The Best of the Southwest: The Grand Circle Travel Guide for a One-Week (or Two-Week) Trip of a Lifetime

The Best of the Southwest: The Grand Circle Travel Guide for a One-Week (or Two-Week) Trip of a Lifetime

by Steve Carr


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I worked for 15 years for the U.S.Forest Service about ten miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. My last visit was in the spring of 2015, so the information in this guide book is up-to-date. I also provide the direct links to the various attractions so you can get the latest information and prices.
This guide book is divided into two parts,
featuring a 7-day trip and a 14-day trip,
covering a spectacular area of mountains,
high desert, and wondrous canyons often referred to by the Chamber of Commerce folks as the Grand Circle - Zion, Grand
Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell,
Bryce, and Cedar Breaks.
I am going to show you the best places to shop, buy your liquor, find a good hotel room or camp, the premiere hikes in each park, where to grab the best meals, and what it all might cost. I will take all of the guess work out of your trip to the American
And for those using the Kindle version of the book, each item of interest is linked to the Table of Contents, so you don't have to scroll through the book and can find out exactly what you need to know with a click of a button.
As an added bonus, I am going to fill in your days with many helpful Insider Tips that will give you information about the places you visit that few people know about. And I will also show you how the save your hard-earned money!
So, just load this trusty guide onto your smart phone or iPad, follow my handy dandy directions, and the Canyonlands will come alive beyond your wildest dreams.

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About the Author

Steve Carr is a trails planner working on developing, promoting and maintaining land trails throughout the state of Maryland.
Steve also occasionally leads unique, off the beaten track bicycle tours around the ancient Colonial City of Annapolis through his company "Annapolis by Bike".
Over the last twenty years, Steve has managed many successful Annapolis and state political campaigns while implementing a wide range of environmental projects throughout the Annapolis area. Steve is a leading expert on local government issues, lecturing throughout the Chesapeake Bay region on a wide variety of topics.
Steve is a captivating public speaker and is in much demand. For those interested in booking a speaking engagement, Steve can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or at:
In 2008, Steve authored the very popular book about the Chesapeake Bay entitled "Water Views", a collaboration with famed Bay photographer Marion Warren and celebrated "Capital" cartoonist Eric Smith.
In 2010, Steve published "The Canyon Chronicles", a surreal memoir of intrigue and misadventure covering his fifteen years working for the U.S. Forest Service on the Kaibab National Forest on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
In 2012, Steve published "Anasazi Strip", the first book in the Jenny Hatch Mystery Series. "Anasazi Strip" is currently one of the top sellers on Amazon books in the genre of American Southwest archeomystery.
In 2014, Steve published "Kachina Roulette", the second book in the Jenny Hatch Mystery Series. "Kachina Roulette" is fast becoming a popular favorite with Southwest fans of Tony Hillerman, Edward Abbey, and Hunter S. Thompson.
Steve also has a regular column in "Bay Weekly" where he tackles natural curiosities, environmental issues of the day, and world class sailing events like the Volvo Ocean Race.
Steve is an avid world traveler and outdoorsman who bikes (He rode his bicycle twice across the United States!), kayaks, sails, hikes, golfs, and hashes in his spare time with his lovely wife Inna.
You can find links to all of Steve's books and also follow Steve's adventures on his popular travel blog at:

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