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The Big 3 Featuring Mama Cass [Collectables]

The Big 3 Featuring Mama Cass [Collectables]

by The Big 3 The Big 3




This compilation duplicates all but three songs from Sequel Records' 1995 CD, although the Collectables version may be easier to find. The most remarkable aspect of these recordings is the realization that Cass Elliot seemed to have a knack for finding solid accompanists and collaborators long before she hooked up with John Phillips, Denny Doherty, et al. James Hendricks and Tim Rose were, if anything, more talented vocally and technically more proficient than Phillips might've been at the time that some of these recordings were made -- curiously, the Big Three also covered "I May Be Right," a song written by Phillips' fellow Journeymen member Dick Weissman. The tendency is to lump the Big Three in with Peter, Paul & Mary, but there were differences that probably matter more now to anyone grabbing this because of Cass Elliot's presence. The hard, bluesy "Young Girl's Lament" and "Wild Women" (which is probably Cass Elliot's greatest vocal showcase from this period in her career) stand in contrast to ethereal folk numbers like "All the Pretty Horses," "Silkie," "Winken, Blinken and Nod," and "Come Away Melinda," and show a group with more range than PPM usually explored. Hendricks and Rose also show an affinity for the blues on those songs and on "The Banjo Song," which, in tandem with Elliot's singing, ought to have carried the Big Three further than they got. In short, there's more than historical interest to be gleaned from these recordings, and much better music than one usually finds from the "pre-history" of a major group.

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Product Details

Release Date: 10/17/2000
Label: Collectables
UPC: 0090431621622
catalogNumber: 6216
Rank: 87281


  1. Young Girl's Lament
  2. The Banjo Song
  3. Winken, Blinken and Nod
  4. Grandfather's Clock
  5. Come Away Melinda
  6. Wild Woman
  7. Nora's Dove
  8. Come Along
  9. Tony and Delia
  10. Ho Honey Oh
  11. Rider
  12. I May Be Right
  13. Anna Fia (Feher)
  14. Silkie
  15. Ringo
  16. Sown in the Valley
  17. All the Pretty Little Horses
  18. Glory, Glory

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