The Bigod Chronicles Book Three William

The Bigod Chronicles Book Three William

by Martin P Clarke


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Life for William Bigod has taken an unexpected that he relishes. His new life as a horse farmer together with the love of a good wife and young family, far out weigh the anxieties he once felt for England. But his association with the Knights Templars leads to personal disaster. With the destruction of all he holds dear, he must decide if he should retire into obscurity or allow himself to be drawn down a dangerous road of bloody retribution and assassination.

England descends into a terrible Civil War between King Stephen and Matilda, the daughter of King Henry. Against this background, Hugh Bigod becomes embroiled in the appalling murder of a young tanner boy. The Jews of Norwich stand accused of the death and Hugh sees a chance to benefit from the tragedy. Justice seems to be a secondary concern.

The Bigod Chronicles

Book One Ilger

Book Two The Order

Book Three William

Book Four Hugh

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ISBN-13: 9780244626624
Publication date: 08/15/2017
Pages: 478
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