Ten Technologies to Save the Planet: Energy Options for a Low-Carbon Future

Ten Technologies to Save the Planet: Energy Options for a Low-Carbon Future

by Chris Goodall

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Respected, authoritative, award-winning author Chris Goodall tackles global warming reversal in this engaging and balanced book. Ten Technologies to Save the Planet — popular science writing at its most crucial — is arguably the most readable and comprehensive overview of large-scale solutions to climate change available. Goodall profiles ten technologies with the potential to slash global greenhouse emissions, explaining how they work and telling the stories of the inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are driving them forward. Some of Goodall’s selections, such as the electric car, are familiar. Others, like algae and charcoal, are more surprising. Illustrated with black-and-white photos and simple charts, Ten Technologies to Save the Planet combines cutting-edge analysis with straightforward explanations about pros and cons, and debunks myths along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781553656241
Publisher: Greystone Books
Publication date: 05/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 455 KB

About the Author

Chris Goodall holds an MBA from Harvard and is a leading expert on climate change solutions. He writes a column on the environment in the Independent on Sunday and regularly appears on Newsnight and other television shows. His previous book, How to Live a Low-carbon Life, won the 2007 Clarion Award for non-fiction and was described by New Scientist as “the definitive guide to reducing your carbon footprint.” He also publishes Carbon Commentary, a Web site providing incisive appraisal of climate issues.

Table of Contents

Author's Note vii

Introduction 1

1 Capturing the Wind 23

Clean power that's more reliable than you'd think

2 Solar Energy 55

Enough to power the world many times over

3 Electricity from the Oceans 83

Tapping tides, waves, and currents

4 Combined Heat and Power 109

Fuel cells and district heating

5 Super-Efficient Homes 129

Passivhaus and eco-renovations

6 Electric Cars 151

The inevitable switch to battery propulsion

7 Motor Fuels from Cellulose 175

Second-generation biofuels

8 Capturing Carbon 199

Clean coal, algae, and ambient scrubbers

9 Biochar 225

Sequestering carbon as charcoal

10 Soils and Forests 249

Improving the planet's carbon sinks

Putting it all Together 273

Are the ten technologies enough to save the planet?

Epilogue 285

Notes 301

Index 303

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From the Publisher

"(Goodall) offers a welcome breath of fresh air that lands somewhere between technophiles who optimistically believed free-market would create technologies to combat global warming, and pessimists who hold a more catastrophic view"
Publishers Weekly

"Goodall provides a realistic game plan for battling global warming that will attract readers interested in learning about possible practical solutions"
Library Journal

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