The Action of Medicines in the System

The Action of Medicines in the System

by Frederick William Headland


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In commencing this Essay on the Action of Medicines, I must confess that I feel at first a certain discomfort when I consider the magnitude of the task before me. Many a volume has been written to elucidate the operations of single medicines, and when the variety and complexity of such an operation is considered, the space devoted to its consideration will hardly seem too great. Thus it is not to be wondered at that, when pausing on the threshold of my subject, I should be sensible of the many difficulties with which such an inquiry is surrounded.
In this introductory chapter it will be my aim, in the first place, to set forth briefly the great importance and extent of the subject, showing that it is an essential requisite in the advance and perfection of medical science. Next, I must insist on the advantage of correctness and clearness of language and argument in the treatment of such topics as this, and show in what manner I propose myself to attain to it. And in the third place, I must shortly explain the scheme or arrangement which will be followed in this Essay. If the preliminary remarks contained in this chapter are not first considered and clearly apprehended, I fear that I may be but imperfectly understood in what I shall have to say hereafter.

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