The Anunnaki Were Here!: A quantum leap in archeology!

The Anunnaki Were Here!: A quantum leap in archeology!

by Marshall Klarfeld


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Marshall Klarfeld, a CALTECH graduate engineer, benefited greatly from his 50 year career in business and politics. His current pursuit, the History of the ANUNNAKI, has propelled him into the field of ancient archaeology. His research has uncovered what could be a defining moment in archaeology. He believes the information in this book will rank it as one of the 10 Most Important Finds of the 21st Century.

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ISBN-13: 9781475047448
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/06/2012
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Upon graduating from Caltech in 1951, Marshall began a 30 year career with Wallace J.S. Johnson's company, UP-RIGHT, INC. Marshall became Wally's aide de camp. This partnership produced a national political campaign in 1968 to end the war in Vietnam, and the New Hampshire presidential primary of 1976, to repeal the automatic Congressional pay raise. In spite of all this excitement throughout his life, the lingering questions about man's origins, that Marshall pursued while an undergraduate at Caltech, still haunted him. Marshall was fascinated by the advanced scientific knowledge found in the Bible's story of creation. Uncertain how to unravel his questions he asked his Nobel Laureate professors, Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman for help. Their amazing answers stayed with him for decades and led him to write, "ADAM, The Missing Link". In 2012 Marshall has discovered a new Equatorial time-line that appears to date the construction of the Giza Pyramids, Easter Island statues and the NAZCA LINES to over 100,000 years ago. He has also discovered a new theory that BRANDS these structures as creations of the space age civilization called the ANUNNAKI.

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