The Awakening: 9 Principals for Finding the Courage to Change Your Life

The Awakening: 9 Principals for Finding the Courage to Change Your Life

by Sidra Jafri


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What is my purpose? How can I invite more love into my life? Why do my finances go up and down?

Ready to change your life?

Are you searching for more from life... a new way of being? Have you tried everything to shift those issues; the relationship problems, family drama, money woes or health concerns, and yet it still feels like life hasn’t shifted?

Sidra Jafri is here to guide you through an incredible nine-step journey – The Awakening. She will empower you to let go of the past and your pre-programmed beliefs, and build the happy and fulfilling life of your dreams. Offering practical exercises and real-life case studies, each step is based on one of Sidra’s principles:

Ask Quality Questions
Work On You
Awareness Is The Key
Knowing Versus Owning
Energy Is Everything
No Judgment
It Takes One To See One
Nothing Is Missing
Growth Is Inevitable

The Principles of Awakening have already helped thousands of people from all walks of life create the life they want – now you can do it, too!

Sidra Jafri is an author, medium and psychic. Her global event The Awakening has moved thousands of people from the undercurrents that create challenges and issues in their lives. Sidra transforms people’s out-dated core programming and the beliefs in their lives that have been keeping them stuck in areas such as wealth, relationships and wellbeing.

In the last decade, Sidra has researched a plethora of personal and spiritual development tools and techniques including Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energetic Neuro Linguistic Programming (ENLP), Divine Healing, Remote Viewing, Reiki and many more. This has given her extra insight in developing her own healing abilities as well as formulating The Awakening technique called Accessing Body Consciousness (ABC).

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ISBN-13: 9781780287973
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication date: 05/26/2015
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Sidra Jafri is an intuitive healer. Her gifts go beyond the five senses with which she helps people to shift the issues that create an undercurrent in their lives. Sidra transforms self-belief symptoms that hold people back in areas such as wealth, relationships and wellbeing. Sidra grew up in Pakistan and came to the UK as a young woman in an arranged marriage. She left the marriage after reaching rock bottom and began to nurture the intuition that she always felt even as a small child. This has led to her developing the Principles of Awakening, steps that encourage healing and connection to our authentic self and potential. Sidra's live event, 'The Awakening - Activating the truth of who you are,' has moved thousands of people to create more of what they want in their lives. She loves to engage with audiences and her own transparency often allows others to take steps themselves to embrace what life can offer. @sidrajafrilive The author lives in UK.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vi

Foreword Anne Jirsch vii

Introduction Experiencing The Awakening 1

Part I Awaken To The Nine Principles Introduction Dying To Live: Birth Of The Awakening 5

Chapter 1 Awakening From A Programmed Life 17

Chapter 2 Beginning Your Inner Journey 33

Chapter 3 Preparing For The Journey Into The Land Of The Awakened 43

Part II Awakening: The Nine Principles

The First Principle Ask Quality Questions 53

The Second Principle Work On You 75

The Third Principle Awareness Is The Key 97

The Fourth Principle Knowing Versus Owning 121

The Fifth Principle Energy Is Everything 143

The Sixth Principle No Judgment 163

The Seventh Principle It Takes One To See One 185

The Eighth Principle Nothing Is Missing 207

The Ninth Principle Growth Is Inevitable 231

Conclusion Living An Awakened Life 253

Further Reading 262

Awakening Events 262

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