The Autism Journey: A Parent's Guide: Empowering Your Child Toward Success One Step At A Time

The Autism Journey: A Parent's Guide: Empowering Your Child Toward Success One Step At A Time

Paperback(Revised ed.)

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Take Your First Step On a Journey to Success!

If Your child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you may be feeling a little lost in the swirling mass of information available to you, and wondering where to begin.

Fortunately, there is hope. In this engaging and easy read, Emmaline MacBeath, educator and parent of a child with ASD, cuts through the noise surrounding autism, and provides parents with a straightforward, step-by-step guide that will take you on a journey from frustration and doubt to empowerment and success.

Through a series of easy-to-follow action steps, this book covers issues commonly faced by caregivers of children on the spectrum. It offers:

• Nine key topics, such as calm and comfort, communication, and sensory issues, that progress through three levels of difficulty
• A dozen special sections on topics of interest such as keeping your child safe and succeeding as a single parent
• Information on school, society, diet, and exercise as they apply to ASD
• Dozens of book titles for reference and further education
• Personal insights from a teenager who has successfully navigated his journey with ASD
• Plus much more

The most important thing you will learn on the Autism Journey is, no matter the hurdle, anything can be accomplished one step at a time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732407329
Publisher: Emmaline MacBeath
Publication date: 06/20/2018
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents


10 Truths about Autism Spectrum Disorder


1) Tell Your Child He Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

Example ASD Fact Sheet

2) Create a “Comfy Place” Option

3) Instead of Saying “No,” Teach Your Child This Important Phrase: “The Rule Is”

4) It Is Okay to Allow Your Child to Say, “No,” to Sensory Input

5) Routine, Routine, Routine

6) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Special Section—Stimming

7) Allow and Encourage Your Child’s One Track Hobbies and Collections

8) Choices, Choices, Choices

9) Meltdowns Will Happen—Be Prepared

Special Section—Teaching Safety

Special Section—Girl’s with ASD

Special Section—Guest Parent Post

Special Section—Sleep



Social Time



1) Learn All You Can About The Helpful Stuff

2) Begin Moving Your Child Out of Her Comfort Zone

Special Section—Play Time

3) Social Stories

Special Section—Teaching Safety 2

4) Introduce New Sensations: Sensory Integration

Special Section—Attitude Check

5) Slowly Introduce Changes in Routines

6) Show Your Child What Conversation Looks Like

7) Encourage Your Child to Try Something New

8) Begin to Give Your Child More Complicated Choices

9) Give Your Child the Tools He Needs for Self-Management

Special Section—Nonverbal Children

Special Section—Single Parents



Social Time


Services That Cost Money


1) Teach Your Child How to Help Himself Overcome ASD

Special Section—Biomedical Interventions

2) Teach Your Child to Face and Solve Problems

3) Teach Your Child That Sometimes Rules Change

4) Teach Your Child How to Be Comfortable in the World of Sensations

5) Teach Your Child to Create His Own Routine and to Adjust

6) Teach Your Child the Nuances of Communication

Special Section—Improv Games

Special Section—Healing Diets

7) Teach Your Child to Use His Interests to Create and Meet Goals

8) Teach Your Child How to Step Out on Her Own

9) Teach Your Child How to Deal with a Build Up of Stress and Frustration School


Social Time


Special Section—Where Do We Go From Here

Special Section—Where Did We Begin? (Cameron's Story)


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