The American Revolution: 1745-1784

The American Revolution: 1745-1784

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Now you can study the American Revolution from first-hand perspective. This is volume 3 of the First-hand History of America. This essential collection includes 85 primary source accounts from pre 1745 to 1784. No source is better than the original. It is untainted and tells the history as it happened.

This eBook is #3 in the First-hand History of America series

*This collection includes 85 First-hand Accounts:
• The Two Sieges of Louisbourg –Bradley
• Washington's Expedition to the Ohio –Washington
• Washington's Expedition to the Ohio and the Battle of Great Meadows –Bradley
• Benjamin Franklin's Plan of Union –Franklin
• The Defeat of Braddock –Bradley
• Braddock's Defeat –Washington
• The Deportation of the Acadians of Nova Scotia –Bradley
• The Deportation of the Acadians –Winslow
• Wolfe Defeats Montcalm at Quebec –Knox
• In Opposition to Writs of Assistance –Otis
• The Stamp Act and its Repeal –Lechy
• Pitt's Protest Against the Stamp Act –Pitt
• Declaration of Rights – Delegates from Nine Colonies
• The Repeal of the Stamp Act –Conway
• Brant to Lord Germaine – Brant
• Benjamin Franklin's Examination Before the House of Commons –Franklin
• Daniel Boone Migrates to Kentucky –Boone
• Daniel Boone's Migration to Kentucky –Roosevelt
• The Spanish Settle in California –Royce
• An Eye-witness Describes the Boston Massacre –Tudor
• Indentured "White Slaves" in the Colonies –Eddis
• The Boston Tea Party –Hutchinson
• The First Continental Congress –Adams
• Logan to Lord Dunmore – Logan
• Patrick Henry's Call to Arms –Wirt
• Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill – Lecky
• Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" Speech –Henry
• Washington's Appointment as Commander-in-chief –Irving
• Washington Appointed Commander-in-chief--His Speech of Acceptance –Washington
• The Battle of Lexington--A Contemporary Account – Salem Gazette
• The Battle of Concord – The Reverend William Emerson
• Farewell to Mrs. Washington –Washington
• Washington at Cambridge –Washington
• The Battle of Bunker Hill – A Leader of the Provincial Forces
• Paul Revere Tells of His Midnight Ride--Deposition of 1775 –Revere
• The Dramatic Capture of Ticonderoga –Allen
• The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence – Committee of Mecklenburg County
• Washington's Capture of Boston –Washington
• The Drafting of "The Declaration of Independence" –Parton
• The Writing of The Declaration of Independence –Jefferson
• Jefferson's Original Draft of The Declaration –Jefferson
• Why Jefferson Was Chosen To Write The Declaration –Adams
• Franklin in France –Trevelyan
• A Call For Independence –Paine
• The Siege and Capture of Boston: Washington's Own Reports to the President of Congress –Washington
• The Battle of Long Island – A British Field-Officer
• The Evacuation of New York –Clinton
• The Battle of White Plains –Heath
• Washington, Discouraged, Appeals to Congress –Washington
• The Battles of Trenton and Princeton –eorge Washington
• Samuel Adams on American Independence –Adams
• The Battles of Trenton and Princeton –Lecky
• The Defeat of Burgoyne at Saratoga –Creasy
• The Defeat and Surrender of Burgoyne –Louise, Baroness von Riedesel
• Lafayette Arrives in America –Joseph, de Lafayette
• Lafayette in the American Revolution –Joseph, de Lafayette
• Washington at Valley Forge –Waldo
• Letters of Lafayette and Washington – Lafayette and Washington
• France Recognizes American Independence –Franklin
• A Warning Against Conciliation –Henry
• The Capture of Vincennes –Clark
• Wayne Surprises and Storms Stony Point –Washington
• The Capture of the Serapis by the Bon Homme Richard –Jones
• Arnold's Treason –Lecky
• Arnold's Treason –Washington and Greene
• Andre, Facing Execution, Writes to Washington –Andre

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