The 23rd Psalm: The Shepherd In The Temple of God

The 23rd Psalm: The Shepherd In The Temple of God

by William Bell


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For readers who want a deeper look into the 23rd Psalm this book takes you there.

The message, developed from the theme of the "house of the Lord", the temple. It features the Good Shepherd as the New David of the God's temple of Peace.

Each of the verses build upon that theme. Starting with the covenant promise of God, the foundation for the priesthood and reconciliation (restoration) to the Father is made possible.

The eschatological themes of the Messianic Banquet, abundant provision, shelter from the shadow of death, and the refreshing living waters that proceed from the throne in the temple receive center stage.

David anticipates the salvation an ultimate journey into God's Presence in the everlasting house of God where he experiences the goodness and mercy of God forever.

Read it to be challenged, informed, inspired and changed.

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Publication date: 01/09/2016
Pages: 110
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About the Author

William Bell Jr, is speaks and writes on eschatological themes. He served as a staff writer for The Living Presence Monthly Newsletter and was an annual speaker on seminars held in Warren, OH.

Before ending that work in 1996, students, ministers and believers from around the world, were influenced by the work of several men who taught in the seminars.

William is the author of five published books, is co-host of the Two Guys and A Bible radio show with Don K Preston.

He received his B.A. in Bible studies in 1981 from the Memphis School of Preaching, and his Masters of Theology, from Christian Bible College & Seminary in 2006.

William is married to his lovely wife, Leora of 44 years. They have two daughters, a son, and four grand-children.

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