The Adventures Of High Jumper

The Adventures Of High Jumper

by Arinola Awokoya


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Part 1: (High Jumper tells a Bedtime Story)

As night time falls on Bontees Farm, the pigs are set to go to bed and the farm hands secure the pens and stores for the night. The pigs usually have a restful night except when High Jumper the "king" pig of the farm has other ideas. The night when the story occurs happens to be one such night. High Jumper has been naughty and is being punished by Farmer Kodgoe, a very ruthless farm superintendent who believes that discipline on the farm is maintained by the whip. Farmer kodgoe's punishment for High Jumper's misdeed is that he ties High Jumper to a stake in his pen like a lamb to the slaughter for the night. But smart High Jumper, never to be deterred from mischief finds a way round the terrible boredom of the night by telling his friends and foes alike a bedtime story which takes them into some wonderful adventure.

Part 2: (High Jumper in trouble again)

High Jumper escapes the gallows from the first trouble but is in trouble again! This time however, Spotty is the real villain and High Jumper is guilty only by default. It all starts with the word "shenanigans". Spotty eavesdrops on a conversation between Pretty Madame and Mr. Terron and decides for his own mischievous end to misunderstand the meaning of the word and get High Jumper into trouble. Unknown to Spotty, Twigglelegs also overhears the same conversation and reveals Spotty's mischief. High Jumper, quick to anger, overreacts and punishes Spotty in a manner, which cause damage to three farms and lives Spotty with broken limbs. Everyone concludes that this time High Jumper has finally had it.

Part 3: (Poor, Poor High Jumper)

High Jumper is in trouble no matter what he does and it is all because of a lack of forbearance on his part. High Jumper's determination to punish Spotty, an equally mischievous character, for the latter's prank on him, causes him to chase Spotty through three farms, one of which is owned by Madam Naghead. High Jumper and Spotty's chase of fury occasions wanton destruction to property and injures animals on the farms, and brings the quiet Pretty Madame who owns both High Jumper and Spotty, into confrontation with the tiresome Madame Naghead. Pretty Madame, is definitely not happy with High Jumper and surely this time High Jumper deserves his just desserts.

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ISBN-13: 9781426917929
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/11/2009
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 0.23(w) x 8.50(h) x 5.50(d)

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