The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime

The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime

by Misha Collins, Vicki Collins


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TV star Misha Collins and his wife, journalist and historian Vicki Collins, show families how to be mealtime adventurers so that kids might have a lifelong relationship with real food

Chicken nuggets. Hot dogs. Macaroni and cheese. These are just some of the greatest hits we offer kids at mealtime.

Misha and Vicki Collins totally get it. When their son West was a toddler, he began refusing anything that wasn’t bland and beige. At first, they succumbed, anything to end the mealtime battles. But with sinking hearts they realized fruit snacks and buttered noodles weren’t just void of nutrition, they were setting him up for a lifetime with a limited palate and a reliance on convenience foods.

So, as a family, they decided to lean into what they love best—adventure—and invited their kids to be playful and exploratory in the kitchen. Now, in The Adventurous Eaters Club, Misha and Vicki share how they created a home where mealtime doesn’t involve coercion or trickery, and where salad, veggies, fresh soups, and fruit are the main course. Combining personal anecdotes and practical tips with over 100 creative, delicious, whimsical recipes little hands can help prepare The Adventurous Eaters Club offers readers all the support, encouragement, and practical advice they need to make lifelong adventurous eaters out of their kids.


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ISBN-13: 9780062876881
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 6,793
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The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Denise-NewMoonflower 3 months ago
I love to cook & feed people, read cookbooks for fun & own way too many. This one is special. Twelve hours after I read the first 20 pages of this book, before I even got to any of the recipes, this book changed our relationship to food. And while the recipes, tips for involving kids &keeping them safe in the kitchen are very valuable, it's the combination of simply presented research and the joyful, loving, respectful, fun, family-oriented, philosophy that makes my heart sing. As much as I've tried to embody these things as a parent, I've found myself unsure about bucking the norms at times, and falling into typical patterns. I so WISH I'd had this book when my teen was little, so with no time to lose, I dove right in. After reading 20 or so pages, the very next day my kid's power struggles around food (and my own ways of feeding into it) jumped right out at me when I took the opportunity to gently introduce avocado. Interestingly, she tried to fall into her normal fight with me, but I resisted judging, cajoling, etc & respected her agency. And within 12 hours of reading those pages I had both empowered my kid to trust herself and make her own choices about her body, AND MY KID DECIDED SHE LIKES AVOCADO! It's a lovely thing to see her hold that power in her own hands, and not to get in the way of it (sniffle). I'm so grateful to Vicki and Misha Collins for this beautiful, charming, funny labor of love. The little stories, comments, personalities, etc. make it such a pleasure to read. I'm awed at the generosity of these two...with the profits going to fight hunger. I'm also super excited about the ways the sense of adventure, fun, respect, and love embodied here will refresh and remind me to be the kind of parent I've always tried to be.
Misty Lee 3 months ago
Full Disclosure: I don't have picky kids. I have a picky husband who sneers at vegetables like he's six, as well as a weakened immune system & depression that make basic self-care difficult. One of the major signs is my eating habits, both if/when I eat &what I eat. When you don't want to eat but you're required to, when you don't feel like cooking but are required to eat... convenience & impartiality are the name of the game. The cookbook appealed for a variety of reasons: 1) Trying to get my husband to eat a vegetable or salad. 2) Battling depression is much like wrangling a kicking-and-screaming toddler into obedience when you're already too tired to live. 3) Even when I'm not actively sick, I often feel like I'm coming on with something or just starting to get over it. Imagine living your life always feeling like you're just getting over the flu. Or a cold other people get over in a week lasts a month for you. 4) Whatever can make my life easier while also being healthy is something I'm willing give a try. I got the cookbook yesterday and flipped through it, laughing at the 'recipes only a kid would think up' food nightmares that had a full-body shudder of horror run through me. (The breakfast popsicles. They haunt me.) Like Misha, I grew up poor & raised by a single mother. I've looked through cookbooks before only to roll my eyes and shove them back on the shelf because they're healthy living for /rich people/, not /regular people/. Regular people who work at least 40-hrs a week, have kids, pets, and a whole second job that is day-to-day life, hoping to get six-hours of sleep before they have to get up and do it all again. I was somewhat wary of that with this book, as well, but given the entire point is including kids in the preparation of meals and such thought it might not be that. Majority of the recipes are fairly straight forward with minimal ingredients and a reasonable pantry/fridge list. Some things made me pull a :/ face because of cost (nuts and seeds are expensive, yo), "what is that? I've never even heard of that," or just the reality normal people don't have gardens in their backyards full of fresh herbs and pea plants. There's a yawning gulf of disconnect between your reality and mine, so the blaise' "Oh it's easy (for them), you just buy this stuff that (for you) is expensive, and go in the garden (you don't have) to get other ingredients (you can't grow)" always frustrates and really rankles me about cookbooks. But despite my irritation with the ever widening gap in tax brackets and feeling like you're screaming underwater and being misunderstood by someone who cheerfully thinks they understand--- I did like what I saw when flipping through this last night. I was so tired when I finally got home I could barely see straight, so the second half of the book is a vague blur. I'll have to go through it again and try to meal plan and make a grocery list for Friday. I am excited and hopeful regarding the change they made in their household-- hoping something similar will take place in mine. There's food I've never had because I don't know how to cook it or what you do with it, so I've never tried, like fresh brussel sprouts? or artichoke? or beets????? I'm hoping the Collins clan's unusual way of thinking might help lure two adults toward something they would otherwise distrust or be intimidated by. If they can be brave enough to try the 'recipes only a kid would think of,' I think we can manage.
Tara Coste 3 months ago
Well written. Funny. Full of good ideas and good food. I plan to get another copy to give as a gift!
Superwhodawn 3 months ago
So much more than a cookbook! This is a unique glimpse into the life of a family who shows their love through nourishing their bodies and souls and genuinely wants to share that love. There is humor and poignancy and silliness and history and education and, yes, a lot of food. Mostly there is heart and everyone should pick up a copy to absorb some of that and also get a little bit of food education. On a more personal note, I am a foodie and it's hard for me to find people who geek out over food like I do. I learned things reading this which completely amazes me. Get a copy!
Mersadies 3 months ago
I bought the book in store yesterday and I am super excited to try the recipes! Not being an adventurous eater myself, I think these will be perfect to start off with.