The 27 Club: Why Age 27 Is Important

The 27 Club: Why Age 27 Is Important

by Michael Owen


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IS THE 27 CLUB JUST A MYTH? (No). Is it a “curse?” (No). But The 27 Club is not what you think. It’s more than the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and others. Using the teachings of the Moon Cycles and C. G. Jung’s notion of the puer (the creative person who is always young beyond his years and often dies an early death, physical or emotional) Michael Owen explains what happens to all of us in our mid- to late-twenties.

Not a book on astrology, THE 27 CLUB: WHY AGE 27 IS IMPORTANT gives new insights into the timing of crises and opportunities during our twenties and how events and decisions around age 27 can set the trajectory of our lives for the next 27 years. It explains the natural rhythm by which the psyche grows and matures, and looks at what happens when we under- or over-reach ourselves. The book sheds light on other questions: Why does life often take a turn for better or worse around age 27? Why were so many of The 27 Club from the sixties? What does science say about The 27 Club? Is The 27 Club just dead rock stars? What is the psychology of The 27 Club? What do our teens and early 20s have to do with age 27? And read about the other “Clubs” from 24 to 30.

The book also explores the wider meanings of the Moon Cycles, a measure of time based on the length of human pregnancy, and the importance of the 9 month, 3 year (Little Moon) and 27 year (Big Moon) cycles. This “calendar” is applicable to all important events (the birth, growth and death of anything—a life, a business, a relationship) and the ripples in time that it sends out. And read about the fascinating link between the 27 year cycle and 9/11.

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ISBN-13: 9780473206840
Publisher: Kahurangi Press
Publication date: 03/08/2012
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Michael Owen is a clinical psychologist in private practice. He lives in New Zealand.

Table of Contents



Puer 2

Innocence 5

Nature boy 7

Saturn 11

Wounds 15

High flyers 17

Hubris 20

Grief 23

Suicide 25

Questions 27


Archetypes 32

Echoes and ripples 39

The Sixties 41

Nine 43

Pregnancy 46

Moon 47

Time 49

Kairos and Kronos 51

Opportunity 53


The Medicine Wheel 56

The Moon Cycles 58

0–27 Big South Moon 60

27–54 Big West Moon 62

54–81 Big North Moon 63

81–108 Big East Moon 63

The Chaotic Journeys  65

First Big Chaotic Journey 66


0–3 Catalyst of Childhood 70

3–6 Self-Image of Childhood 71

6–9 Mythology of Childhood 72

9–12 Dream of Childhood 73

12–15 Death of Childhood 73

15–18 Rules and Laws of Childhood 76

18–21 Wisdom of Childhood 77

21–24 Choices of Childhood 78

24–27 Illumination of Childhood 79

Nothing left to do but run, run, run 81


Precision and proof 85

Stages of life 92

Neuroscience 95

Research 97


The Other Clubs 102

The 24 Club 102

The 25 Club 104

The 26 Club 106

The 27 Club 107

Other 27s 114

The 28 Club 119

The 29 Club 121

The 30 Club 123

This is the End 125



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