The A Kit: Operating Instructions for an Aging Brain in the Alzheimer's Era

The A Kit: Operating Instructions for an Aging Brain in the Alzheimer's Era

by Darryl Wheye


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The A Kit begins with a backstory. In it, the author describes how difficult it was to recognize that her mother's cognitive decline was atypical--that she was, in fact, developing Alzheimer's. Looking back, it would have been better to prepare for it, just in case. Looking forward, she wrote The A Kit for her own future care team and published it for you. It provides a simple way to organize preferences, plans, and records that can make it easier on you and on those helping you later on, whether you develop dementia or not.

Here's what Ms. Wheye wants to remind you: Some of us will be lucky enough to age as well as we hoped we might. Others will transition from independence to dependence less well. If Alzheimer's or another form of dementia is in your family history and will be part of your journey, plan ahead--especially if you don't have children. Even if dementia is not in your family history or you're fortunate enough to avoid it, and even if you have children who live nearby who are anxious to help, plan ahead anyway. There's a good chance you'll find that just the act of planning will lessen pressure you hadn't realized you were carrying around. Filling out information in your copy of The A Kit will remind you of your priorities and encourage you to work on your safety net. It will help as you add to your care team and meet members of your local community with shared concerns.

Darryl Wheye's other books have been on birds and on Science Art (images of nature presented with captions that provide a science lens), co-authored with eminent Stanford University biologists Paul Ehrlich and Donald Kennedy. This is her first work on aging and Alzheimer's. It addresses logistical issues she encountered during her mother's Alzheimer's journey and capitalizes on her experience managing long-term projects. You and members of your future care team will be glad to have the information you record in your copy of The A Kit. Make use of this simple resource.

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