight alone, because the clan of kilt-wearing mountain warriors called the Amicahi have joined the quest. The author has given her fascinating world life once again with some truly wonderful additional elements that readers can definitely appreciate. The dragons may not be a full part of this story, but it takes place in the same world, just a different part. The characters of this new series are strong and blood thirsty as the others and there definitely grab all of the reader’s attention from the very beginning. While Keeley reminds readers of the Human Queen, she has her own refreshing personality that readers can definitely enjoy and the budding relationship that is building between her and Caid promises to be epic. This fast paced story is full of adventure, suspense, excitement and emotional angst, but the way these characters deal with that turmoil can be a bit frightening as well as charming. The author makes this blood thirsty world seem so very reasonable that readers can’t help but have fun and be delighted with the captivating characters, which includes centaurs, dwarves, barbarians, witches, and wild horses, while they are completely enthralled by this riveting and exhilarating adventure.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This was an exciting book that reminded me of the dragon series! It was well written and a very enjoyable read!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I could not put this one down It was so funny and heart wrenching I love how she tied the two worlds together I hope they met up in future books Please write fast
Anonymous 3 months ago
The Blacksmith Queen begins with a battle between brothers bent on slaying one another over the throne of their father. Its a rather confusing, bloody scene with people getting slaughtered left and right. In the confusion, we find out that the kingdoms witches, who are usually the ones to name the next king, have handed down an unlikely prophecy that states that the land will not be ruled by a king, but a queen. Not just any queen, but a peasant queen. Naturally, the brothers find it necessary to suss out the identity of this queen so that they can eliminate this threat to the throne that they are so willing to kill so many others for.Of course, they think just because shes a peasant its going to be easy. Spoiler Alert: its not. Especially not with Keeley, a talented, strong blacksmith and her scrappy family acting as a blockade to their success.Without giving too much awaybecause there are plenty of unexpected twists and it would be SO EASY to spoil the heck out of this for youthere is a fantastic journey through Amichai lands (the mountainous area and home of dwarves, elves, centaurs, and barbarians which shares a border with the Hill Lands of the violent Old King), a bunch of fun characters and hilarity, as well as some visceral betrayal.At first, I found it kind of hard to get into, which is why I gave it 3 stars initially, but I had to change that because the more I think about how much fun I had reading it, the less I felt confident that 3 was enough. Im not usually into changing POVs, especially not ones that rapidly change like they did in this one. The story gets so good that it starts to flow. Although I didnt feel that happening until about 30% into it, it was worth sticking with it even with the few times when it seemed like editing was the last thought on the authors mind. After that point I honestly could have read it in one sitting had I been given the chance. I literally laughed out loud a couple of times at some of the characters, like Keeleys professional fighter cousin Keran, who was all about a good time and would have been 100% exasperating to actually travel with on this momentous adventure, but was definitely a point of comic relief for the reader. Plus, Kelley is so strong, good natured, and optimistic that I just wanted her to succeed in all of the things she did, which included the flirtations with the broody Caid. Also, the part with the dwarves? So great.If you enjoy high fantasy, I strongly suggest you pick this one up. I cant wait for the next book!Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review!
Anonymous 3 months ago
only for those who love strong women and men who are strong enough to love them for whom they are!