The Alternative to War: A Programme for Statesmen

The Alternative to War: A Programme for Statesmen

by Charles Roden Buxton


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Excerpt from the book:

Just as that settlement came into conflict with the demands of numerous resurgent nationalities, so the settlement of Paris came into conflict with the economic needs of many nations, great and small; with the new conceptions of international co-operation which the League itself was helping to develop in the minds of men; and most serious of all from the point of view of immediate urgency with the inevitable demands of certain Great Powers for a place in the sun.
But the true theory is that the backward portions of the world should be developed by the White races for the benefit, not of the White races themselves, nor of the particular White states which happen to possess empires, nor of the groups of White settlers in the colonies, nor even of the Native inhabitants of the territories concerned, but of the world in general.
The British Empire should give a lead in the removal of every possible barrier to international trade; in the guaranteeing of equal access to raw materials; in greater freedom of migration, subject to the safeguards indicated above; and lastly, in the acceptance of the Mandate System for all dependencies, the strengthening of the System itself, and the creation of facilities for foreign nationals to take part in the government of Mandated Territories.

About the Author

Charles Roden Buxton (27 November 1875 - 16 December 1942) was an English philanthropist and radical British Liberal Party politician who later joined the Labour Party. He survived an assassination attempt during a mission to the Balkans in 1914.

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