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by Mrs W. J. Hays

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Leo was a simple-minded youth of princely blood and proud birth. He knew that much was expected of him, and that he was destined to rule; yet he was easily satisfied with the simplest things and lay about all day basking in the sun, watching with languid gaze the movements of the world about him. And the world where he lived was very beautiful. On a fertile plain, surrounded by mountain-peaks threaded by silver streams, and so well watered that its vegetation was almost tropical.

Under Leo's father, Prince Morpheus Lazybones, the family thrived, and was well supplied with all manner of delicacies, for the servants were many, and there was never a lack of corn or wine.

Leo was most fair to see. To be sure, his drooping lids half concealed his azure eyes, and his golden locks sometimes hid his snowy forehead; but his smile was charming; his face had such an expression of calm satisfaction, such a patient tranquillity, that his smile was as the sudden sunshine on a placid lake. It was the smile of the family, an inherited feature, like the blue hood of a Spanish Don. And then it was given so freely: the beggar would have preferred it to be accompanied with the jingle of a coin, but as the coin never came and the smile did, he tried to think that it warmed his heart, though his wallet went empty.

There were those who said a smile cost nothing, else it would not have been bestowed. It had a peculiarity of its own which these same critics also objected to—it nearly always ended in a yawn.

One day Leo was idling the day watching the rain drops drip out the spout when he heard a voice. It turned out it was a founding member of the S.P.C.C. challenging Leo’s inactivity. Leo demanded that the voice show himself only to learn he would have to have his eyes anointed in order to see “the voice”. Following instruction Leo  felt a little pressure forcing down his eyelids, and the pouring of a drop of cool liquid on each.
When he opened his eyes again there stood before him the quaintest, strangest being he had ever beheld.

Well, what happened next you may ask, and what else did he see? Would the smallish being lead Leo on his many adventures? Well you’ll have to download this most interesting book to find out for yourself!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.
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Publication date: 01/11/2021
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