The Beginners Own Hydroponic Grow Journal: A Notebook Diary for Greenhouse Growers

The Beginners Own Hydroponic Grow Journal: A Notebook Diary for Greenhouse Growers

by Josh Anderson


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Josh Anderson, renowned author of "Urban Organic Gardening: The Complete Cultivation Guide For Beginners with Hydroponic Grow Systems with Theory, Diagrams & Troubleshooting", is back with yet another unconventional and awaited book for organic growers and urban farmers. Do you want control over your plants progress? Would you like to minimize obstacles for cultivated plants along the way from seeds to a perfect plant? How will you monitor and keep track of all the changes that occur from day to day in order for your plants to survive and grow?

This is the book you need - one of the only ones existing right now on the market with the sole purpose for the grower to have control, monitor and to constantly be able to refine the hydroponic system for the health of the plants.

The book includes chapters with knowledge, advices and tips for writing a grow log. But most important, the rest of the book is forms prepared and ready for you to fill out data over your progress, changes and health of the system. The book contain chapters with:

Day-to-day grow log - Plant names, Date and your actual pH, Air (H/L), EC, PPM, TDS, Height of the plant as well as what row/column in the greenhouse your plant is situated.

Change over time - including a chart of how pH, Air (H/L), EC, PPM, TDS and height of the plant is changing and growing over time.

Add Chart - including what you are adding to the system in terms of amount of water, H2O, Grow nutrients, Bloom Nutrients, pH up solutions and pH down solutions..

You can call it what you like: diary, log, logbook or notebook - But if you want a hydroponic book with the purpose to control, monitor and refine your system and growth, get a copy of, The Beginners Own Hydroponic Grow Journal, today.

This new book is aimed at people who are interested in subjects like living self sufficient, urban organic gardening & farming (growing tomatoes, cucumber, chili, lettuce, exotic fruits, vegetables, medical marijuana), greenhouses, hydroponics (aquaponics, nutrient film technique nft, aeroponics, dutch bucket system, deep water culture dwc, wick system, troubleshooting with nutrient solutions, correct ph, pests and more..

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ISBN-13: 9781548155872
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Publication date: 06/16/2017
Pages: 222
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