Ten Action Items for Winning Companies: Business Person's Handbook

Ten Action Items for Winning Companies: Business Person's Handbook

by R Craig Palubiak


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The Business Person's Handbook consists of a series of practical tips which address real world issues facing today's business person. The purpose is to provide concise, yet thought-provoking perspectives that will lead to timely, positive solutions for you and your team.


Goal Setting - Company verses Personal!
Corporate Mission - Why Have One?
Employee Partnership - What is the Benefit?
Employee Feedback - A Direct Link!
The Height of Ingratitude - The Customer!
Learn to Read the Need - Equals Dollars!
Competitive Intelligence - Your Enemies!
Business Growth Strategies - The Approach!
Product Offering - Where to Start?
CUSTOMERizaton - Customer Selection!

Business Leaders Praise - Ten Action Items for Winning Companies

"Palubiak touches on all the necessary ingredients for long-term corporate success. He cuts through the clutter and focuses on the essentials that really matter."
Jim Weddle - Managing Partner of Edward Jones
Investment Firm - edwardjones.com

"I've read dozens of business books from some of the most revered business leaders and 10 Actions for Winning Firms provides very clear, simple and actionable principles for successful management. This book can serve as an instruction manual for leaders no matter how large or small the company."
Dave Peacock - President, Anheuser-Busch
Worldwide Beverage - anheuser-busch.com

The handbook is a very concise source of common sense tips that will keep a manager or entrepreneur focused on the key issues that drive a successful business. Great job!"
"Mike Mooney - Chairman, Footwear Unlimited
International Importer - footwearunlimited.com

"What a great read! So often, companies lose sight of the important, common sense approach on running a business. They are the ones that often have short life cycles and allow the competition to overcome them due to their lack of core values. Great job on the book and a great resource for all companies to practice!"
Steve Schulte - CEO, Porta-King Building Systems
Global Leader - portaking.com

"This book is a fast-paced, pragmatic and concise overview of the core operating principals for growing and managing a successful business. Easy and fun to read!"
Dennis Haar - CEO, SS8 Networks
Silicon Valley Technology - SS8.com

"What starts out as a book that covers the basics, this quick read reminds even the most successful entrepreneur what it takes to continue to build a fundamentally strong company."
Ray Gadd - CMO, Treasure Valley Foods
Venture Capitalist - treasurevalley.com

"This is an excellent collection of common sense strategies that can move any company ahead. It covers a lot of ground in a short time in a fashion that is clear to all levels of management, from the board room to the shop floor."
Gregory Sahrmann - COO, Payment Alliance International
ATM Processor - paymentallianceintl.com

"Great work! It's a quick read full of management insight. Every leader should constantly review these easy to use tips."
Denny Reed - COO, Momentum Worldwide
Global Marketing - momentumww.com

"Enjoyed it! Quick read. Reads like a Power Point presentation. Reminds me of those "Five Minute Manager" books. Lots of good, common sense ideas."
Bill Bay - CEO, Mel Bay Publications International
Music Publishing - melbay.com

"This is a welcome antidote to some very complex, very expensive "panaceas" like ISO, Six Sigma, and the like. It's nice to see a quick, concise tome that brings true high value and common sense into the business vernacular."
Mike Kane - President, VRCG
Automotive Consulting - vrcg.com

"This is a quick and practical read, and reminds me of the old axiom that "Common Sense is so Uncommon". As the world moves increasingly faster, your book crystallizes what's most important to gaining and keeping loyal internal and external customers.
Mark Grieman - Executive VP, Adams Gabbert
Technology Consulting - adamsgabbert.com

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ISBN-13: 9781893308138
Publisher: Optim Consulting Group
Publication date: 12/10/2011
Pages: 150
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