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That's My Pa

That's My Pa

by Sheb Wooley Sheb Wooley
That's My Pa

That's My Pa

by Sheb Wooley Sheb Wooley


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This box and its 113 songs cover the years 1945 through 1972, and the least known side of Sheb Wooley's career, but the one where he started out -- as a country singer and songwriter, first fronting a Western swing-style band and later working in the straight commercial Nashville style. Warning to casual Sheb Wooley fans -- there's no "Purple People Eater" here, or any sign of Wooley's "Ben Colder" comedy alias. Most were never on LP, and only a handful have been available in decades. The first ten cuts on this box, dating from 1945 and 1947, reveal him as a talented, smooth Gene Autry-type singer with more depth and range, with a good Western swing band behind him. On the MGM sides, beginning in 1948, the music is more polished, and the mix of songs is weighted more toward sentimental ballads. The middle section of this box shows us a fascinating set of possibilities -- starting at the dawn of the 1950s, Wooley began merging Western swing with some components of R&B; his music could easily have moved toward rock & roll, but Wooley evidently wasn't comfortable making that jump. The material from the 1960s and early 1970s is utterly polished, and some of it is beautiful, commercial country music, using all of the smooth Nashville techniques. The assembly of the discs is also strange, mostly owing to the fact that after 1961, a huge amount of Wooley's studio time was given over to comedy tracks as "Ben Colder," leaving big gaps in his "straight" output for years at a time. The accompanying booklet contains a finely detailed account of Wooley's career.

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Release Date: 03/25/1998
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127159021
catalogNumber: 15902
Rank: 123945


Disc 1

  1. I Can't Live Without You
  2. Oklahoma Honky Tonk Girl
  3. Lazy Mazy
  4. Wooley's Polka
  5. Peeping Through the Keyhole (Watching Jole Blon)
  6. Time Won't Heal an Achin' Heart
  7. Too Long with the Wrong Woman
  8. Your Papa Ain't Steppin' Anymore
  9. Cherokee Waltz
  10. Texas Rose
  11. Spanish Darling
  12. Freight Train Cinders in My Eyes
  13. A Heart Bound in Chains
  14. Indian Maiden
  15. Jole Quadroon
  16. Rover Scoot Over
  17. The Sun Is Going Down upon My Heart
  18. That Mean Feeling
  19. You're the Cats Meow
  20. (Now You're) Changing Your Name
  21. Wha' Hoppen to Me, Baby
  22. Mule Boogie
  23. Over the Barrel
  24. Country Kisses
  25. Hoot Owl Boogie
  26. Aircastles
  27. Boogie Woogie Waltz

Disc 2

  1. Down in the Toolies
  2. What'cha Gonna Do?
  3. Backroom Boogie
  4. You Never Can Tell
  5. Goodbye Texas, Hello Tennessee
  6. I'll Return the Letters
  7. A Cowboy Ought to Be Single
  8. Knew I Had Lost
  9. Don't Stop Kissing Me Goodnight
  10. Texas Tango
  11. Love Is Just Another Merry-Go-Round
  12. White Lightnin'
  13. A Fool About You
  14. Panama Pete
  15. Blue Guitar
  16. I Go Outa My Mind
  17. 38-24-35
  18. I Flipped
  19. Hillbilly Mambo
  20. Listening for Your Footsteps
  21. Speak of the Devil
  22. Love at First Sight
  23. Love Is a Fever
  24. Humdinger
  25. It Takes a Heap of Livin'
  26. Tom, the Boogie Woogie Tom Cat
  27. First Day of School
  28. The Lonely Man

Disc 3

  1. Memories Are Made of This
  2. That's My Pa
  3. That's My Ma
  4. Daddy Kiss and Make It Well
  5. Sally's Arms
  6. Blue Guitar
  7. Ten Chances to One
  8. Only for You
  9. Jaurez
  10. Wildwood Flower on the Autoharp
  11. Anchor's Aweigh (My Love)
  12. The Will
  13. Cowboy Hero
  14. The Big Blizzard
  15. Four Walls
  16. Tonight's the Night the Angel's Halo Fell
  17. A Letter to Daddy
  18. Daddy's Home
  19. Number One on the Survey
  20. She Called Me Baby
  21. Laughin' the Blues
  22. Roughneck
  23. Tennessee Walking Horse
  24. The Legend of Echo Mountain
  25. Natchez Landing
  26. The Recipient (The Heart Song)
  27. Nobody's Child

Disc 4

  1. You Still Turn Me On
  2. The Answer, My Love
  3. Somebody Please (Say Something Funny)
  4. A Place to Be Lonely
  5. The Love-In
  6. The One Man Band
  7. Good Time Charlie
  8. I Don't Belong in Her Arms (Devil Don't Belong Tempt Me)
  9. Land of No Love
  10. I Remember Loving You
  11. Not Once But a Hundred Times
  12. Sittin' and Thinkin'
  13. A New Kind of Lonesome
  14. Juarez
  15. I'll Leave the Singing to the Bluebirds
  16. Joy
  17. Tie a Tiger Down
  18. Cheap Hotel
  19. The Sun Also Rises
  20. Whirlpool of Love
  21. Old Rag Joe
  22. Not Since Adam
  23. Make 'Em Laugh
  24. Life Is a Fountain
  25. It's Gold
  26. Goodbye Wabash Cannonball
  27. A Kick in the Head
  28. Right Is Right and Left Is Lonely
  29. Draggin' the River
  30. Wrap Me up Some Hurt
  31. Doin' My Thing

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