The Algerian War

The Algerian War

by Heather Lehr Wagner




An insult a diplomatic crisis. A French king eager to cement his power. Many different factors led to the French invastion of Algeria in June 1830, but the result was the establishment of a French colony in North Africa that would last 132 years. For more than a century, Algeria was marked by sharp divisions between its European colonizers and the mainly Muslim people who had occupied the land prior to the arrival of French troops. Discrimination, prejudice, and injustice separated these two groups until a war for independence began on November 1, 1954. After nearly eight years of violence, Algeria became an independent nation in 1962, but a half century later, it remains a country haunted by violence and struggling to achieve stability and prosperity for its people.

Milestones in Modern World History introduces students to seminal historical events that helped shape the modern world. Bolstered by biographical sketches, illustrations, photographs, excerpts from primary source documents, and first-person narratives, this curriculum-based series is ideal for students writing reports.

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ISBN-13: 9781604139235
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2012
Series: Milestones in Modern World History Series
Pages: 120
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Table of Contents

1 One War Ends, Another Begins 7

2 North African Conquest 15

3 The French Arrive 34

4 A French Colony 46

5 The Seeds of Nationalism 57

6 The Struggle for Freedom 67

7 A Time of War 76

8 The Final Struggle 86

9 After the Revolution 92

Chronology 107

Timeline 108

Notes 110

Bibliography 112

Further Resources 114

Picture Credits 115

Index 116

About the Author 120

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