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The American System versus Common-Law Heritage: American Robbers On the King's Highway

The American System versus Common-Law Heritage: American Robbers On the King's Highway

by Peter O'lalor


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The American system
was first spoke by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers in 1787. Then again in 2017. On September 9th , 2017 Steve Bannon, ( the former White House chief strategist, for Donald Trump) was interviewed by Lesley Stahl, for 60 Minutes. Bannon was clear about the many Presidents who still embrace a political economy, rooted in exploitation, domination, and class predilections. Bannon stated "America's built on our sys-- on our citizens. Look at the 19th century. What built America's called the American system, from Hamilton to Polk to Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts. A system of protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers. .. , Economic nationalism is what this country was built on. The American system. Right?" Is that correct?"1The contradiction and source of conflict in America and the special role it was to play in uniting the world was not intended to police it. America's form of capitalism is clearly a corrupted form of the Crown's mercantile misery it never really changed.

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Peter O'Lalor, Ph.D. / For full CV please see website


Doctorate in History with a concentration in Anglo-European and Early American History.

Bachelor of Arts: History and Psychology major.

Senior Mentor Project - (intensive self directed curriculum in American History).


1992 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

1992 Award in Scholarship.


Radio talk show guest/author: XZONE-Radio (International), Ontario Canada, September, 2010

Board of Directors: Theosophy Network: An international organization with members in more than 60 countries.

Host of World Wide Wisdom Radio.

Presented a Series of (weekly) Lectures: The Westward Movement of Civilization: The Synthesis and Dissolution of Science, Philosophy, and Religion during the Pre-Christian era.

Presenting research as current as 10/2011 that demonstrates why Mesopotamia is not the Cradle of Civilization.

“Other” radio interviews.

Work Experience:

Employment: Non-Profit Administration / Teaching / Family Services.

Behavioral Consultant / Private sector

Co-Founder of CEDR: Citizens for an Educated and Democratic Republic. (Student debt).

MA State Chapter Leader: Student Loan Justice -

Substitute teacher K - 8.

Workshop facilitator: Native American Studies.-

Adjunct Faculty: Hesser College .

* curricula: Western Civilization / Philosophy / Ethics / Humanities / American History / Political Science /Introduction to Anthropology / Introduction to Sociology / Sociology/ Native American Studies / Twentieth Century History/ Developed abridged critical thinking and mapping as introduction to all classes. This provided tangible results for measured learning. Critical thinking essays were requisites for exams.

Chief GED Examiner and Student Support Services Coordinator:

Presently retired in New England

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