The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles II: Trucks, Buses, and Trains

The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles II: Trucks, Buses, and Trains


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It is our pleasure to present these proceedings for "The Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles II: Trucks, Buses and Trains" International Conference held in Lake Tahoe, California, August 26-31, 2007 by Engineering Conferences International (ECI). Brought together were the world's leading scientists and engineers from industry, universities, and research laboratories, including truck and high-speed train manufacturers and operators. All were gathered to discuss computer simulation and experimental techniques to be applied for the design of the more efficient trucks, buses and high-speed trains required in future years.

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ISBN-13: 9783642443558
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/29/2014
Series: Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics , #41
Edition description: 2009
Pages: 483
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Keynote Papers

Bluff Body Flow Research with Application to Road Vehicles Peter Bearman 3

Climate Change and the Energy Economy David Schimel 15

Flow Field Characteristics

Large Eddy Simulations and Acoustic Predictions in Automotive Applications G. Iaccarino F. Ham Y. Khalighi D. Bodony P. Moin B. Khalighi 19

Validation of the Immersed Boundary CFD Approach for Complex Aerodynamic Flows B. Khalighi S. Jindal J.P. Johnson K.H. Chen G. Iaccarino 21

Experimental Characterization of the Unsteady Flow Field behind Two Outside Rear-View Mirrors B. Khalighi J.P. Johnson K.-H. Chen R.G. Lee 39

Investigation of Bouyancy Driven Flow in a Simplified Full Scale Underhood - PIV and Temperature Measurements P. Merati C.H. Leong K.H. Chen J.P. Johnson 53

Investigation of Bouyancy Driven Flow in a Simplified Full-Scale Underhood - Numerical Study K.H. Chen J.P. Johnson P. Merati C.H. Leong 75

The Flow Environment of Road Vehicles in Winds and Traffic Simon Watkins Riccardo Pagliarella 101

Separation Control for Drag Reduction

Preliminary Experiments Applying Active Flow Control to a 1/24th Scale Model of a Semi-Trailer Truck L. Taubert I. Wygnanski 105

Large Trucks Drag Reduction using Active Flow Control A. Seifert O. Stalnov D. Sperber G. Arwatz V. Palei S. David I. Dayan I. Fono 115

Flow Separation Control on Trailing Edge Radii using Single Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators: An Application to Vehicle Drag Control R. Spivey R. Hewitt H. Othman T. Corke 135

Adaptive Control of Post-Stall Separated Flow Application to Heavy Vehicles L. Cattafesta Y. Tian R. Mittal 151

Investigation of Tractor Base Bleeding for Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag Reduction JasonOrtega Kambiz Salari Bruce Storms 161

Drag Reduction on a Generic Tractor-Trailer using Active Flow Control in Combination with Solid Flaps C.N. Nayeri J. Haff D. Greenblatt L. Loefdahl C.O. Paschereit 179

Design Optimization Techniques Related to Vehicle Aerodynamics

Advanced Aerodynamics and Cooling System Solutions for Higher Fuel Efficiency and Decreased Emissions Ilhan Bayraktar 195

Optimization of Aerodynamic Properties of High-Speed Trains with CFD and Response Surface Models Sinisa Krajnovic 197

Design Considerations for Maximizing Cooling Package Performance Bhaskar Bhatnagar Dan Schlesinger 213

Optimization and Correlation of a Class 8 Truck Cooling System Clinton Lafferty Kevin Horrigan Ales Alajbegovic 215

Train Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics Improvements and Associated Energy Demand Reduction of Trains Alexander Orellano Stefan Sperling 219

The use of Aeronautical Experimental Facilities and Measurement Techniques for the Aerodynamic Investigation of High Speed Trains Andreas Dillmann 233

Reduction of Skin-Friction Drag on a Generic Train Configuration Sigfried Loose 235

Head Pressure Effects of Trains and Locomotives - Engineering Calculation Approaches for Homologation Purpose Arnd Rueter 237

Numerical Analysis for Aerodynamics of High-Speed Trains Passing Tunnels Jing Zhao Renxian Li 239

Poster Session

A Study of the Influence of Aerodynamic Forces on a Human Body near a High-Speed Train Renxian Li Jing Zhao Shu Zhang 243

Application of CFD to Rail Car and Locomotive Aerodynamics James C. Paul Richard W. Johnson Robert G. Yates 259

Data Acquisition of a Tractor-Trailer Combination to Register Aerodynamic Performances Gandert M.R. Van Raemdonck Michel J.L. van Tooren 299

Automotive Testing in the DNW-LLF Wind Tunnel Eddy Willemsen 311

An Experimental Study of Tractor Base Bleed for Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag Reduction Bruce Storms Jason Ortega Kambiz Salari 317

CFD, Numerical Methods and Application

Application of High Fidelity Numerical Simulations for Vehicle Aerodynamics Parviz Moin 321

Scale-Adaptive Simulation in the Context of Unsteady Flow Simulations Florian Menter 323

Computational Simulation of the GCM Tractor-Trailer Configuration K. Sreenivas B. Mitchell S. Nichols D. Hyams D. Whitfield 325

Full-Scale Simulations of Drag Reduction Devices for Class 8 Trucks Ramesh Pankajakshan Brent Mitchell David L. Whitfield 339

Applicability of Commercial CFD Tools for Assessment of Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Characteristics David Pointer Tanju Sofu Jimmy Chang David Weber 349

Detached Eddy Simulations of a Simplified Tractor/Trailer Geometry Christopher J. Roy Harshavardhan A. Ghuge 363

A Hybrid RANS/LES Turbulence Model for use in the Simulation of Turbulent Separated Flows Kambiz Salari Paul Castellucci 383

Vehicle and Tire Spray and Vehicle Interaction

Spray from Commercial Vehicles: A Method of Evaluation and Results from Road Tests Simon Watkins 387

Experiments on Spray from a Rolling Tire Charles Radovich Dennis Plocher 403

Computational Simulation of the Flow Field of a Filter System inside Self-Ventilated Road Tunnels due to Heavy Vehicle Traffic Florian Iser Raimund A. Almbauer 419

Experiments and Calculations Relevant to Aerodynamic Effects during Highway Passing Maneuvers B. Basara S. Girimaji S. Jakirlic F. Aldudak M. Schrefl 433

Drag Reduction

Design & Test Techniques for Drag Reduction at Swift Engineering - A Racecar Manufactures Perspective Mark Page 449

Summary of Full-Scale Wind Tunnel Tests of Aerodynamic Drag-Reducing Devices for Tractor-Trailers Jason Leuschen Kevin R. Cooper 451

A Fleet Operator's Perspective on Commercial Vehicle Drag Reduction Rejean Laflamme 463

Class 8 Vehicle Fuel Savings using Sealed Single and Dual Open Aft Cavities Kenneth D. Visser Kevin Grover 465

A Novel Approach to Heavy Vehicle Drag Reduction Alec Wong Kevin Horrigan 467

European Truck Aerodynamics - A Comparison Between Conventional and CoE Truck Aerodynamics and a Look into Future Trends and Possibilities Linus Hjelm Bjorn Bergqvist 469

Advanced Experimental Methods for the Analysis and Aerodynamic Design of Heavy Vehicles Mike Camosy Andre Brown Henri Kowalczyk Gaylord Couthier 479

Author Index 481

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