The Art of Seduction: Keys to Mastery / A Pocket Book for a Real Man

The Art of Seduction: Keys to Mastery / A Pocket Book for a Real Man

by Sahara Sanders

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In this book you can read about all the right and wrong ways for a man to express his sexual feelings and desires, if he wants to truly win the heart of a lady.

You could be a really great and fabulous person, but if your method of communication with a woman doesn’t trigger her physical attraction by “pushing the right buttons,” you will only ever be “just a friend” in her eyes. In the worst possible case, you could even end up being scammed and betrayed.
If that’s not the result you’re looking for, this guide will reveal the secrets to avoiding such sad dating “luck,” and give you the solutions you have been waiting for.

Instead of following unsuccessful paths leading to failure, use our smart strategies for dating—and learn how to win a beauty’s trust, adoration, respect, affection and genuine love.
It is possible to make a woman of your dreams desire you desperately, think of you constantly, and await eagerly your next meeting!
If you want to clearly understand how a female’s psychology works, how you can use it to turn your dates into amazing experiences—and if you want to know how to trigger and awaken her deep feelings and sexual attraction to YOU—then this guide is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

"WIN THE HEART OF A WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS" series includes the following eBooks:

1. "THE HONEST BOOK OF INTERNATIONAL DATING / Smart Dating Strategies for Men"

2. "DATING COMMUNICATION TIPS FOR MEN / Catch and Keep a Woman’s Attention—Trigger Her Deep Attraction to You!”

3. "THE ART OF SEDUCTION: KEYS TO MASTERY / A Pocket Book for a Real Man"


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BN ID: 2940046421781
Publisher: Sahara Sanders
Publication date: 11/20/2014
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 910,690
File size: 6 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author Sahara Sanders is a modern writer of several genres. She is originally from Europe, perceiving herself as a citizen of the world. You will find insightful psychological analyses, informational advice, novels, poems—reading material for adults and teens—among her numerous books. She wrote her first short poems at the age of six, then didn’t write again until she developed a fondness for creating stories at the age of ten. Two or three years later, the young writer’s narrations were noticed by her schoolteacher, and, with his inspiring encouragement, she continued to compose stories over her remaining school years. During her first romantic relationship with a boy from another grade level, she started keeping a diary about her thoughts and experiences. That diary formed the basis of her novel “A Dream of Two Moons,” the title of which comes from some paranormal occurrences from real life. Ms. Sanders completed high school and was awarded a gold medal, having achieved the highest grades in all subjects during her eleven years of study. Then adult life began, and there seemed to be no room for scribing, until she fell in love again in 1993. That relationship resulted with a couple of hundred new poems that made up most of a poetry book called “Obsession,” published many years later. In 1997, Sahara had some spare time and turned back to writing narratives, when she was expecting a child, completing some chapters of an adventurous autobiographic novel for children and teens called “Gods’ Food.” It is a collection of memories about funny stories from her childhood. During the next fifteen years, she occasionally returned to writing, completing some chapters of a novel entitled “Alexandrite.” This work is planned to be published next year, along with another book, “The Eye of Universe.” Since 2013, she is once again in the world of books. Having accumulated an immense amount of useful information about different spheres of being, the author considers it part of one’s life’s mission to share experiences with others. In 2014, her series “Win the Heart of a Woman of Your Dreams” was published, along with a cookbook, “Best Recipes from Eastern Europe.” New for this year, is the “Slim and Healthy You” guide. Furthermore, there are two new non-fiction novels being translated and coming soon. Sahara speaks five languages, and writes books in three of them. English is not native to her, but it is one of her favorites—that’s why, even having only been self-educated in the language, she reached a high level of fluency and was able to work as an interpreter for many years. In University she earned a Masters’ in Economics, and successfully completed a number of courses on subjects that match her wide-ranging interests. Ms. Sanders has extensive experience in managing different kinds of businesses, which she did while also working as an interpreter for roughly twenty years in total. Her interests include: writing, psychology, gardening, the art of bouquet-making, landscape and interior design, pets, travel, cultures of the world, foreign languages, clothing design, photography, modeling and other different hobbies that can be used as tools and methods to learn about, express and describe at least some of the wondrous beauty of life for those who were born on this little planet.

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