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The Best of Me: Greatest Hits

The Best of Me: Greatest Hits

by Yolanda Adams Yolanda Adams
The Best of Me: Greatest Hits

The Best of Me: Greatest Hits

by Yolanda Adams Yolanda Adams


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Elektra/Atlantic's Best of Me collects 12 of inspirational gospel queen Yolanda Adams biggest hits, including "Victory," "Open My Heart," "I Gotta Believe" and "Be Blessed," as well as her cover of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." This doesn't include any tracks from her years with the Verity label, so fans looking to replace 1999's Best of Yolanda Adams should hold onto their copies, but as a compilation of her later works with Elektra goes, it's as solid a collection of contemporary gospel tunes as one could hope for.

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Product Details

Release Date: 05/08/2007
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 0075678998751
catalogNumber: 156604
Rank: 30047


  1. Victory
  2. I Gotta Believe
  3. Yeah
  4. Open My Heart
  5. This Too Shall Pass
  6. Fragile Heart
  7. Be Blessed
  8. Continual Praise
  9. Never Give Up
  10. I Believe I Can Fly
  11. In the Midst of It All
  12. Someone Watching Over You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Yolanda Adams   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gerald Levert   Vocals
Vanessa Williams   Background Vocals
Sharon Bryant   Background Vocals
Bruce Dukov   Violin,Concert Master
Marilyn Baker   Viola
Bobby Ross Avila   Guitar
Brad Dutz   Timpani
Keith Allen   Background Vocals
Kevin Bond   Various
Darren Carmichael   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Gordon Chambers   Background Vocals
Ronald Clark   Violin
Michelle Davis   Background Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Nathan East   Bass Guitar
Barry J. Eastmond   Bass Guitar,Keyboards
Stefanie Fife   Cello
Rickey Grundy   Strings
Fred Hammond   Bass,Guitar
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Herman Jackson   Piano
Jimmy Jam   Various
Marva King   Background Vocals
Joshua Koestenbaum   Cello
Tom Kornacker   Violin
Terry Lewis   Various
Ricky Minor   Conductor
Elsa Nilsson   Violin
Kevin Ricard   Percussion
Robin Ross   Viola
Mike Scott   Guitar
Shavoni   Various
Daryl Skobba   Cello
Mike Sobieski   Violin
Tamas Strasser   Viola
Jay Williams   Guitar
John Wittenberg   Violin
Jessie Williams   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Mary Mary   Background Vocals
Debra Pearson   Background Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Lesa Terry   Violin
David Ewart   Violin
Renee Spearman   Background Vocals
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Ron Ellerson   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Phil Hamilton   Guitar
Jeremy Haynes   Drums
Tim Carmon   Piano,Soloist
Tommie Walker   Keyboards
Luis Conti   Percussion
David Delhomme   Keyboards
Raymond Reeder   Background Vocals
Pamkenyon Donald   Background Vocals
David Ivey   Background Vocals
JoAnn Rosario   Background Vocals
James "Big Jim" Wright   Bass,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Background Vocals
Iz   Percussion,Drums
Andy Weiner   Keyboards
Barbara Johnson   Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Brenda Mickens   Violin
Kevin Wilson   Background Vocals
Marsha Johns   Background Vocals
Leslie Shank   Violin
Shep Crawford   Keyboards
Darrell Crawford   Background Vocals
Warryn Campbell   Various
Susannah Chapman   Violin
Tausha Bomar   Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Danielle Britt   Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Michele Gunn   Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Darryl Izzard   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Ericka Lorrick   Background Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Sandra Norris   Background Vocals,Soprano (Vocal)
Victoria Purcell   Background Vocals
Lavan Singletary   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Patricia Thompson   Alto,Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Glenera Williamson   Background Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Tamika Lucas   Background Vocals
Bryan Pratt   Background Vocals
Miautra Dias   Background Vocals
Clinta Turner   Background Vocals
Elizabeth Sobieski   Violin
Teddy Campbell   Drums
Lauren Evans   Background Vocals
Demeka Jackson   Background Vocals
Sheléa Frazier   Background Vocals
Charles Stegeman   Violin
Patrice "ButtaPhly" Stewart   Background Vocals
Rosalind White Gonsalves   Background Vocals
Ishmael Ferguson   Drums
Greater Philipian Youth Choir   Background Vocals
Carolyn Daws Gunkler   Violin
New Life Cogic Youth Choir   Background Vocals
Stan Peason   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Prosperity Choir   Background Vocals
John Wittneberg   Violin
Michele Gunn   Alto
Tamika Lucas   Background Vocals
Gill Romero   Violin
James 'Big Jim' Wright   Background Vocals
Sandra Norris   Soprano (Vocal)
Patrice 'Butaphly' Stewart   Background Vocals
Stan Pearson   Tenor (Vocal)
Lisa Curtis   Background Vocals
Thomas Adams   Background Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
David Ivey   Background Vocals
Leslie Shank   Violin
Stokely   Drums
Yoshawndala Parker   Background Vocals
Michael Sobieski   Violin
Ericka Lorrick   Soprano (Vocal)
Glenera Williamson   Alto
Joshua Kolstenbaum   Cello
Frederick J. Purifoy   Background Vocals
Danaine Jones   Background Vocals
Barbara 'Nellie' Johnson   Alto
Clinta Tuner   Background Vocals
Principal Stephanie Fife   Cello
Tausha Bomar   Alto
Rosalind White-Gonsalves   Background Vocals
Debra Pearson   Soprano (Vocal)
Alicia Preves   Viola
Tom Kornacker   Violin
Danielle Britt   Alto
Buster   Various
Darryl Izzard   Tenor (Vocal)
Miautra Dias   Background Vocals
Gregory G. Curtis   Background Vocals
Michele Davis   Soprano (Vocal)
Daryl Skobba   Cello
Darrell Crawford and The Fulfillment Choir   Background Vocals
Shellea Wade   Soprano (Vocal)
David Foreman   Guitar

Technical Credits

Yolanda Adams   Composer,Executive Producer,Author
R. Kelly   Composer
Lee Blaske   String Arrangements
Kevin Bond   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Louis Brown   Composer
Gordon Chambers   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Barry J. Eastmond   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming,Audio Production
Phil Galdston   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Rickey Grundy   String Overdubs
Fred Hammond   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Audio Production
Ray Hammond   Engineer
Steve Hodge   Engineer
Jimmy Jam   Producer,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Terry Lewis   Composer,Producer,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Ricky Minor   Producer,Audio Production
Scott Parker   Composer
Dave Reitzas   Engineer
Alexander Richbourg   drum programming
Shavoni   Audio Production
Mark Williams   Engineer
Chris Sabold   Engineer
Anthony Jeffries   Engineer
Bradley Yost   Engineer
Tim Carmon   Piano Overdubs
Tommie Walker   Composer,drum programming
Raymond Reeder   Producer,Audio Production
Anne Catalino   Engineer
James "Big Jim" Wright   Composer,Producer,String Arrangements,Instrumentation
Andy Weiner   Orchestration
Lou Ortiz   Remixing
Shep Crawford   Composer,Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Audio Production,Instrumentation
Warryn Campbell   Audio Production
Damon Crawford   Composer
Dave Hyman   Engineer
Matt Marrin   Engineer
Mark Obriski   Art Direction
Carmey Ground   Packaging Manager
Drop Squad   Audio Production
Ishmael Ferguson   Composer
James 'Big Jim' Wright   Audio Production
Buster   Audio Production
Gregory G. Curtis   Audio Production

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