The Best of the Southwest: The Canyonlands Travel Guide for a One Week(or Two Week) Trip of a Lifetime

The Best of the Southwest: The Canyonlands Travel Guide for a One Week(or Two Week) Trip of a Lifetime

by Steve Carr

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I worked for 15 years for the U.S. Forest Service on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and spent almost every weekend exploring the wonders of the American Southwest. My last trip was in the summer of 2017, to check and verify each recommendation in this book. This guide book is the second in a series called the "Best of the Southwest", and it is divided into two parts, featuring a 7-day and a 14-day trip out of the hub city of Salt Lake City, Utah. It covers a rather loosely defined geographical area of Eastern Utah that I call Canyonlands, and I will unlock the secrets of this magical part of America. Your journey will take you to wondrous places with exotic names: Flaming Gorge; Dinosaur National Monument; The Wedge and Buckhorn Wash area of the San Rafael River; Arches National Park; Moab; Canyonlands National Park; the Abajo and Manti-LaSal Mountains; unique Mormon towns like Monticello, Blanding, and Bluff; the San Juan River and Mexican Hat; the Goosenecks; the Moki Dugway; Muley Twist; Cedar Mesa and Grand Gulch; Natural Bridges and the infamous Bears Ears; White Canyon; the weird crossroads town of Hanksville and the spooky ghost town of Hite on the dried up shores of Lake Powell; Goblin Valley; Capitol Reef; Fish Lake; the volcanic hills of the Koosharem Valley; the techno-towns of Provo and Orem; and then back to the grand Temple in Salt Lake City. I am going to show you the best places to shop, buy your liquor and supplies, where to stay for the night or even camp if you like to rough it, the best hikes and entertaining cultural attractions, and the best places to eat. I will take all of the guesswork out of your exciting and fun trip to the Southwest. The Best of the Southwest series gives you very few choices. I lived in the Southwest and explored the Canyonlands for fifteen years. I know it like the back of my hand. I know the best places to eat, stay, visit, and hike. And if you were doing the trip with me, we would follow my itinerary to the letter. That's why you paid for the book: to find out the best things to do and how to do them in a logical way, given the limited time you will be vacationing. Rather than give you a list of restaurants in each town organized by cuisine and price, I tell you where I would eat. And instead of listing all the hikes in a park organized by their difficulty and length, I steer you to the best hikes. Hotels are always a subjective and budgetary consideration. I don't spend a lot of time in the hotel. I sleep there and then leave and maybe use the pool. So, I don't need luxury. You might feel different about that, and that's fine. I have provided handy URL links to each attraction listed in this book, so you can find additional information and get the up-to-date prices and conditions. But please keep in mind that the links were created in 2017. Links die. Businesses close. The Southwest is fluid and always changing. So, before you leave on your trip, you should check the links to make sure they are still valid, and if they aren't, make a note of the new ones. The seven days and fourteen days trips are not identical. In most respects they are quite different. For instance, the first four days of the longer trip cover a vast area that will not be visited by those doing the shorter trip. But some of the days do mirror one another (Arches, Canyonlands - Island in the Sky, Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon, and some of Capitol Reef), so there is some unavoidable repetition. As an added bonus, I am going to fill in your days with many helpful "Insider Tips" that will give you information about the places you visit that few people know about. And I will also show you how the save your hard-earned money! So, just load this trusty guide onto your smartphone or iPad, follow my handy dandy directions, and the Canyonlands will come alive beyond your wildest dreams.

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About the Author

Steve Carr is retired and lives with his lovely wife Inna along the Chesapeake Bay in historic Annapolis, MD. He was the trails planner for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for many years, working on developing, promoting and maintaining land trails throughout the state of Maryland.Steve also leads unique, and very entertaining walking tours around the ancient Colonial City of Annapolis through his company "FREE! Annapolis Walking Tours". the last twenty years, Steve has managed many successful Annapolis and state political campaigns while implementing a wide range of environmental projects throughout the Annapolis area. Steve is a leading expert on local government issues, lecturing throughout the Chesapeake Bay region on a wide variety of topics.Steve is a captivating public speaker and is in much demand. For those interested in booking a speaking engagement, Steve can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or at:steve.carr567@gmail.comIn 2008, Steve authored the very popular book about the Chesapeake Bay entitled "Water Views", a collaboration with famed Bay photographer Marion Warren and celebrated "Capital" cartoonist Eric Smith.In 2010, Steve published "The Canyon Chronicles", a surreal memoir of intrigue and misadventure covering his fifteen years working for the U.S. Forest Service on the Kaibab National Forest on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.In 2012, Steve published "Anasazi Strip", the first book in the Jenny Hatch Mystery Series. "Anasazi Strip" is currently one of the top sellers on Amazon books in the genre of American Southwest archeomystery.In 2014, Steve published "Kachina Roulette", the second book in the Jenny Hatch Mystery Series. "Kachina Roulette" is fast becoming a popular favorite with Southwest fans of Tony Hillerman, Edward Abbey, and Hunter S. Thompson.In 2016, Steve published his first in a series of guidebooks entitled "Best of the Southwest - The Grand Circle".All of Steve's books can be purchased on Amazon. also has a regular column in "Bay Weekly" where he tackles natural curiosities, environmental issues of the day, and world class sailing events like the Volvo Ocean Race.Steve is an avid world traveler and outdoorsman who bikes (He rode his bicycle twice across the United States!), kayaks, sails, hikes, golfs, and hashes in his spare time with his lovely wife Inna.You can find links to all of Steve's books and also follow Steve's adventures on his popular travel blog at:

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The Best of the Southwest: The Canyonlands Travel Guide for a One Week(or Two Week) Trip of a Lifetime 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best guide books about the Southwest. The author tells you how to save money, the best hikes in each park, the best places to eat and stay. He tells you where to buy groceries, find water, get free Wi-Fi, shop for quality souvenirs, go swimming, and all sorts of other invaluable bits of info that a traveler would most likely miss. This book is worth its weight in gold! Traveling has gotten expensive and a trip to the Southwest involves planes and automobiles. So, I am grateful that the author is always trying to save me money throughout the book. I was immediately drawn to the “Save Money” section that appears at the end of each day’s itinerary where Mr. Carr points out all sorts of free and fun things to do in each stop. Free is good!
John4r More than 1 year ago
I really like the idea of a guidebook that just cuts to the chase and tells you the best things to do. The author lived in Canyonlands for many years and knows the area like his backyard. He takes all of the guesswork out and allows you to just enjoy the fun ride. And the “Best Things To Do” sections of the book are great. I especially like all of the little free museums that are highlighted each day because I’m really interested in this forgotten part of the country and its rich history. What can be better than saving money and learning about the local culture?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The “Insiders Tips” and "Best Of" sections of the book were what caught my interest. I like the idea of getting little known tips from a person familiar with where I’m traveling. I always get frustrated by guidebooks when they give me a long list of restaurants where I can eat in a town I have never visited before. What the heck do I know? And every time I visit a national park I look at the park brochure and there is a long list of hikes with cool sounding names. They all look like they might be fun, but I have no idea which ones are the best. So, I end up picking ones at random, usually based on length and difficulty, only to find out later that I should have taken another trail that was better. I like the fact the the author of this book has already eaten in all of the restaurants and hiked all of the trails in each park and knows which ones are the best. So, that’s all he gives you, just the best things to do and see. And that’s all I want to know. Thanks for making it simple.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Steve Carr & I spent over a decade exploring Canyonlands together. We went everywhere between Telluride and Vegas. There isn’t a better Southwest guide on the planet. And Steve will always show you a good time.