The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth: A Comprehensive Examination

The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth: A Comprehensive Examination

by Stephen Spignesi, William J. Birnes


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Here is a mothership full of entertaining, informative tales that shed a revealing light on the UFO phenomenon—from inexplicable cattle mutilations and modern astronauts who have seen UFOs to close encounters of the third and fourth kind!

It’s all here:
  • What NASA currently has to say about UFOs.
  • The latest on Roswell, and the 1947 crash that has never been explained
  • The weirdest (and most convincing) alien abductions—and the medical procedures performed on abductees
  • The most commonly-seen UFO shapes
  • A who's who of UFOlogy—including presidents that have seen UFOs
  • UFOs and the Bible
  • 20 years of Project Blue Book mysteries—NASA’s official UFO investigation
  • Weirdness galore—Men in Black, crop circles, Bigfoot, the face on Mars, Hollow Earth Theory, alien ancestry, and more!

The Big Book of UFO Facts, Figures & Truth is at once a valuable reference and an engrossing guide for all those fascinated with unexplained phenomenon. Turning to any page at random, readers are sure to find new facts and information, as well as dozens of rare, irrefutable photos.

In addition, readers will learn how they can access a special website which includes actual video evidence of UFOs. This just may be the most comprehensive UFO guide available.

“It is incredibly arrogant on the part of mankind to believe that in a universe unimaginably vast, humans are the only life form in existence. Perhaps the chapters that follow will mitigate this foolhardy—and ultimately dangerous—terran narcissism. The galaxy—and beyond—is not only mankind’s playground anymore ... and the skies await us. Godspeed.”

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ISBN-13: 9781510720855
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 134,981
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Stephen Spignesi is the author of more than fifty titles on the subject of history and pop culture, including The USA Book of Lists; George Washington’s Leadership Lessons; What’s Your Red, White, and Blue IQ?; and The Titanic For Dummies. He teaches English at the University of New Haven (Connecticut). He resides in East Haven, Connecticut.

William J. Birnes is the New York Times bestselling author of The Day After Roswell and many other books including the Skyhorse titles Dr. Feelgood and Wounded Minds. He was the consulting producer, writer, and lead host of the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, and the publisher of UFO Magazine from 1998 through 2014. He lives in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Table of Contents

Introduction: This Used to Be Our Playground xi

Part I The Project Blue Book Mysteries

Currently Uninvolved: NASA's Official Statement on the US Government's Involvement in Investigating UFO Reports 1

20 Years of Project Blue Book Mysteries: 218 Unexplained Project Blue Book Sightings 6

Truth: Montana's Malmstrom Air Force Base 67

Part II In Plain Sight: UFOS in the Sky from Ancient to Modern Times

Astonishing UFO Sightings from 1860-1998 71

Truth: UFO Sighting by European Colonists 72

Quotes: Amazing & Credible Quotations about UFOs 82

The Shapes of Things to Come: The 10 Most Commonly Reported UFO Types 87

Fact: CUFOS' 4 Types of UFO Evidence 90

Popular Mechanics Magazine's Most Credible UFO Sightings 92

UFO Sightings by Astronauts 101

Fact: Jimmy Carter's Answers to the 37 Questions on His 1973 NICAP UFO Sighting Report 108

Irritating Posterity: Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Responses to 7 Misconceptions about UFO Sighting Reports 116

Truth: Mysterious NASA Scientist 121

The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies' 3 Kinds of "Relatively Distant" UFO Sightings 122

Possible Explanations for Daylight UFO Sightings 123

Fact: The 5 Times Ronald Reagan Delivered His "Alien Invasion" Speech 126

"A High Degree of Strangeness": The 5 Kinds of Close Encounters 128

8 Characteristics of "The Oz Factor" 132

Fact: CUFOS' 4 Things to Do If You See a UFO 134

Celebrity UFO Sightings 136

Part III A UFO Who's Who

103 Important People in UFOlogy 143

An Interview with Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial 159

An Interview with Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell 164

The Condon Committee's "UFO Opinion" Questionnaire 172

Part IV Alien Ancestry

We Are the ETs 179

The Factors of Frank Drake and Carl Sagan's "Alien Civilization" Equation 181

The Ancient Alien Theory 184

Part V Taken: Abductions by Aliens

Baffling UFO Abduction Cases 189

9 Techniques to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction 196

24 Medical Procedures Performed on UFO Abductees 200

The Ropers Institute's "Alien Abduction" Test 206

Part VI Roswell: The UFO Mystery That Won't Go Away

Statements from the Official Air Force Report about the UFO Incident at Roswell 209

Roswell: What We Now Know for Sure 226

Part VII UFOS and the Bible

15 UFO Sightings and Extraterrestrial Visitations Before the Birth of Christ 231

40 Biblical Passages That Might Describe UFOs or Extraterrestrial Contacts 235

6 Similarities Between Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and UFO Sightings 246

Was Jesus an Extraterrestrial? 249

Part VIII As Weird as It Gets

All the Presidents' UFOs 255

Who Are the Men In Black? 263

Are Cattle Mutilations Connected to UFOs? 266

25 Facts about the Face on Mars and Other Monuments on the Red Planet 268

23 Facts about the Crop Circles Phenomenon 275

The Hollow Earth Theory & UFOs 279

20 Reasons Some Say the Moon Landing Was a Hoax 284

Part IX Popular Culture and the UFO Phenomenon

Orson Welles's 1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast 291

UFO Articles from Fate Magazine from the 1960s 296

Stephen King Stories about UFOs or Aliens 299

129 Books about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and Other Examples of "High Strangeness" 304

103 Novels about UFOs and Aliens 314

UFO or Extraterrestrial-Themed TV Shows 319

Acknowledgments 339

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