The Black Church in the Post-Civil Rights Era

The Black Church in the Post-Civil Rights Era

by Anthony B Pinn


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This brilliant snapshot of the Black Church today puts a spotlight on its vibrant worship, its approach to doctrine, and its role in social activism.

Pinn describes themes in the history of the Black Church as well as the major beliefs and forms of worship that define this tradition. He then focuses on the practices of the Black Church, especially as it has engaged in issues of economic development and justice, and struggles with such issues as the full inclusion of women, sexuality, and health. Throughout, Pinn highlights the important and creative tension between "spiritual" and "mundane" concerns to which the Black Church must respond and by which it is shaped.

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ISBN-13: 9781570754234
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 04/01/2002
Pages: 224
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Table of Contents

Note on Terminologyix
Part IHistorical and Theological Background
1Themes in Black Church History, 1864 to 19703
The Church and Its Relationship to Africa4
The Great Migration and Religious Diversification7
The Black Church's Social Gospel: Jesus and Jobs10
The Church and the Civil Rights Movement13
The Black Church on Black Power14
2Themes in Black Church History, 1970 to the Present17
The Black Church in Decline, 1970s-1980s18
The Failed American Dream and Church Growth--1990s27
1970s-1990s: Growth and Decline?34
Burnings! A Late-Twentieth-Century Challenge to the Church35
3Beliefs and Worship in the Black Church37
What the Church Believes37
Worship as Celebration of Belief46
Part IIThemes in Contemporary Praxis
4The Black Church on Economic Issues73
Community Economic Development74
Poverty and Environmental Racism82
5The Black Church on Health and Sexuality94
Illicit Drugs95
The Black Church, Health, and Health Care96
Health Care on the Congregational Level101
Sexuality and Homophobia105
6Sexism and Church Ministry116
Black Women and Auxiliary Work117
Women as Ordained Ministers120
Womanist Theology and the Critique of Sexism131
7Future Considerations: Technology and Megachurches133
The Megachurches135
Impact of the Megachurch Phenomenon136
Selected Resources161
Academic Books161
Popular Literature165
Journals and Periodicals166
Internet Resources168

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